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June 13, 2019

Why do people hate MLM but they don’t hate “drop shippers”? 

Pen ready to writeI was thinking the other day that network marketers is a form of drop shipping.
You know, drop shipping is where you go out there and market some product, and the manufacturer ships the product out for you and pays you a commission.
Well, drop shipping and multilevel marketing (MLM) are very much the same, except MLMers are encouraged to not only sell the product but build a sales organization too.
As far as a business model, I think the MLMers rock. Why? Because  you can join a typical MLM for $300 bucks plus $100 monthly.
And you’ve got a real business opportunity where someone else makes the product, ships the product, bills the product and processes the payments and then cuts you a check on commission. Cool.
If you start any other kind of business, restaurant, plumbing business, building electric cars, etc. you’ve got HUGE, WHOPPING overhead and headaches before you see one dime in profits.
MLM is easy. Almost lazy. And since 1990 it’s made more millionaires than any other industry.
And you don’t have to make a million bucks from it to enjoy it. A lot of people make an extra $500 to $1,000 a month from an MLM and it sure helps out.
Some folks I know make $1,000 a month for 15 years and don’t lift a finger
Some folks I know make $1,000 a month for 15 years and don’t lift a finger to keep it going. They recruited a downline years ago, and reaped the benefits for years and years.
With any other business, publishing, restaurant, home improvement, you name it, you’re going to need THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS… but with a typical MLM you only need about 100 customers to make a nice living.
With a restaurant you need what, 100 customers a day? With a plumbing business, you need what, 100 customers a month?
But with MLM, you only need 100 customers period and you’ll make about $5,000 to $10,000 a month in residual, gravy money. How? Oh, some 20% of your 100 customers will be so thrilled to be involved THEY will build a downline under you and them of some 10,000 names, and YOU will be paid about $1 per name per month.
All those MLM organizations brag that THEY have the best compensation plan out there. But it all works pretty much the same: bring in 100 and make about $5,000 to $10,000 a month. 
Not every MLMer succeeds. Not ever plumber succeeds. Not ever restaurant succeeds.
But the initial investment to jump in and give it a try is small by comparison.
And it’s easier to get 100 customers than thousands.

The rough part for MLMers is the same rough part for any new business — GETTING CUSTOMERS IN THE DOOR.
Listen, you’ll soon go broke in any business if you just rely on family and friends to buy from you.
How do you get new customers?
You advertise (with a strategy) silly boy.
Direct mail, facebook ads, Pay-Per-Click ads, Linkedin ads, etc.
You go to those meet and greet events.
You build a following through blogging.
You give public speeches at the chamber of commerce, etc.
Remember, you don’t need many, just 100 recruits to make a nice residual income. And then you can be lazy for years to come, until they all die off or quit the business for whatever reason.
What you’ll really need to make a success in MLM is a “marketing” strategy. You can’t wing it.
Some strategies work for some folks but not for others. It depends on your personality, and situation.
Not everyone can give Ted Talks. Not everyone can write books. Not everyone is on facebook.
But you’ll need a strategy to get your downline going.
Maybe I can help you in that department. I’ve helped others.
Let’s talk.

September 24, 2013

How To Find A “Job” Without A Resume

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You don’t need a resume to come work for me.

But you’ll need three things.

  1. You’ll need an open mind.
  2. You’ll need a big batch of desire.
  3. You’ll need at least “average ability”.

You can prove to me that you have these three things with just a phone call.

If you have an open mind, average ability and a lot of desire… I want to talk to you.

No resume needed.

Are you friendly? Do you have some discipline? Can you follow some instruction?

If so… we’re almost there.

I can give you a “job” that is not a “job”. Instead… I can give you an adventure.

What I have is an opportunity. This could be the most high-paying “job” you’ve ever had.

What I have is an opportunity. You could be so excited about this that we rock and roll and stuff your pockets with tons of cash every month.

I’m putting together a team that reaches out to people all over the world… to gets them happily involved in a number of products that are changing lives.

But this message is not about the products or services… it’s about YOU.

No resume. You’ll need an open mind because I’ll need to train you in a 4-Step Process in which you reach out to others in a very systematic way… and you’ll get amazing results.

No resume. You’ll need a healthy dose of “desire” because money is a great motivator. Don’t be calling me if you don’t want to make money. What I have to offer could stuff $10,000 a month in your pockets.

No resume… but you’ll need at least “average ability” because nothing I need to teach you requires you to be a genius.

You don’t need “sales experience” and you don’t need any prior “business experience”.

You can reach the kind of income level you want… if you can give me about an hour or two a day.

If you have a resume… put it away. Instead… call me. Let’s explore what you have in the realm of ability… desire and an open mind.

You can do all this from home. Eliminate your commute. Just “commute” from your bedroom to your kitchen. You’ll need a phone and/or a computer. That’s all.

Here’s my number: 801-895-9598

Linwood Austin

Come work for me.

Now Hiring.

I’m hiring anybody with an MBA… or no MBA.

I’m hiring anybody with experience… or no experience.

I’m hiring anybody in the advertising business… or no kind of advertising business.

I’ve never made an offer like this before.

But if you’re looking for a job… I can give you a “job”… and it will be a job that might be “scary” at first… but no one will fire you.

I will train you. I will coach you. I will give you all the tools you need to succeed. You’ll get marketing materials, websites, sales scripts, contacts, you name it.

Your pay will be totally based on merit. No salary. You’ll earn your pay. And it will be a handsome amount. You could be making up to $10,000 a month in as little as 6 months time.

I’ve been in the business world for a long time. I’ve had lots of employees. Some I paid by the hour. Some were on salary. And some were on commission. And I have to tell you… the commission employees made the most money with the least amount of work.

The “job” I have for you is easy. All you have to do is “reach out and touch” people. Just chat with them… ask them a few questions and then get them over to a website.

You can work from home.

You can make money even you don’t think of this as a “job”. It could be the most fun you’ve ever had making money.

The numbers might look like this:

Out of 5 people who go to the web site… one will buy.

When you get somewhere between 40 and 100 buyers… your income is six figures.

I have both written training… and video training… and live training (online in a webinar).

Intrigued? You should be.

If you’re looking for a job— we should talk.

You’ve got nothing to lose an everything to gain.

Come work for me.

Linwood Austin



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