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June 15, 2019

I think linkedin is more about self-improvement than about business.

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I think linkedin is more about self-improvement than about business. There are more posts about retarded, feel-good bromides … than posts about say, balance sheets and financial statements.

And I guess that would make sense, since business owners, managers and top-level folks would be too busy to hang around here and post shit.

I post there because I’m a damn fool. I’m there competing with cute dog videos, so-called consultants and some guy name Oleg.

I don’t know why you come here (Linkedin). If you want business from LI, you need to connect with the right target market, and then message them with some clever, enthusiastic, info about your services or product line. (I can write those, ya know.)

If you actually run a business that does $1 to $5 million in sales, we need to talk. I want to introduce you to Steve Ike. He’s one of the few consultants out there who can look at your financial statements and tell you how to improve your business from 6 angles at once.

If you’re just a worker bee, on break, checking LI for fun, tag any business owner or top-level guy you know, so they can see this message. Who knows, it might benefit you in the long run if there is more Christmas bonus money to go around.

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