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April 15, 2021

“If You Can Lick a Postage Stamp, You Can Build a Downline of 100 Key People in Almost Any MLM and Make $10,000 a Month.”

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“How To Quickly Build A Network Marketing Downline Of 100 People In Your MLM Business Using a Powerful Sales Letter That Makes Them Signup With You”                                  


10:01 A.M.  SAT Morning. 

APRIL 2021

76º Mostly clear skies.

 Dear Friend,

My name is Linwood Austin. I am perhaps the only advertising copywriter in America who understands the MLM community.

This is Good News For Network Marketers

You see, I know how to quickly build a network marketing downline of 100 People in your typical MLM Business using a powerful direct mail strategy.

Note: 100 People Turns into $10,000 A Month In Almost Any Network Marketing Opportunity.

 THIS IS — Surprising New Way You Can Make A Decent Income In Almost Any Network Marketing Company.

A few years ago, Mark Yarnell wrote a book called …

“How to Become Filthy Stinking Rich In Network Marketing …

Without Alienating Your Family And Friends

If you read the book, you’ll learn a lot about marketing, period. Not just network marketing.

Here is how the numbers work with Network Marketing (also called Multi-Level-Marketing):

If you were to open up a bookstore, a restaurant, a shoe store, a plumbing company… etc… you could spend perhaps $100,000.00 (one-hundred thousand dollars) or more just to open your doors.

And… you know in your heart that you could NEVER survive by selling your products or services to just your family and friends.

No. With those kinds of businesses… you need hundreds of customers each week… or hundreds each month… thousands of customers each year just to make a go of it.

But with a typical network marketing opportunity (MLM)… generally speaking… you only need 100 people in your down-line—as customers or distributors… and you’ll make about $10,000 per month.

How it is possible? Because … generally speaking… if you get just 100 customers in your down-line… in a typical network marketing company… 80 people will do little or nothing for you.

But… and get this… 20 of those customers-distributors will be so excited about the opportunity… that they will go out and hustle and generate a down-line under you and them of some 10,000 names… and you’ll make about $1 per name per monthno matter what the company “compensation plan” is.

All network marketing companies give you some bonuses along the way for recruiting people personally… but the real kicker is – you’ll make some $10,000 per month by just bringing in some 100 people into the network.

For example, when you personally recruit 5 people, the MLM company might give you a bonus of $100 per person as you begin to grow your business. But that is not the point here.

My point is about the money you’ll make on the whole downline.

And it generally works out that recruiting 100 people will turn into a downline of 10,000 names… and you’ll make $1 per name, per month.

Listen, I know one lady who recruited only 3 people into her MLM and ended up making $5,000 a month off the efforts of those 3 recruits. How did that work? It’s because the 3 people she recruited were her 3 adult sons, who were very excited about the opportunity. And her adult sons created a downline so big that this lady never recruited anyone else… yet she made some $5,000 bucks a month from her sons’ efforts.

Again, Generally speaking, get one hundred customers/distributors and you’re almost guaranteed a $10,000 per month income. 80 people will be lazy and do nothing for you. But 20 will make it all happen.

NOTE:… These are much better numbers than trying to open up a bookstore, hair salon, coffee shop, etc.


The main problem with network marketing is that… most folks who jump in don’t know much about MARKETING.

Marketing is the missing element for most folks who join a “network marketing” company.

It does not cost much to jump into a typical network marketing company. You can get into almost any of them for $300 bucks… sometimes $1,495… depending on the level you want with the commission package and positioning.

So, the cost to join any MLM is way cheaper than opening up a regular brick and mortar store or restaurant, etc.

But after you join one, then comes the question of HOW DO YOU MARKET IT?

AND that’s where most folks lose it. They try to sell it to family and friends… and when family and friends are done laughing at you, you’re stuck. You might even think of quitting.

What you need is a customer or prospect universe that is bigger than your family and friends. Way bigger.

And I’m here to give it to you.

And I have the perfect SYSTEM to market your product or service to… if you’re into network marketing.

It’s a very special collection mailing lists I have, of people who are looking for a new income opportunity. AND… All you need is the RIGHT NETWORK MARKETING SALES LETTER.

I personally hate cold calling people on the phone. But I love direct mail. I have made a lot of money by mail over the last 30 years.

Since the late 1980’s I have created more, high-profit, sales-busting “direct marketing” sales letters than anyone you’ve likely ever met.

I’ve written sales letters that were mailed out to millions of folks selling everything from financial information to cars and furniture… and everything in between.

