Diary of an Ad Man

April 8, 2016




Here is what I told a big shot Venture Capitalist about why he was getting no results with his online marketing. This message could apply to many, many web site owners and marketers. That’s why you should read this entire message. It may contain the key to a new level of profits for your business in a quick way.

Please pass this special report on to any web site owner you know.

FROM: Marketing Consultant and direct response copywriter Linwood Austin

Dear Friend,

I SAID TO THE GUY– How long have you had your web site up and running? One year? Two years? Five years?

You know in your heart it’s just not doing the trick for you, right?

You know something is wrong… but what?

You know that somewhere… there has to be someone who can figure this stuff out.

FIND THE MAN… is what you’re secretly screaming out every time you have to talk to your “web site developer”… or computer graphics hack.

FIND THE MAN… is what you want to do every time you see some post on LinkedIn or industry trade journal that half-way hints that someone might know something about “SEO”… or “Hi, I’m from Pakistan, I’m here to help you”…

You know you want to scream… WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?

Your web site sucks. It looks good BUT It’s not bringing you the cash you know it should.

Your web site sucks. You’ve got a bazillion competitors jacking around trying to white hat and black hat google for rankings and traffic.

Your web site sucks… you’re tempted to BUY traffic… but you check the PPC bid per click and the prices seem OUTRAGEOUS!!!

(HINT: Some prices for PPC are OUTRAGEOUS. For example: There are some search terms that you must pay north of $20 or more for. $20 for a click is way too much for some marketing situations. Let’s say you have a budget of $1,000. And you pay $20 per click… you’re only going to get 50 peeps—50 sets of eyeballs looking at your site. BUT—BUT—BUT—if you use that $1,000 advertising budget in a direct mail campaign… and it cost you in postage, printing, paper, etc. $1 per piece mailed out… you’re going to get 1,000 people to see your sales message, not a mere 50 from that spicy PPC campaign.)

(DOUBLE HINT: Go back and read that paragraph again. It’s important.)

Do you want to know the truth ABOUT your web site marketing—search engine optimization – and why you’re not making money?

I’m here to tell you.  

If you’re a smart business operator… You should… know EXACTLY why your web site is stuck with no traction… I’m going to tell you and give you the tools you need to fix your web site and to get it ranking HIGHER, HIGHER, HIGHER… THIS will help you get the traffic you want and the sales you want… and live a happier, wealthier life.

Here’s the deal.

I provide a unique and powerful analytical service that breaks down everything you need to know about your site.  See for yourself what is working in your favor and what is hurting your sales. I’ll tell you all the things your ‘web site developer’ cannot or will not tell you.

I tell you what’s broken so you can fix it. I tell you what’s working exceedingly well so you can do more of it.

I provide this service for an amazing low price for all you’re going to get.

In a moment, I’ll tell you some of what you’re going to get and why it’s important. I’m going to use some terms you might not understand… but wade through it all. It’s vitally important that you stop what you’re doing and give me permission to look at your site and give you report after report… telling you what’s going on and why.

Nothing could be more important than getting your site analyzed right now. Profits are at stake. Income is on the line. Competition is not out to “play fair”. Yes, everyone wants what would seem to be like an “unfair advantage”.

I’ll give you that advantage. But first I want a commitment from you that you’re going to put the information to use and actually CHANGE things NOW.

I’m going to analyze your site and give you six reports.

#1. The first report gives you a STRUCTURE Audit of your site.

#2. The second report shows you a BACKLINK Analysis of your web site.

#3. The third report gives you a Keywords Analysis, their rankings, and visibility across the universe of the web.

The next three reports will be all about your keywords… your adwords… what kind of competition you’re facing from your competitors… what kind of prices others are having to pay for them.. and how many monthly searches are being made for each keyword you target. These three reports use the same information…but each one is sorted and ranked so you can quickly and easily see for yourself HOW you need to focus your time “blogging”, updating your site, making videos and using social media for every keyword… PLUS

…You can also see if you want to BID on various keywords… compared to what your competitors are bidding… or compared to how much you might pay in a DIRECT MAIL campaign OR other marketing efforts.

