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September 3, 2019

MLM creates more millionaires that any other industry, since 1990.

I learned some time ago, that a fellow visited with a ton of CPA’s to find out which business was the most profitable.

He was surprised to discover that NETWORK MARKETERS were some of the biggest clients of these CPA’s.

Imagine that!

Not lawyers. Not doctors. But MLMers.

Ain’t that a hellava thing?

PLEASE NOTE: there is way to build a very profitable MLM business without burning out your family and friends.

Leave a comment, I’ll send you some info.

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June 13, 2019

Why do people hate MLM but they don’t hate “drop shippers”? 

Pen ready to writeI was thinking the other day that network marketers is a form of drop shipping.
You know, drop shipping is where you go out there and market some product, and the manufacturer ships the product out for you and pays you a commission.
Well, drop shipping and multilevel marketing (MLM) are very much the same, except MLMers are encouraged to not only sell the product but build a sales organization too.
As far as a business model, I think the MLMers rock. Why? Because  you can join a typical MLM for $300 bucks plus $100 monthly.
And you’ve got a real business opportunity where someone else makes the product, ships the product, bills the product and processes the payments and then cuts you a check on commission. Cool.
If you start any other kind of business, restaurant, plumbing business, building electric cars, etc. you’ve got HUGE, WHOPPING overhead and headaches before you see one dime in profits.
MLM is easy. Almost lazy. And since 1990 it’s made more millionaires than any other industry.
And you don’t have to make a million bucks from it to enjoy it. A lot of people make an extra $500 to $1,000 a month from an MLM and it sure helps out.
Some folks I know make $1,000 a month for 15 years and don’t lift a finger
Some folks I know make $1,000 a month for 15 years and don’t lift a finger to keep it going. They recruited a downline years ago, and reaped the benefits for years and years.
With any other business, publishing, restaurant, home improvement, you name it, you’re going to need THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS… but with a typical MLM you only need about 100 customers to make a nice living.
With a restaurant you need what, 100 customers a day? With a plumbing business, you need what, 100 customers a month?
But with MLM, you only need 100 customers period and you’ll make about $5,000 to $10,000 a month in residual, gravy money. How? Oh, some 20% of your 100 customers will be so thrilled to be involved THEY will build a downline under you and them of some 10,000 names, and YOU will be paid about $1 per name per month.
All those MLM organizations brag that THEY have the best compensation plan out there. But it all works pretty much the same: bring in 100 and make about $5,000 to $10,000 a month. 
Not every MLMer succeeds. Not ever plumber succeeds. Not ever restaurant succeeds.
But the initial investment to jump in and give it a try is small by comparison.
And it’s easier to get 100 customers than thousands.

The rough part for MLMers is the same rough part for any new business — GETTING CUSTOMERS IN THE DOOR.
Listen, you’ll soon go broke in any business if you just rely on family and friends to buy from you.
How do you get new customers?
You advertise (with a strategy) silly boy.
Direct mail, facebook ads, Pay-Per-Click ads, Linkedin ads, etc.
You go to those meet and greet events.
You build a following through blogging.
You give public speeches at the chamber of commerce, etc.
Remember, you don’t need many, just 100 recruits to make a nice residual income. And then you can be lazy for years to come, until they all die off or quit the business for whatever reason.
What you’ll really need to make a success in MLM is a “marketing” strategy. You can’t wing it.
Some strategies work for some folks but not for others. It depends on your personality, and situation.
Not everyone can give Ted Talks. Not everyone can write books. Not everyone is on facebook.
But you’ll need a strategy to get your downline going.
Maybe I can help you in that department. I’ve helped others.
Let’s talk.

March 3, 2009

How To Make Money From The Internet WITHOUT a Web Site???

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Wednesday Afternoon, 3:15 P.M.
Announcing: The — NO WEB SITE – Way To Dominate The Web.

How To Make Money From The Internet Without Having A Web Site.

Use This To Stuff From $3,000 to $30,000 A Month In Your Pockets By Helping Business Owners List Their Company With LocalAdLink.Com/linwood—It could the most powerful low-cost marketing tool ever invented.

Here’s How To Make Plenty Of Money From The Internet Even If You Don’t Have A Web Site

Here’s the deal in a nutshell.

1.    Every business needs to have some kind of web presence. But building a web site could cost you many thousands of dollars. Then you’ve got to drive traffic TO the web site. That will cost you more BUCKS.
I’m writing to tell you, YOU DON’T NEED A WEB SITE to have a strong web presence.

2.    The solution is a new kind of interactive technology called LOCAL-AD-LINK. This technology gives you the right audience at a cool, clean price for as low as $49 a month. You get only LOCAL customers because you choose the Zip codes you want to zero-in on. The technology targets only the internet IP addresses in your chosen zips… and you pop up whenever they do a search or even chat about your topic or service or product line.

3.     Let’s say you’re a PLUMBER, Pizza Shop, or Women’s Dress store… The truth is, you ONLY want a few zip code areas to call on you. If you do business in Atlanta, Georgia, you don’t want folks in Detroit calling you. So, you sign up with LocalAdLink and list your business and the types of services or products you offer and the zip codes you want to market to and BAMMO… you’re in.

4.    Automatically your ad gets PUSHED onto Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Digg, Linkedin, Facebook, CNN.com, flickr, napster, and a hundred other web gathering places.

Ain’t that cool? You don’t need a web site. When you use LocalAdLinks you get a “mini-website” AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

My name is Linwood Austin. I’ve been an Advertising Professional and copywriter for 25 years. I’ve never seen anything like this. The cost to you is cheap, cheap, cheap… for all you get.