I know direct mail works. Even in this age of internet this and web site that… direct mail sales letters are still the overlooked darling of the marketing universe.

Even the high and mighty Google

uses direct mail to build their business.

Yes, it’s amazing but true. Google has a big direct mail campaign going on year after year to build their business.

But I want you to know that, even YOU can use a sales letter to build your network marketing business down-line and never have to make a cold-call again.  And live a happy, prosperous life.

The secret is in the mailing list… and the sales letter itself.

You see… you can’t use just any list… and you can’t use just any letter.

The mailing list has to be warmed up to the idea of buying from you.

And the network marketing sales letter has to be charming, helpful, informative and have elements of story appeal in it.

If the people on the mailing list are right… and the letter is strong…. I’ve seen as much as a 12% to 20% response to the mailing.

There are many thousands of people right now… all across the country who are desperately looking for an income opportunity. And many who will say YES to your offer– if it’s presented in the right kind of way.

Here is how a network marketing sales letter would work for you.

 I’ve told you that with most MLM opportunities, you only need 100 people in your down-line to make some $10,000 or more each month.

Most mailing campaigns of this type are done to a mailing list of 5,000 names of hot or warm prospects. And if we just get a 2% response – signed up with you… there’s your 100 customers… and you’re on your way to making your $10,000 a month.

Don’t think that direct mail “don’t work”. It does work. If done right.

You don’t have to mail out all 5,000 names to see if it works for you. You can mail out 25 or 250 or all 5,000.

The right kind of letter to the right list is magic when it come to sales, profits, income and a better life.

The wrong letter to the wrong list is a waste of time and money.

I talked to a network marketer the other day who snidely said “Direct mail doesn’t work… I used to own a restaurant and I used direct mail and it just don’t work.”

He couldn’t hear what I was saying.

I’m saying YES the right letter works to the right list. His mailing effort for his old restaurant did not work… why?… I don’t know, we didn’t go over it.

But even a restaurant can find direct mail profitable if they use the right letter to the right list.

(HINT: I can get the mailing list of everyone who’s going to have a birthday coming up soon… and the people on that list would really respond to a special offer from a restaurant to come have the party there.)

(SECOND HINT: I had a client, years ago, who would “mail like hell” to his own customers’ mailing list to get them to come back and he had tons of REPEAT BUSINESS. Wildly successful.)


Do you get my meaning? … If you don’t have a “marketing plan” for your network marketing business– You’re going to be stuck trying to sell your network opportunity to your family and friends… or stuck making endless cold calls on the telephone. Don’t do that. You’ll get burn out. No good.

Grab your phone… call me.

“I Will Create Your Network Marketing Sales Letter.”

And You Can Use This Sales Letter In Your Network Marketing Business to Become “Filthy Stinking Rich”

Without Alienating Your Family And Friends.”

Here is my number: 801-895-9598

I’ll create a “killer” network marketing sales letter for you. And get you a “killer” mailing list of thousands of names.

When you call… Let’s talk about what network opportunity you’re involved with. Let’s talk about what kind of letter might work for you. Let’s talk about what kind of mailing list would be best for you.

The secret to making this work is the story, the appeal, the benefits, the “reason why”… and mailing out to the right list.

For years and years I lived and breathed direct mail sales letters. Selling everything from water heaters to weekend seminars to high-paid investment advice for various customers and clients… all by direct mail.

I used to look over the fence that “those MLM guys” and wonder what the heck they were doing. I couldn’t figure the whole industry out. Not until I read Yarnell’s book “HOW TO BECOME FILTHY STINKING RICH”…

And not until I discovered that, generally speaking, you only need one-hundred customers or distributors in your down-line… to make some $10,000 a month… then it all made sense to me.

Mark Yarnell was a network marketing man. He knew you MUST reach out beyond family and friends to make any real money in this business. And YES MARK YARNELL USED DIRECT MAIL TO BUILD HIS BUSINESS.

YES, I am a direct mail man. I write sales letters for network marketers. I have taken the time to discover what works and what doesn’t work in network marketing… and how best to BLEND your network marketing message with direct mail marketing.


I’m here to tell you… To get one-hundred people signed up under you… the quickest way is with a direct mail campaign… written in the right kind of way… and mailed to the right kind of mailing list.

Mail 5,000 letters… and you get the action you need to have the 100 customers you need to make this magic happen for you… with an income of some $10,000 per month. Or more.