You see… I don’t have any “skin in the game” like your web site developer does. I’m an advertising man. I’m an old school direct response advertising copywriter. That means IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT MEDIUM YOU USE… as long as it pays off with ROI (Return On Investment)— that makes sense to you. If you use Billboards…I don’t care. If you use direct mail… I don’t care. If you use PPC… fine. If you use so-called “word-of-mouth”… that‘s OK by me. As long as you’re getting a decent price on—COST PER LEAD and COST PER SALE. That is the only “cost of advertising” that really means anything. Cost per lead and cost per sale.

OK… This is an unusual service that hardly anyone else will do for you. Mostly because no one knows how. Nor do they know WHY it’s important.

It’s important because we want to help you prevent throwing money down a rat hole and turn our whole marketing budget into a MONEY MAKING MACHINE… a marketing budget that’s an ASSET… not just a EXPENSE.

Before I explain more about what will be in your reports… let me say this…

If you don’t do this… if you don’t hire me to snoop around your web site… you’re silly and foolish. You’re condemning yourself to go on flushing more and more money down that stinky rat hole called “internet marketing”… And “search engine optimization”.

I think we’re all done with the “fad” aspect of internet marketing. It’s time now to make the web pay up or shut up. Give me the opportunity to peek under the skirts of your site and give you a complete sketch of what’s going on under there.

The cost to you is a measly $1,495. I can’t guarantee you’re gonna like what you see. I’m not going to pussy-foot around with you. I’m going to show and tell you what’s hurting your site… warts and all.

The valuable thing about this service is this— you’ll know exactly what to tackle first to fix things to make your site start SKYROCKETING in the search engines… and start making you some FRESH, NEW money.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not going to analyze THE MESSAGE of your site. I’m just going to analyze the way google and the other spiders see your site. If your message converts the visitor to cash… that’s WONDERFUL… but that’s not the purpose of this unique analytical service. We can talk about that later. But for now.


FIRST, I will go look at your web site… and analyze it 52 ways from Sunday. And I’ll give you a complete report showing you what no one else will show you. Not even your web site developer.

(Why won’t he/she show you? Because you might just FIRE THEM… when you are armed with the knowledge of how bad your site really is.)

VITAL POINT: I’ll tell you everything you need to know about YOUR SITE—the good, the bad, the very, very UGLY.

I’ll look at your structure… your PR rank… your Alexa rank… your Compete.com traffic… your DMOZ listings. And more.

I’ll check your domain internet bookmarks…. Your domain social mention popularity.

I’ll look at your CRAWL STATISTICS… and see what google sees, what yahoo sees, what bing sees.

Are your web pages “available to crawl”… or do the search spiders choke on the errors in your site?? I’ll tell you what percentage of pages on your site are good and what is dragging you down.

I’ll tell you if you have missing code… tags that are too long… duplicate pages…duplicate content… or lousy descriptions that push visitors away.
I’ll tell you if you have restricted and broken rules on your server… and more.

I’ll tell you how many errors and how many warnings your site has.

I’ll tell you which pages on your site have good PR or lousy PR rankings.

Do you have “follow” links all over your site… or “no-follow” links? You should know this.

Valid links? Or broken links?

And speaking of links… how many links have FULL SEO value? And how many are useless?

Do some links pointing to your site come from a domain that hurt you by association? It’s possible.

Exactly how many pages show a 404 or 500 server error?

Do you have backlinks from unique domains? If so, how many?

Are backlinks coming to you from sites that are old enough? One year? Two years? Five years old? You’ll want to pay attention to all of this. It’s vital to your present and future cash flow.

What part of the world are your backlinks coming from? China? The USA? Canada? Russia? Turkey? It could be very important to your ranking, your traffic and your cash flow.

Are your backlinks coming from DOT COMs… or some other domain type? You should know. Google knows. And they care. – Better believe they care.

Now what about your IMAGE links? Do they have winning descriptions?

Are the links in your site DOfollow or NOfollow?  If you don’t know – I will show you…and show you why it’s important.

Next—we gotta research all of the ANCHOR TEXTs connected to the links coming to your site. Understanding your ANCHOR TEXTs and the right way to use them holds more keys to your success.

Which leads us to check out the KEYWORDS in your backlink anchors. What are they and what do they prove to Google about you?