Heck… I have charged some clients $20,000.00 or more, just to create and set up a web site and then another $10,000.00 to drive traffic TO the web site. AND… Then, we would determine if the results were paying off. But LOCAL AD LINKS is entirely different. You can test it out for as little as $49 bucks… and cancel if it does not work. That is a deal.

Here is what you must do…
Call me… I’ll answer any other questions you may have about this amazing opportunity. If you want to buy a LOCAL AD LINK I’ll set you up and get you started. If you want to promote this in your area and make money for yourself, I’ll set you up and get you started too.

We’ll list your company name, phone number, city, state, zip, and anything else about your business, including a link to your web site if you want.  We’ll list your products or services offered.  Your sales message. Your photo, a video, a tagline, etc.

There is no setup fee. No contracts. You can cancel at any time. And your results are trackable.

We’ll just type in whatever info you want and click the load button.
You get three choices.

• $49 a month gets you 3 zip codes to own.
• $99 gets you 10 zip codes and a bit more info and graphics listed.
• $199 gets you 50 zip codes to market to and the best graphic options.

That’s all you have to do. You get a mini-website with your LocalAdLink page and no eternal futzing around with “search engine optimization” … pay per clicks… buying space ads to drive traffic to your site. Etc. Your LocalAdLink automatically hovers on 109 high-traffic web sites like those listed above and more.  And when they are searching for you on the search engines or the other portals.. you’re in.

It’s like an online yellow page ad but it shows up everywhere in your chosen zips. And it even pops up when folks are CHATTING about the products or services you might offer. You can add in a discount coupon which the prospect can print out and bring to your store.

OK… enough about the NEED for this service and how it works.

Now let’s talk about the money YOU can make by getting others involved.

I’m only going to tell you a few of the financial rewards.
If you want more details, you’ll have to call me.

1.    You get commissions of 40%… month after month.
2.    You get stock options.
3.    You get free ad space coupons when you sign up that you can sell outright… and keep 100% of the commissions.
4.    It’s network marketing, so you get paid from downline activity.
5.    You also get LocalAdLink “bucks” to use with members of the club.
6.    The way I see it, this is almost like being a “GOOGLE GURU” without Google. Why? Because this technology will put the final nail in the yellow pages… for local businesses… plus… it will make the web make sense for millions of business owners that have grown increasingly annoyed by web marketing complications.

(Remember: 60% of the population no longer uses the yellow pages. They log in to find stores and products they want.)

The Sweet Part
Now… here is the real sweet part of this deal: This is important. There are two ways to go about making money with this program. You can sell it to your local pizza shop or plumber or restaurant or lawyer or dentist or real estate agent or hardware store… and get 40% commissions.

It might take you an hour to chit-chat to him about it and you’ll make $240 an hour, annually… if he signs up at $49 a month. ($49 a month times 12 months means about $600 a year… and your commissions are almost  ½ of that… $240….)

OR… you can get smart by selling the service to a pizza shop with 200 locations who need to dominate say 1,000 zip codes. Now you’re talking real dough-ray-me.
There is no charge to set you up to be an Account Executive. You get the 40% commissions mentioned above … But if YOU become a Business-Builder and get all the benefits with LocalAdLinks, the fee is about $300 to sign up… and you get $1,000 worth of advertising coupons. That means that whomever you sell to, you can use your ad coupons and keep 100% of the commissions. Such a deal. Plus it’s MLM so you get paid from your downline activity too.

This is a BRAND NEW OPPORTUNITY. I believe it’s set to EXPLODE like gangbusters. It will SURELY turn many “BUSINESS BUILDERS” into MILLIONAIRES. Already there are thousands upon thousands of Local Ad Link Advertisers. But there are MILLIONS WHO NEED TO SIGN UP BUT DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT YET.

Don’t let this MONEY-MAKING OPPORTUNITY pass you by. You could easily build a totally sweet income because EVERY business needs to dominate the web in their area WITH or WITHOUT a web site. This is how to do it.

Dentists need it. Car repair shops need it. Furniture stores need it. Computer stores need it. Restaurants, shoe makers, plumbers, roofers, clothing stores, flower shops, toy stores, wholesalers, retailers, smoke shops, taxi cab companies, bus lines, modeling agencies… etc… etc… etc.

Count on it… the price is cheap.
You can lock in your income… but you have to act NOW. Sign up for yourself. And pass the word along. You won’t regret it.

Here is a video presentation that will answer more questions.

Watch the 18-minute overview and then call me. I’ll sign you up.

Linwood Austin

Adman. Here’s my phone: 801-201-9026
P.S. Once in a blue moon, something comes along that is so powerful it changes everyone’s life. This is that moon. LocalAdLinks will finally make marketing on the web simple and easy for companies large and small. Let’s do this. Call me.

P.P.S. OK… Now for the “PROOF”.
Go to Google and do a search for the following items. You’ll see they are all Local Ad Link guys. And they are all at or near the top.
Plowing Providence…  the guy landed 2 high-paying contract plowing jobs within 3 days.
Flowers Woonsocket ..  a ytb site. 580 hits in 15 days
Jeep Yonkers
Ford Baton Rouge
Travel Chicago
Travel Staten Island
Travel Detroit
Advertising Brooklyn
Child Abuse Charlotte
Pizza Clearwater
Pizza Yonkers
Real Estate Memphis
OK… Now… Find your own reasons to call me. Let’s get your game on.

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