Once you start getting $10,000.00 per month… your cash flow will go on and on for quite some time.

One network marketer I helped stopped marketing after he got enough downline customers to make some $2,000 per month. And he got $2,000 per month for about 15 years before his income started falling off because his downline fell apart.

Maybe some of them died. Maybe they just moved on. Attrition happens. It’s ok. Just call me and let’s rebuild your downline.

Are you game to talk?

Here is my number: 801-895-9598

I know that direct mail sales letters work. It even works for network marketers. IF you do it in the right kind of way.

One guy using my method was told by his CPA that he would have to quit the network marketing business until his divorce was over.

His wife wanted a divorce. And he was making good money using direct mail to build his network marketing downline. He quit network marketing and went through the divorce totally broke. After it was over, he hit the mail again… and GUESS WHAT… he quickly build his income again and he loves direct mail for his network marketing business. 

This is a special offer to serious MLMer’s who want a real solution to their marketing challenges.

Over the years I have used my direct mail marketing skills to help clients sell millions of dollars worth of products and services in every kind industry you can think of.

I’ve even made a nice chunk of change for myself testing my ideas in various MLM’s. I’m offering to help you solve a real problem. To help you build a downline no matter what MLM you’re involved with.

I know direct mail will work for MLM’s as well as it does for many other kinds of businesses out there. (Remember, I said that even Google uses direct mail.)

I’ve written sales letters for some of the biggest publishers in the country. (Agora and Phillips Publishing, to name two).

I’ve written a bunch of sales letters for two marketers (John Young and Jim Abrams) who were invited to be on Donald Trump’s Apprentice TV show… AS JUDGES.

I’ve written mailing packages for one client that helped him build a customer list of some 10 million names or more.

Now, I can help you market your network marketing opportunity.

It will cost you a small investment of $2,995 to have me write your package and help you get it in the mail. (If you just want coaching, that’s only $495 per month.)

The creative fee to have me write a sales letter for your MLM business is small compared to floundering around trying to sell your opportunity to friends and family.

Network marketing is frustrating without the right marketing strategy.

Don’t let yourself suffer failure and defeat when you could generate lots of money and hardly have to talk to anyone at all.

The goal of getting $10,000 every month for a long, long time… by recruiting about 100 people into your down-line… makes this a reasonable offer.

I’ve been called one of the top ten advertising copywriters in America.

And I didn’t arrived at that level of skill overnight.

I’ve spent many a year studying the science and art of what works and what does not work in direct mail marketing.

I’ve spent millions of dollars of my own and client’s money in testing and proving various selling ideas … measured only by sales and profits… in real world situations. My ads and sales letters were never created to win awards or look fancy with over-the-top graphics. No. My ads and sales letters are created to win sales.

 I’m telling you… you don’t have to wish and hope… for success… in network marketing.

You don’t have to do three-way-calls with your upline guy.

You don’t have suffer the scorn of your family and friends who are sure you’re into some “pyramid” scheme.

Truthfully… Every company, every business is a “pyramid” with the CEO at the top and the workers down below.

You can be smart and let me help you put together a direct mail campaign that you can send out in small batches… until you get a large enough down-line to more or less retire.

You’d be smart to pick up the phone right now… and put my skills to work for you.

The right letter to the right list is magic. I can make that magic happen for you.

I’ve helped others… now it could be your turn.

My services are not expensive.

But I’ll tell you what really is expensive…

·     It’s expensive to do nothing.

·     It’s expensive to run an ad or mailing campaign based on hunch or intuition. Not on time-tested, scientific, proven marketing principals.

·     It’s expensive to run a “little ad” for say $100 that brings you no calls and no sales.

·     It’s expensive to spend hours and hours on the phone chasing after people who resent telemarketers.

My services are cheap by comparison.

Depending on your MLM… I’ll craft a unique, powerful, charming and friendly sales message. A letter that asks the reader to say YES and join with you in the adventure of a lifetime.

And I’ll help you get it in the mail… and get your phone to ring… with buyers, customers and opportunity seekers ready and willing to sign up with you.

Are you game to talk?

I am yours,

Linwood Austin

Phone: 801-895-9598

Linwood Austin– Advertising Writer And Marketing Coach

Direct Response Advertising Man For The Network Marketer

And THANK YOU, in advance… for giving me the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing success.

Here is my number: 801-895-9598


Marketing is everything. Even if you own a hot dog stand. You don’t really own a hot dog stand, you are in the marketing business. And marketing is NOT about having a better hot dog. Marketing is all about finding a HUNGRY CROWD. If you find a HUNGRY CROWD… you can sell mediocre, so-so, hot dogs.

