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December 29, 2009

Direct Marketing Legends

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I’ll admit it:

whenever my mailbox produces a sleek, crisp, issue of DMNews my mouth waters… It’s like candyland for marketers.

…If you are serious about marketing, The 30th Anniversary gold-plated edition is a must read.

David Ogilvy, Master

Especially appealing is the featured article on Direct Marketing Legends (Masters Including, of course, David Ogilvy *******)

“The giants of direct marketing need no intro¬≠duction. These great innovators in the direct and digital marketing industry have one thing in common: Each and every one of them – in their own way – changed the game, carving a path for generations of marketers to follow.”

Read the article online at  http://www.dmnews.com/david-ogilvy/emailarticle/158499/ here if you can't get a print edition:

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