Diary of an Ad Man

June 15, 2019


In all my years of writing ad copy, I’ve only had one client who told me “YOUR COPY IS NOT LONG ENOUGH.”
Come a little closer, I want to tell you something about this guy…
…He was perhaps the smartest marketer I’ve ever met.
He knew the truth… that “people” will not read all that ad copy… but “people” and “prospects” are not the same things. You see, “prospects” are damn hungry for information, and THEY will read any amount of ad copy, as long as it’s interesting and helpful.
A lot of clients initially told me my copy was “too long” and I had to put them in a choke hold, till they tapped out and admitted that we want BUYERS and long copy works.
But this guy… wanted more copy. He was smart. When you’ve got money on the table, you want to give prospects every reason to buy, don’t hold anything back. You just don’t know all the buying-resistance-crap that is swirling ’round in their head.
Information leads to positive buying reactions.
The lack of information leads to building a “worst case” story of imagination in their head.
PROOF: If you’re advertising an office space for rent. And your ad says “OFFICE SPACE $500 A MONTH” and that’s all… folks can sure make up a story about why it’s so cheap, or so expensive. We all assume the worst with a lack of info.

November 26, 2013

Can a Newsletter Help Your Business? YOU BET IT CAN.

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Can a Newsletter Help Your Business? YOU BET IT CAN.

HERE IS– the cheapest way to put out a newsletter to 3,000 customers or prospects— NOT JUST ONCE A MONTH… OR ONCE A WEEK… YOU CAN DO THIS EVERY DAY IF YOU WANT TO… FOR ONLY $35 A MONTH.


You know in your heart that you MUST keep in touch with your prospects and customers. Why? Because 80% of the EASY PROFITS any business always comes from REPEAT CUSTOMERS.

And if they are a new customer… they still come to you because you contacted them MANY TIMES… and gave them time to “think about it” and get all their ducks lined up in a row. Right?

Here is an ONLINE NEWSLETTER tool—that gives you hundreds of newsletter templates… PLUS… it give you the POWER to toss in a VIDEO… embedded into your newsletter.

And you know the power of VIDEO don’t you? A video… from you… has some charm, some intrigue, some ability to touch your customers and prospects that text alone… just does not have.

Every Business-to-business market needs this. Insurance sales people. Real estate people. Heavy equipment sellers. Vendors of all sorts.

You can put your text into the newsletter… and it’s automatically shaped graphically into A BEAUTIFUL NEWSLETTER… that makes you look professional.

See this: http://www.1894184.talkfusion.com/product/video_newsletters/

And of course, if you have the right words… the right offer… the right timing… you’ll increase your sales and your profits.

You can do this all by yourself—for cheap. The service only cost $35 a month—and you can make a new newsletter every day… and you can mail up to 3,000 names with a click. It’s cool.

Got more than 3,000 people on your email customer database? No problem… you can lock in more names for a bump in price.

But here is the cool thing—If you don’t want to DIY (do it yourself)… I’ll do it for you.

Who am I? I’m a professional advertising copywriter. I’ve written direct response advertising copy for some 25 years.

I’ve written sales letters that were so powerful they were mailed out to millions of people and they generated millions upon millions of dollars for clients selling seminars, books, professional services, food, cars, you name it.

And I can do it for you.

Linwood Austin


November 18, 2013

VOLVO TRUCK ad– Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits


What an ad.
What a demonstration.
What a feat of daring and strength.
But the ad falls short of classical “direct response” techniques that we know and have proven to work for one hundred years or more in split-run tests.
There are five parts to every GOOD AD.
If you don’t include all five parts… you are wasting a good “selling opportunity.”
This VOLVO TRUCK ad… with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits while the trucks are moving backwards… is a good “visual” demo… and it will have people talking. But let’s think about the 5-part outline of a good ad.
PART ONE: The problem.
PART TWO: The solution.
PART THREE: The benefits of the solution.
PART FOUR: The PROOF of the benefits.
PART FIVE: The call to action.
Here is the ad with JCVD.

Now the questions are… WHAT PROBLEM does Volvo solve? Stable driving? What benefit will the buyer of a Volvo truck get? The ability to do circus tricks on the road? But more importantly… where is the CALL TO ACTION? What is the prospect for a new truck supposed to do… upon seeing this ad? As an ad man… I would say… don’t leave it up to the view to jump to the right conclusion. Tell them. Then, you will have a better ad.

IF YOU GUYS OVER AT VOLVO… WANT TO DISCOVER HOW TO MAKE GOOD ADS THAT BRING YOU MORE SALES AND MORE PROFITS… GO HERE.  It’s a link to Mr. Bedell’s advertising secrets. Bedell created the ad technique that helped Ford outsell GM for the first time in 10 years… in 1935. Enjoy.
Linwood Austin.

November 14, 2009

David Ogilvy: We Sell or Else

Renowned Advertising guru David Ogilvy gives a brief speech on the importance of direct marketing.

February 23, 2008

Advertising POP QUIZ.

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Take this Advertising POP QUIZ.

There are some 31 selling stratagems you can use in a given advertising or marketing campaign. Go to this page…
It’s an ad I wrote for a client. Then go over the list below and see if you can spot which stratagems I actually used in the ad. Email me your answers… and whoever gives me the best reply will get a FREE assay bottle of Gold. (Only one winner per month until I run out. I have about 15 bottles left from a former business endeavor.) Send me your answer with your mailing address.


Good luck on your pop quiz.

—————————-BEGIN HERE—————————–

Use a HEADLINE: Get the prospect’s attention FAST.
1. Mention the prospect and his interests. (Use the words YOU or YOUR in your headline.)
2. Promise big benefits. (Sizzle?)
3. Use NEWS to the point.
4. Provoke curiosity. (If you can do it pertinently.)
5. Mention your product(s) in a favorable light.

6. Immediately enlarge on the promise of the headline.
7. Tell your story in the first paragraph.
8. Emphasize one basic idea.
9. Clearly tell the BENEFITS (Sizzle?) the prospect will gain.
10. Present the selling points to deliver those benefits. (Present the steak that makes the sizzle believable.)
11. Show that your product(s) is easy, economical, and agreeable to use.
12. Use sex and prestige appeals if you can.
13. Use negative inferences. (That is, to show ills avoided by purchasing your product.)

14. Favorable comparison with others.
15. Make points of contrast and superiority.
16. Use “Only” and exclusive features.
17. Make exceptional claims you can support.
18. Compliment the prospect if you can.

19. Present the main idea of your selling message three times.
20. Tell of your product’s popularity… who uses and likes it.
21. Give bona fide testimonials… and authority’s approval.
22. Give assurances and proof of your offer… build confidence.
23. Guarantee if you can.
24. Make your offer vitally valid… be congruous.
25. Convey the value of your product or service… definitely, positively.

26. Give the reader good reasons and excuses for buying NOW.
27. Make choosing easy… stress ONE item above others you may sell.
28. Tell how, when, and where to get it.
29. Name prices and terms… make it easy to buy or order.
30. Consider a coupon… or direct offer.
31. Sell NOW as the time… make a bid for business and action.

End: 8:52 AM Sunday morning.

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