Marketing is about markets.

If you mail out your sales letters to people who are already looking for an income opportunity, THEY will be more likely to buy your income opportunity, your network marketing products and service, your MLM. Call me.


October 30, 2020


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My name is Linwood Austin.

As you may know, I’ve been in the advertising business since 1987.

I got into the business because I used to own a couple of retail shoe stores in the early 80’s.

And I had to advertise. But for the life of me, I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY to make my ads effective.

I used to get a knot in the pit of my stomach when I knew the ad rep from the TV or Newspaper or Radio was due to show up tomorrow at 2 P.M.

In fact, I used to have to go on an hour-long walk before the media rep showed up. I would argue with myself about whether or not to spend all that money in advertising.

I knew I SHOULD advertise to get new business… but what do I say?

It was tormenting. So, I started to read every advertising book I could find at the library and buy every advertising book I could find at Barnes and Noble.

Then… I started to talk to “Advertising Agencies”. And they basically said “Mr. Austin, if you spend enough money in advertising, we’ll help you spend it.”

They were kinda useless. They did NOT know what to say or how to approach advertising.

After a while, I knew more about advertising than they did. They did not have any books in their office about advertising techniques. Can you believe it?

Along about 1987 I got divorced from a woman who had lots of problems. She got the equity in the 5 houses we owned and the equity in the retail businesses.

BUT… I got a 5-gallon bucket of pennies and my old red, chevy pick-up truck and “my mind”. So I won.

Naturally, since I finally knew a bit “direct response” advertising… I quickly and easily pick up a few advertising clients. And it was “off to the races.”

Since those days I’ve been creating advertising and marketing (online and offline) that has generated millions of dollars in sales and profits.

Some of my clients used my marketing to generate as many as 10 million customers buying a $39 product.

Some used my marketing to fill up conference rooms to hear a 3-hour sales pitch for a $12,000/per year product and they got some 1,600 customers out of it.

Two of my clients actually made it to Donald Trump’s Apprentice TV show-as judges.

Quite a few of my clients have been household names across America.

At one time… I had more full-page ads (each ad had at least 1,000 words) in the USAToday, the Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily, than any other advertising writer in the world.

I’ve been called one of America’s top 10 copywriters.

MY SECRET: I base all my advertising on two BIG ideas:


Most ads, web sites, emails and marketing efforts do not really “serve” the prospect with anything, much less the information, testimonials, story-appeal, guarantees, “reasons why”, etc. needed, to get them to buy and buy NOW.

And, most ads, web sites, emails, and marketing efforts are certainly starved for “benefits”.

Oh, they might list some features of whatever-it-is they are selling. But “benefits”… NO… most ads are too lazy to outline benefits.

So, I spend my time trying to preach to anyone who will listen… that they need preach BENEFITS, BENEFITS, BENEFITS.

SIMPLE EXAMPLE: No one buys the “paint” on a car… but everyone BUYS the beauty of the car.

(Paint is a feature, Beauty is the benefit.)

No one “buys” a drill bit, but they “buy” a hole in the wall.

(The drill bit IS a feature, the hole in the wall or door, is the real benefit.)

ONE MORE THOUGHT: It’s important: Advertising and marketing are not the only things that make a business hum along smoothly. There’s management of time, employees, vendor relations, customer loyalty. There’s the creation of systems and procedures so that you can turn your business into a “money-making machine” freeing up your time. There’s accounting, capital structure, written business and marketing plans. And let’s not forget the VITAL importance of DAILY checking the numbers to see who’s winning in this game; accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, cost of goods, bank and credit card reconciliations, etc.

As you can see, I’ve been at this for years.

Yes, I write copy, but I can also be persuaded to sign up with you as your business coach.

I can be like a “one-man board of directors”… giving you a fresh set of highly trained business eyeballs.


Below is my phone number. I can do skype too.

Feel free to call me most anytime, to chat about your business, your marketing or how crazy life can be.

Sincerely yours,

Linwood Austin

PHONE: 801-895-9598

October 25, 2019


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FARMERSI grew up on a 700-acre farm in Virginia. Somehow I grew up thinking farmers were stupid and all the guys who wore neckties were smart.

I couldn’t wait to get off the farm. One thing led to another and I became an advertising “professional” for some 30 years.

