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The Only Way Left For The “Little Guy” To Get Rich…

The Only Way Left For The “Little Guy” To Get Rich…

Here is the uncensored message my business partners asked me not to write.

Forget the stock market. Forget real estate. Forget starting your own business in this down economy.  If you want to generate a powerful cash flow in the months and years ahead, you’re going to want to read every word of this message.

After a long career as an investor, a real estate man, and a buyer and seller of businesses… Plus as a marketing and business consultant…  I can tell you there’s only one way to make money in the near term or long term future… especially if you don’t have a lot of capital to start with.

Listen… You can still make money in the stock market. But you’ve got to have cash and a keen insight into the up and down market gyrations.  It can drive you crazy.

Plus… You can still make money in real estate, but again you’ve got to have cash to pick up bargain-basement properties and more importantly, you’ve got to have the time on you hands to wait for the real estate market to turn around. Most likely the real estate market will continue tanking down for 3 to 5 years.

Old Methods Don’t Work Anymore

And finally, you can still make money in some business… but you’re going to have to work your butt off using marketing methods that are now outdated. You know, the whole world economy is falling faster than brick in a pond. Price cutting seems to be the only marketing trick most businesses are using now-a-days.

Every industry is being pounded right now. Stores are closing. People are being laid off. Guys who were once “rich fat cats” are shopping for cheaper digs. Pain is everywhere.

So… if you’re a “little guy”… and you’re don’t have tons of time or extra cash to risk… But you want to make a HUGE amount of residual income with a small effort… you’re in luck. In fact, THIS is the message you’ve been hoping to find. Let me explain.

I’m about to reveal to you a secret that can give you a powerful and strong cash-flow… Anyone can do this. Wait… I should say “almost” anyone can do this.

If you’re a “know-it-all”… and a pessimist by nature…. And you’re prone to say “that’ll never work”… this is not for you. If you’re an “old dog” and you refuse to learn a “new trick”, again… this is not for you. Plus… if you don’t have a simple little thing called “desire”… again… it’s not for you.

But if you have the desire… and you can read at least at a 9th grade level… you are about to discover a powerful system of generating cash in almost any kind of business or industry you want to jump into.

Rich Fat Cats

Forget about the “rich fat cats”… You’re about to hold in your hot, little hands a plan… a method… and system of building one new stream of income after another.

What’s it all about?

Just this… The link below will take you to a website that offers a new kind of “marketing manual”. It reveals the hottest online and offline marketing secrets you can use to build almost any kind of business you want.

Tons Of Opportunities

Even though times are hard…  there are tons of opportunities out there. You just have to know what to look for… and you have to know HOW TO market them in today’s new world of internet media… tough competition… growing inflation… and general cutbacks in spending.

The book you’re about to put in your hands was actually written for the MLM crowd. If you’ve had any experience with MLM’s… you know that most people fail in MLM’s because they DON’T KNOW anything about marketing. Those few who know these marketing secrets easily end up making six figure incomes. And they do it fast.

Clueless MLMer’s generally try to get their family and friends to sign up with them. That goes nowhere fast.

So… the author of this unique and powerful marketing manual (Ann Seig) took the time and trouble to research every marketing angle known to man. She’s done a fine job of laying out all the insider secrets and techniques you need to know to market anything… even if you want to open up a “Bird Bath” store.

Write Your Own Pay Check

Face it… if you know marketing…  you can write your own ticket to a happy, wealthy, prosperous life. Even in huge corporations, the vice-president of marketing often makes more money than the president of the company. Why? The president’s job is just to herd cats… (manage employees, scheduling, purchasing, legal wrangling, etc.) But if you’re the marketing guy, you’re job is totally secure. You’re the rainmaker. You’re the guy who brings home the bacon. They might fire a thousand employees but they can’t fire YOU… you’re the one who brings in new customers and keeps the old customers buying again and again.

The book you’re about to feast your eyes on… is a downloadable book. You’ll have it in about 5 minutes. It’s 145 pages of pure NO B.S. marketing insights. Ann Seig wrote it so that her MLM crowd would stop pestering their family and friends and actually build a strong downline of happy, enthusiastic customers for their network marketing programs.

The reason I like it, is because it reveals every marketing technique and method I use to help my clients generate sales and profits in any market… in any economy.

Don’t jump into any business or money-making opportunity until you download this book. It will do two things for you.

1.    It will show you all the powerful ways to ATTRACT new customers to you in a cost effective manner. Many of the secrets she reveals cost ZERO DOLLARS to implement. And yet it brings CASH PAYING customers and helps you grow your wealth.
2.    Plus will also show you how to avoid costly mistakes. If you know anything about the MLM universe, you’ll know that lots of people waste a lot of money promoting their business in the wrong kind of way. Yes, there are RIGHT and WRONG ways to market.

When you click through to her site… you’ll find a complete explanation of why she wrote the book and why it will change your life forever. She includes tons of testimonials of real folks who have turned their lives around with her insights.

Trust me… her advice, techniques and methods could easily be applied to almost any business. If you’re looking for a way to make money in the months and years ahead… stop what you’re doing and click on the link below.

For years, I’ve run a marketing firm. And we normally seek successful clients who spend at least $500,000 a year with their advertising budget. So my partners frowned when I told them I was going to write this letter to “The Little Guy”.

But if my hunch about you is right… and you’ve read this far… you have the “DESIRE“… but you’re just a “little guy” and you’re not sure what to do or how to do it.

Get Ann’s book. Read it. And then, read it again. It’s only 145 pages. But it contains a lifetime of skill and insights that will quite literally make you a ton of money in any kind of business or economy…. Service businesses… professional businesses… wholesale… retail… online businesses… publishing… you name it. It will even help you build a powerful MLM business if you want.

I like MLM’s because they allow you to focus totally on the marketing. You let the corporate office deal with all the other headaches associated with product fulfillment, bookkeeping, customer complaints, office politics, legal wrangling, credit card billing statements, etc.

Use Ann’s book as a powerful business plan to give yourself a lifetime of profits.

Just do me one small favor… After you jump into a business and start growing your cash-flow… feel free to call me to help you grow to the next level. I’ll be thrilled to contribute to your ongoing business success with marketing and advertising campaigns that get results. Tested and proven marketing concepts.

Click here to check it out:
Ann’s “Killer” Marketing Book For Almost Anyone

Yours for greater profits in the months and years ahead.

Linwood Austin
Marketing Consultant.


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