Diary of an Ad Man

June 15, 2019


In all my years of writing ad copy, I’ve only had one client who told me “YOUR COPY IS NOT LONG ENOUGH.”
Come a little closer, I want to tell you something about this guy…
…He was perhaps the smartest marketer I’ve ever met.
He knew the truth… that “people” will not read all that ad copy… but “people” and “prospects” are not the same things. You see, “prospects” are damn hungry for information, and THEY will read any amount of ad copy, as long as it’s interesting and helpful.
A lot of clients initially told me my copy was “too long” and I had to put them in a choke hold, till they tapped out and admitted that we want BUYERS and long copy works.
But this guy… wanted more copy. He was smart. When you’ve got money on the table, you want to give prospects every reason to buy, don’t hold anything back. You just don’t know all the buying-resistance-crap that is swirling ’round in their head.
Information leads to positive buying reactions.
The lack of information leads to building a “worst case” story of imagination in their head.
PROOF: If you’re advertising an office space for rent. And your ad says “OFFICE SPACE $500 A MONTH” and that’s all… folks can sure make up a story about why it’s so cheap, or so expensive. We all assume the worst with a lack of info.

June 13, 2019

A Wonderful TJ Ad.

TJ's old mag adThis is a TJ ad. I’ve followed his work off and on for many years. There was an opening line in one of his sales letters that I JUST LOVED…and I borrowed it from time to time to use in sales letters that I wrote…
The line was…
“This is T.J. writing to you again.”
I just love that line. Why? Because even if you’ve never received a letter from him before… the phrase (“writing to you again”) makes you “feel” a connection, makes you think you’ve missed out on something, makes you think, ‘Wow, I don’t remember him writing to me before, but maybe this is important, maybe this is a second chance, maybe the universe is looking out and trying to tell me something.’
The phrase is BRILLIANT. Hats off to TJ.
Keep in mind of course, that that phrase alone won’t increase your sales, you’ll need a complete sales argument for that. But, the phrase drives the reader deeper into the letter to see what’s going on. What it’s all about.
On my profile page, on Linkedin, I put a PDF of all 31 advertising triggers you can use to boost sales. Go check it out. If you’re like TJ you can use my “triggers” to write your own ads. But you know in your heart that writing great ad copy is a pain in the ass. If you want me to write your ad copy, reach out…


Way back, in the 80’s, I started my ad agency. I knew nothing really about the “ad agency business”. But I knew how to make ads based on direct response methods.
Someone, in the business told me, “You need a car dealer as a client, they spend money on advertising.”
So, I picked up the phone and called all the car dealers within 3 counties. 33 dealers as I recall.
Mrs. Gatekeeper NEVER put me through to Mr. Big. And Mr. Big, never returned my call. So, I was kinda pissed. “I’m Linwood Austin, how dare they not return MY call”.
I had my pride, you see.
So, I sat down and wrote 12 letters about advertising. Each letter focused on a different area of advertising; newspaper, TV, radio, etc.

I mailed them all a letter every 3 days.

I never got past the 8th letter before I had more ad agency work from car dealers than I knew what to do with.

Listen, that’s why I recommend you do much the same with linkedin, facebook or any other platform, IF you are selling B2B.
I have personal experience with this, and I’m betting you’ll do well with it too.

If you want me to write those 12 letters for you, let me know.

Phone: 801-895-9598

April 14, 2016


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When you write letters to get new customers, new sales, and increased profits… well, that’s one thing.

Why? Because markets change. Products change. Vendors change. Times change. And broadly speaking, a good sales letter, web site or print ad will have a shelf life of maybe one year.

NOTE: I’ve create some marketing sales letters that were used by clients for 7 years or more. That’s pretty good. But uncommon.

But there is one letter YOU MUST WRITE… that can be used for some 20 years or more. What is it? Just this….


This is a letter you send to each and every buyer, which tells them how smart they are to buy your product or service. It’s especially important if you sell a high-ticket item.

Why do you want to send out this letter?

Because it cuts down on refund requests. It also makes folks feel good about buying from you.

And quite often, once someone buys your product, they finally want more REASONS WHY they bought it. They bought it for the benefits your product offers… of course… but once they buy it, often the wife or the neighbor or the boss… will ask them –“Why did you buy that?”

And once someone asks that question, they want ammo… they want to be able to rattle off all the reasons WHY they bought it… so they look smart… instead of stuttering and begin doubting why they bought it.

Another reason you need a POST PURCHASE REASSURANCE LETTER is this… you can use the letter to up-sell, cross sell, or resell them.