With a low tolerance for boredom, I thought the ad business was the place to be. Challenging. Demanding. Rewarding. The ultimate home for “creativity.”

But over the years, I’ve rediscovered farming/gardening and now I know, the necktie guys got nuthin’ on farmers.

Farmers actually have to be smarter, more creative, more industrious than any real estate broker, insurance agent, ad man, software programmer, shopkeeper university professor or central banking money printer.

The farmer can get along without all those guys, but those guys would croak without the farmer.

Farmers have to factor in and deal with weather, worms, decomposition, soil biology, timing, animal mating behavior, timing, marketing, angry neighbors and stupid regulators. Not to mention chemical fertilizer salesmen who want you to mortgage the farm to use their nasty product.

All said, I’d say farmers must be more creative than advertising pros, with more at stake.

I’m not saying you should up and leave your necktie job and become a farmer straight away. But there is a hellava lot of things you can learn from backyard gardening. Or even window sill plants for that matter.

There are some great teachers out there in the farming/gardening universe. Curtis Stone, Joel Salatin, Elliott Coleman, Bob Carnard. And let’s not forget the cattle farmers, Greg Judy, Allan Savory and Ian Mitchell-Innes.

With topics like “NO TILL” farming, and “MOB GRAZING” you’ll see that farming is more brains than brawn.

Listen, you can only turn so many farms into ticky-tacky condos and skyrise office buildings before things break down.

The supply of life and vitality seems to always move from the rural farming area into the big city. The city produces paperwork. The farm produces enjoyment.

I don’t know where I’m going with this rambling post. There’s no call to action, other than get your hands dirty.

There’s nothing you “must” do, other than realize how dependent we all are on someone way down the road, doing things that we don’t do, to make it all work.

Farmers, it turns out are not stupid. Not as stupid as the paper-pushers of our world. They are so smart, so productive, we all get to abuse the hell out of them, ignore them, take them for granted, and abuse them some more. Until the day they say “Fuck it, grow your own.”

Then you will get your hands dirty. But it will be good for your soul.

October 24, 2019

Can a highly skilled direct response copywriter, also be your business coach?

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Yes, if that copywriter also had experience as a business owner. In fact, the blend might be the best of all worlds.
Of course I’m talking about myself, right? Why else do we all hang out ’round this internet water cooler called “winkedin”.
If you go over to my profile, you’ll see it’s all about “I can write your advertising copy…” blah, blah, blah.
But you may not know, I got into writing copy BECAUSE I’ve owned my own businesses, and thus I was pressured into figuring out how to make advertising work.
But advertising and marketing are not the only things that make a business hum along smoothly.
There’s management of time, employees, vendor relations, customer loyalty. There’s the creation of systems and procedures so that you can turn your business into a “money-making machine” freeing up your time.
There’s accounting, capital structure, written business and marketing plans.
And let’s not forget the VITAL importance of DAILY checking the numbers to see who’s winning in this game; accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, cost of goods, bank and credit card reconciliations, etc.
Yes, I write copy, but I can be persuaded to sign up with you as your business coach.——————
After all, increasing profits through good advertising is one thing, avoiding losses through proper management is another.
Example: I had a client in LA, a large plumbing business, about 100 trucks on the road every day, he was losing about $7,000 dollars a year on every truck, in lost or stolen or wasted inventory, parts and supplies, and didn’t know it, until truck inventory systems were created, monitored, and put to use.
Now he gives his plumbers a bonus if they follow the system. And they pay a price if they don’t.
100 trucks means this client FOUND $700,000 a year by plugging one leak in his business.
Sometimes, you need a “board of directors” but you’re not big enough to pay for one. Well, maybe I can help.
Let’s talk.

October 23, 2019


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First of all, you have to know that folks buy ONLY to get benefits. So, it would make sense that you need to make a list of all the benefits someone might receive.
Then you must remember that benefits, generally sound hollow, unless you have facts and features that support the benefits those folk will get. So, make a list of al the supporting features that make the benefits believable.
Now, you must weave your story together so that you present the benefits and the features together in such a way that they want to hear everything.
To help you weave that story, use “connectives” that move your prospect from one thought to the next. Connectives like “That means”, “Plus”, “And”, “You might be wondering”, etc.
Finally, you must bring in your “CTA” (call to action). If you get them excited about your product or service, tell them what to do to get it.
The reason you want to do all this is that a written sales message that works, works all day long. Not like a commissioned salesmen who gets tired after making 20 phone calls. Your written sales message can sell at 2 o’clock in the morning and still do the selling.
Don’t be afraid of a long-winded message. Why? Because prospects, not “people”, are hungry for information. They need it to buy.