Stop… take a deep breath. Because NOW we need to look at your top back links by their LINK VALUE. Are they helping or hurting you? Is there any “link juice” to be squeezed by these links… or do we throw up our hands in disgust?

And what about the top linking domains? Do they have any real link value?

After all that… then we must break down YOUR KEYWORD RANKINGS and understand how much VISIBILITY they provide you…compared to your competition.

SO—We’ll give you a report of your keywords’ VISIBILITY in the search engines.

Total visibility and current visibility.

Next, we’ll show you HOW you’re looking in the Top Search Engines as to ranking in the first 30 results.  You’re as good as dead on page 2 and 3 of the search results.  The competition for web site ranking is furious and there’s a ton of money being left on the table if you simply sit and wonder.

Line by line… we’ll show you the keywords you ARE ranking for… and whether or not you’re even in the top 100 of BING, GOOGLE or YAHOO.

Is that enough? Hang on… there’s more.

We’re going to take the trouble of giving you THREE SPECIAL REPORTS all about your keywords… ranked and sorted by AVERAGE MONTHLY SEARCHES… how much COMPETITION you have for the keyword… AND  what they are BIDDING for each keyword in a PAY PER CLICK environment.

Listen… this is one “hellava” service you’re getting for the small investment on your part of $1,495. You could waste that much money in 75 minutes on $20 pay per clicks… on a limited budget… and still be WASTING, WASTING, WASTING… precious time and money… with a site that is BOUNCING/ANNOYING your visitors as it just wasn’t what they wanted to see. Bounce rates can kill your chances of ranking.

Listen… let’s say we find 100 things wrong and you just fix 50 of them… or maybe even 10 of them… I’m telling you… that could be enough to launch you into a new level of cash, sales and income–FAST.

This service — dear serious marketer — is vital to your online marketing future.

You’ll get all six reports, PLUS… an hour of my time to go over the reports with you… to help you understand what each item means to you and to google and the search engines.

And if… after you get the reports… and you let me explain what it all means… we can discuss how you might fix and improve things. I’m open to helping you in any way I can.

Are you ready to do this?

I don’t offer this to a wide audience. And I don’t have it automated like some “CLICKBANK” affiliate product. No way. There is too much hand-work and real BRAIN POWER needed to give you this type of breakdown. So you’ll have to call me to see if I’m available right now to give you an analysis of your web site. And I’ll have to check to see if one of my clients is your competitor already. First come, first served ya know.

If you have a decent product, not some shady deal… and if I’m free to give you my time in this manner… I’ll block out some time for you. And you can pay by check, Paypal or Credit card. And we’ll get started right away.

Remember, I don’t care if you use internet marketing or old school offline marketing… I just want you to be successful in your marketing efforts. There’s no reason in the world to waste any more time or money screwing around with web site marketing if you’ve got dozens of things wrong that NEED TO BE FIXED NOW.

Listen. Give me the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing success. Let me take a look at your site and show you what’s wrong. I don’t need a password… or anything like that. I just need the name of your site…. And your check… and I’ll snoop around like the search engine spiders… and tell you what Google, Bing and Yahoo plus what the other bots see.

Then… you can make the fixes and changes that could bring in THOUSANDS OF FRESH new customers and visitors… and THOUSANDS OF FRESH new dollars in sales and profits.

After we give you the reports… you’ll have 30 days to get your site fixed.  If you do so… we will rerun the analysis and see if your site is working as it should,  or as you have been promised by your ‘web site developer guy’.  That means we’ll check under the skirts of your site again… to make sure you’re making real progress.


I’m Linwood Austin

Advertising man and direct response copywriter.

And I’m excited about your future.





December 4, 2008

How To Become Your Own "Marketing Genius"

Finally Revealed…

How To Become A “Marketing Genius” Even If You’re “Clueless” About Marketing. You Can Use These Ideas And Techniques For Any Kind Of Business, Although They Were Written For “MLM” Marketers. Let Me Explain…

Dear Marketing Buddy,

Linwood Austin here
From: Salt Lake City on a Sunny Afternoon.