Face it, marketing is more than just getting a customer. It’s often about KEEPING a customer. And getting customers to REFER your business to others.

You can write this letter for yourself. Or you can get me to write it for you.

The cost? Hmmmmm… How about I create a POST PURCHASE REASSURANCE letter for you for the low, low price of $995.

In order to do a good job on this letter, I’ll have to ask you a few questions about yourself, your product, your service, your goals, etc.

Then, I will weave together a letter that compliments your customer and reassures them that they made the right decision to buy from you.

Are you game to do this… ?

Let’s talk.

Linwood Austin




PS this price is good for 10 days only. Hurry. Call me.

April 8, 2016




Here is what I told a big shot Venture Capitalist about why he was getting no results with his online marketing. This message could apply to many, many web site owners and marketers. That’s why you should read this entire message. It may contain the key to a new level of profits for your business in a quick way.

Please pass this special report on to any web site owner you know.

FROM: Marketing Consultant and direct response copywriter Linwood Austin

Dear Friend,

I SAID TO THE GUY– How long have you had your web site up and running? One year? Two years? Five years?

You know in your heart it’s just not doing the trick for you, right?

You know something is wrong… but what?

You know that somewhere… there has to be someone who can figure this stuff out.

FIND THE MAN… is what you’re secretly screaming out every time you have to talk to your “web site developer”… or computer graphics hack.

FIND THE MAN… is what you want to do every time you see some post on LinkedIn or industry trade journal that half-way hints that someone might know something about “SEO”… or “Hi, I’m from Pakistan, I’m here to help you”…

You know you want to scream… WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?

Your web site sucks. It looks good BUT It’s not bringing you the cash you know it should.

Your web site sucks. You’ve got a bazillion competitors jacking around trying to white hat and black hat google for rankings and traffic.

Your web site sucks… you’re tempted to BUY traffic… but you check the PPC bid per click and the prices seem OUTRAGEOUS!!!

(HINT: Some prices for PPC are OUTRAGEOUS. For example: There are some search terms that you must pay north of $20 or more for. $20 for a click is way too much for some marketing situations. Let’s say you have a budget of $1,000. And you pay $20 per click… you’re only going to get 50 peeps—50 sets of eyeballs looking at your site. BUT—BUT—BUT—if you use that $1,000 advertising budget in a direct mail campaign… and it cost you in postage, printing, paper, etc. $1 per piece mailed out… you’re going to get 1,000 people to see your sales message, not a mere 50 from that spicy PPC campaign.)

(DOUBLE HINT: Go back and read that paragraph again. It’s important.)

Do you want to know the truth ABOUT your web site marketing—search engine optimization – and why you’re not making money?

I’m here to tell you.  

If you’re a smart business operator… You should… know EXACTLY why your web site is stuck with no traction… I’m going to tell you and give you the tools you need to fix your web site and to get it ranking HIGHER, HIGHER, HIGHER… THIS will help you get the traffic you want and the sales you want… and live a happier, wealthier life.

Here’s the deal.

I provide a unique and powerful analytical service that breaks down everything you need to know about your site.  See for yourself what is working in your favor and what is hurting your sales. I’ll tell you all the things your ‘web site developer’ cannot or will not tell you.

I tell you what’s broken so you can fix it. I tell you what’s working exceedingly well so you can do more of it.

I provide this service for an amazing low price for all you’re going to get.

In a moment, I’ll tell you some of what you’re going to get and why it’s important. I’m going to use some terms you might not understand… but wade through it all. It’s vitally important that you stop what you’re doing and give me permission to look at your site and give you report after report… telling you what’s going on and why.

Nothing could be more important than getting your site analyzed right now. Profits are at stake. Income is on the line. Competition is not out to “play fair”. Yes, everyone wants what would seem to be like an “unfair advantage”.

I’ll give you that advantage. But first I want a commitment from you that you’re going to put the information to use and actually CHANGE things NOW.

I’m going to analyze your site and give you six reports.

#1. The first report gives you a STRUCTURE Audit of your site.

#2. The second report shows you a BACKLINK Analysis of your web site.

#3. The third report gives you a Keywords Analysis, their rankings, and visibility across the universe of the web.

The next three reports will be all about your keywords… your adwords… what kind of competition you’re facing from your competitors… what kind of prices others are having to pay for them.. and how many monthly searches are being made for each keyword you target. These three reports use the same information…but each one is sorted and ranked so you can quickly and easily see for yourself HOW you need to focus your time “blogging”, updating your site, making videos and using social media for every keyword… PLUS

…You can also see if you want to BID on various keywords… compared to what your competitors are bidding… or compared to how much you might pay in a DIRECT MAIL campaign OR other marketing efforts.