October 22, 2019


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  • Regarding..my method of building a downline using direct mail… hell yes, it works.

    Don’t tell anyone but even the famous Mark Yarnell was all about direct mail.

    He reveals it in his MLM book: How to Become Filthy Stinking Rich In Network Marketing.



Do you want help building downlines with direct mail strategies?

September 3, 2019

MLM creates more millionaires that any other industry, since 1990.

I learned some time ago, that a fellow visited with a ton of CPA’s to find out which business was the most profitable.

He was surprised to discover that NETWORK MARKETERS were some of the biggest clients of these CPA’s.

Imagine that!

Not lawyers. Not doctors. But MLMers.

Ain’t that a hellava thing?

PLEASE NOTE: there is way to build a very profitable MLM business without burning out your family and friends.

Leave a comment, I’ll send you some info.

LinwoodScreen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.51.46 AM

July 9, 2019


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  • I just picked up a 30-year old book off my shelf about Business-To-Business Marketing mixed with Direct Marketing.
  • I’ve had it for years. But it reminded me of this…
  • Most B2B marketers lean on salesmen – they pay some 20% commission to sales people. Most salespeople are mostly on their own when it comes to generating leads.
  • .. how much more powerful AND PROFITABLE… if you BLEND in direct marketing with your B2B marketing.
  • Direct marketing seeks to PRE-SELL the prospect even before they call your company. It does the selling long before your salesman talks to them.
  • Direct marketing uses powerful selling messages, story-appeal, guarantees, benefits, benefits, benefits, NLP, calls-to-action, proof of benefits, testimonials, etc.
  • You see… most folks don’t want to talk to a salesman. But they “feel” no one is “selling” them if you tell them a “selling story” in print (online or offline)… they “feel” they are just doing research about a possible purchase. And I must tell you… people will not read “long winded” sales messages…. but PROSPECTS WILL.
  • In fact, a prospect will read any amount of advertising copy as long as it’s interesting and helpful.
  • Pretend for a moment… that YOU are a prospect for a safari trip to Africa. Don’t you have lots of questions? Guaranteed, you’ll read a “long-winded” travel ad about a trip to Africa. People won’t. But prospects will.
  • I can create the B2B “direct marketing” the will get buyers calling your company PRE-SOLD. Your salesmen will be thrilled. And your bank account will swell.
  • Let’s talk.
  • Linwood
  • Phone: 801-895-9598

July 8, 2019


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Now you can RENT your clothes.
What a bad omen of things to come.
In times gone by, we had an old phrase; “He’d give you the shirt off his back”. It meant the guy was kind.
But now, what if you don’t own “the shirt on your back”, you’re just renting it?
Bad omen.
You don’t own your house, your car, and now your clothes?
You’re making payments on it all?
Bad omen.
You’ve become, essentially, a slave to the credit card-banking system.
And if you fall behind on your underwear payment?
Will the repo-man hunt you down and take back those panties?
Ya know Deutsche Bank is in the news, as a bankrupt bank. (THE FIRST DOMINO?)
Just how much credit can we stand before it all falls apart and we have to start over and the guy selling shirts and eggs says, “NO CREDIT, COD (cash on delivery) ONLY.
Throughout history… if you study that sort of thing… every credit expansion has been followed by an equal credit contraction.
Good luck out there.Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 6.02.31 AM

June 15, 2019

I think linkedin is more about self-improvement than about business.

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I think linkedin is more about self-improvement than about business. There are more posts about retarded, feel-good bromides … than posts about say, balance sheets and financial statements.

And I guess that would make sense, since business owners, managers and top-level folks would be too busy to hang around here and post shit.

I post there because I’m a damn fool. I’m there competing with cute dog videos, so-called consultants and some guy name Oleg.

I don’t know why you come here (Linkedin). If you want business from LI, you need to connect with the right target market, and then message them with some clever, enthusiastic, info about your services or product line. (I can write those, ya know.)

If you actually run a business that does $1 to $5 million in sales, we need to talk. I want to introduce you to Steve Ike. He’s one of the few consultants out there who can look at your financial statements and tell you how to improve your business from 6 angles at once.

If you’re just a worker bee, on break, checking LI for fun, tag any business owner or top-level guy you know, so they can see this message. Who knows, it might benefit you in the long run if there is more Christmas bonus money to go around.

Linwood Austin


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