If you’re confused about marketing your business in today’s world of “internet marketing”… “direct mail marketing”… “viral marketing”… “TV marketing”… etc…. I have good news for you.

Below you’ll find a link to what I feel is the best “All Around” marketing system you can find today. I’ve had my nose in marketing books for 25 years now.

I’m one of the top advertising copywriters in the country. I’ve created ads, sales letters and internet marketing that have generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales and profits… bringing in hundreds of thousands of new customers and repeat business for everything from furniture to cars to books to subscriptions to high-price seminars. You name it… I’ve created marketing to sell it.

The book I’m recommending to you below…  covers all kinds of sales and marketing tactics and strategies. If you want to WIN in the marketing universe with your product or service… I’m betting you’ll love this unique discovery….  no matter what kind of business you’re in.

You could be selling wine… shoes… professional advice…dating services… computer software… almost anything. You’ll find this 145-page downloadable book full of hidden marketing gems and insights.

Don’t be fooled by appearances… the book was written with “Network” marketers in mind. Yeah—that’s right. It looks like a marketing book for MLMer’s. (Multi-Level Marketing) But it’s really a book about marketing ANY PRODUCT or SERVICE. Let me explain.

The author of this book (Ann Seig) realized that most network marketers are totally clueless about classical direct marketing techniques. Most people who sign up for some MLM try to get their family and friends involved. After they run out of family and friends… THEY QUIT. They don’t know jack about attracting targeted buyers and a loyal following. They don’t know jack about MARKETING period. This book is like an advanced course in everything they DON’T teach you in the typical MLM… or in a typical business school for that matter.

Ann Seig discovered that classical “direct” marketing techniques are the only kind of marketing worth doing. Why? Because when you use “direct marketing” techniques you can instantly measure your R.O.I. (Return on Investment).

Using these kinds of marketing and advertising techniques on the web… in newspapers… in direct mail… etc., you can tell right away what your “cost per lead” and “cost per sale” will be. And when you compare that with your known “customer net worth”… you can make smart business decisions about ANY kind of marketing you want to do.

Let me give you an example of this: Stay with me on this thought… Let’s say you sell a product for $100. And your profit on the product is $50 bucks. If your customer only buys ONCE… then your customer’s net worth to you is only $50 bucks. If he buys TWICE, he’s worth $100 bucks to you. So… now you know you can spend up to $49 in marketing costs to get him to be a ONE TIME paying customer and you’re still $1 ahead in the game.

If you can make him a two-time buyer… your profits go from $1 on his first purchase to $51 in pure profits when you factor in the second sale— if your marketing costs were only $49 “cost-per-sale”.

This my friend… is just ONE topic covered in this powerful profit-generating, idea book. But that’s not all. There are tons of practical ideas and insights in this volume.

The book is yours for the small investment of $67. I’ve personally spent perhaps $10,000 on marketing books over the last 25 years. Some rare, insightful marketing books I’ve bought have cost me $500 or more. I can tell you this small price is nothing when you consider the fact that… the ideas you’re going to discover in its pages will help you avoid costly marketing mistakes from now on. PLUS—You’ll have the marketing tactics, marketing techniques and marketing strategies that will really help you skyrocket your profits in today’s difficult economy. Many of the techniques you’re about to discover can be implemented for ZERO DOLLARS. That’s right. You can increase your business without increase your advertising budget.

Face it… the companies who cut back on marketing during an economic downturn will suffer sales and profits. This guidebook will make you a “fearless marketer”. You will grow your sales and profits in spite of these uncertain times.

When you click on the link below… you can read the heavy-duty sales letter about this book. The sales letter contains a complete explanation and tons of testimonials. It should convince you that this is worth your time. And worth every penny of the $67 she asks.

After you get it… and read it… I want to talk to you about implementing any of the ideas you discover.

I’m excited to share this with you.

Yours for greater profits.

Click here:


Linwood Austin
Marketing Consultant
Austin Marketing
Here’s my cell phone: 801-201-9026

P.S. One of the things you’ll discover when you download this ebook… are ideas about “viral marketing”. These are cheap but powerful ways to beef up your sales. Let’s talk.

ONE MORE THING. IT’S IMPORTANT: You could…. use this information to become a consultant.

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