You see… I don’t have any “skin in the game” like your web site developer does. I’m an advertising man. I’m an old school direct response advertising copywriter. That means IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT MEDIUM YOU USE… as long as it pays off with ROI (Return On Investment)— that makes sense to you. If you use Billboards…I don’t care. If you use direct mail… I don’t care. If you use PPC… fine. If you use so-called “word-of-mouth”… that‘s OK by me. As long as you’re getting a decent price on—COST PER LEAD and COST PER SALE. That is the only “cost of advertising” that really means anything. Cost per lead and cost per sale.

OK… This is an unusual service that hardly anyone else will do for you. Mostly because no one knows how. Nor do they know WHY it’s important.

It’s important because we want to help you prevent throwing money down a rat hole and turn our whole marketing budget into a MONEY MAKING MACHINE… a marketing budget that’s an ASSET… not just a EXPENSE.

Before I explain more about what will be in your reports… let me say this…

If you don’t do this… if you don’t hire me to snoop around your web site… you’re silly and foolish. You’re condemning yourself to go on flushing more and more money down that stinky rat hole called “internet marketing”… And “search engine optimization”.

I think we’re all done with the “fad” aspect of internet marketing. It’s time now to make the web pay up or shut up. Give me the opportunity to peek under the skirts of your site and give you a complete sketch of what’s going on under there.

The cost to you is a measly $1,495. I can’t guarantee you’re gonna like what you see. I’m not going to pussy-foot around with you. I’m going to show and tell you what’s hurting your site… warts and all.

The valuable thing about this service is this— you’ll know exactly what to tackle first to fix things to make your site start SKYROCKETING in the search engines… and start making you some FRESH, NEW money.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not going to analyze THE MESSAGE of your site. I’m just going to analyze the way google and the other spiders see your site. If your message converts the visitor to cash… that’s WONDERFUL… but that’s not the purpose of this unique analytical service. We can talk about that later. But for now.


FIRST, I will go look at your web site… and analyze it 52 ways from Sunday. And I’ll give you a complete report showing you what no one else will show you. Not even your web site developer.

(Why won’t he/she show you? Because you might just FIRE THEM… when you are armed with the knowledge of how bad your site really is.)

VITAL POINT: I’ll tell you everything you need to know about YOUR SITE—the good, the bad, the very, very UGLY.

I’ll look at your structure… your PR rank… your Alexa rank… your Compete.com traffic… your DMOZ listings. And more.

I’ll check your domain internet bookmarks…. Your domain social mention popularity.

I’ll look at your CRAWL STATISTICS… and see what google sees, what yahoo sees, what bing sees.

Are your web pages “available to crawl”… or do the search spiders choke on the errors in your site?? I’ll tell you what percentage of pages on your site are good and what is dragging you down.

I’ll tell you if you have missing code… tags that are too long… duplicate pages…duplicate content… or lousy descriptions that push visitors away.
I’ll tell you if you have restricted and broken rules on your server… and more.

I’ll tell you how many errors and how many warnings your site has.

I’ll tell you which pages on your site have good PR or lousy PR rankings.

Do you have “follow” links all over your site… or “no-follow” links? You should know this.

Valid links? Or broken links?

And speaking of links… how many links have FULL SEO value? And how many are useless?

Do some links pointing to your site come from a domain that hurt you by association? It’s possible.

Exactly how many pages show a 404 or 500 server error?

Do you have backlinks from unique domains? If so, how many?

Are backlinks coming to you from sites that are old enough? One year? Two years? Five years old? You’ll want to pay attention to all of this. It’s vital to your present and future cash flow.

What part of the world are your backlinks coming from? China? The USA? Canada? Russia? Turkey? It could be very important to your ranking, your traffic and your cash flow.

Are your backlinks coming from DOT COMs… or some other domain type? You should know. Google knows. And they care. – Better believe they care.

Now what about your IMAGE links? Do they have winning descriptions?

Are the links in your site DOfollow or NOfollow?  If you don’t know – I will show you…and show you why it’s important.

Next—we gotta research all of the ANCHOR TEXTs connected to the links coming to your site. Understanding your ANCHOR TEXTs and the right way to use them holds more keys to your success.

Which leads us to check out the KEYWORDS in your backlink anchors. What are they and what do they prove to Google about you?

Stop… take a deep breath. Because NOW we need to look at your top back links by their LINK VALUE. Are they helping or hurting you? Is there any “link juice” to be squeezed by these links… or do we throw up our hands in disgust?

And what about the top linking domains? Do they have any real link value?

After all that… then we must break down YOUR KEYWORD RANKINGS and understand how much VISIBILITY they provide you…compared to your competition.

SO—We’ll give you a report of your keywords’ VISIBILITY in the search engines.

Total visibility and current visibility.

Next, we’ll show you HOW you’re looking in the Top Search Engines as to ranking in the first 30 results.  You’re as good as dead on page 2 and 3 of the search results.  The competition for web site ranking is furious and there’s a ton of money being left on the table if you simply sit and wonder.

Line by line… we’ll show you the keywords you ARE ranking for… and whether or not you’re even in the top 100 of BING, GOOGLE or YAHOO.

Is that enough? Hang on… there’s more.

We’re going to take the trouble of giving you THREE SPECIAL REPORTS all about your keywords… ranked and sorted by AVERAGE MONTHLY SEARCHES… how much COMPETITION you have for the keyword… AND  what they are BIDDING for each keyword in a PAY PER CLICK environment.

Listen… this is one “hellava” service you’re getting for the small investment on your part of $1,495. You could waste that much money in 75 minutes on $20 pay per clicks… on a limited budget… and still be WASTING, WASTING, WASTING… precious time and money… with a site that is BOUNCING/ANNOYING your visitors as it just wasn’t what they wanted to see. Bounce rates can kill your chances of ranking.

Listen… let’s say we find 100 things wrong and you just fix 50 of them… or maybe even 10 of them… I’m telling you… that could be enough to launch you into a new level of cash, sales and income–FAST.

This service — dear serious marketer — is vital to your online marketing future.

You’ll get all six reports, PLUS… an hour of my time to go over the reports with you… to help you understand what each item means to you and to google and the search engines.

And if… after you get the reports… and you let me explain what it all means… we can discuss how you might fix and improve things. I’m open to helping you in any way I can.

Are you ready to do this?

I don’t offer this to a wide audience. And I don’t have it automated like some “CLICKBANK” affiliate product. No way. There is too much hand-work and real BRAIN POWER needed to give you this type of breakdown. So you’ll have to call me to see if I’m available right now to give you an analysis of your web site. And I’ll have to check to see if one of my clients is your competitor already. First come, first served ya know.

If you have a decent product, not some shady deal… and if I’m free to give you my time in this manner… I’ll block out some time for you. And you can pay by check, Paypal or Credit card. And we’ll get started right away.

Remember, I don’t care if you use internet marketing or old school offline marketing… I just want you to be successful in your marketing efforts. There’s no reason in the world to waste any more time or money screwing around with web site marketing if you’ve got dozens of things wrong that NEED TO BE FIXED NOW.

Listen. Give me the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing success. Let me take a look at your site and show you what’s wrong. I don’t need a password… or anything like that. I just need the name of your site…. And your check… and I’ll snoop around like the search engine spiders… and tell you what Google, Bing and Yahoo plus what the other bots see.

Then… you can make the fixes and changes that could bring in THOUSANDS OF FRESH new customers and visitors… and THOUSANDS OF FRESH new dollars in sales and profits.

After we give you the reports… you’ll have 30 days to get your site fixed.  If you do so… we will rerun the analysis and see if your site is working as it should,  or as you have been promised by your ‘web site developer guy’.  That means we’ll check under the skirts of your site again… to make sure you’re making real progress.


I’m Linwood Austin

Advertising man and direct response copywriter.

And I’m excited about your future.




December 23, 2008

Getting High Ticket Buyers To Demand A Presentation

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“If You Sell Big Ticket Items In A Narrowly Defined Market Universe—Here Is A Powerful “Two-Step” or “Three-Step” Marketing System Created By Jim Herst (Now Retired) That Gives You Hot Prospects Begging For An Appointment With You. This Can Boost Your Sales By 30% To 3,000% Within 29 Days From This Coming Friday. Let Me Explain.”

Dear Business-To-Business Marketer ,

You’ve probably never heard of Jim Herst. But, to tell you the truth, he’s probably never heard of you either. But the name Jim Herst could be worth Hundreds of Thousands of new dollars to you. Even though he is now retired.

What’s it all about? Just this.

Jim started an unusual business in 1963. Over the years he developed the perfect “Business-to-Business” (B-to-B) marketing technique that has been proven over and over and over again. It has generated sales to the tune of millions of extra dollars to the bottom line.

Now that he has retired, he agreed to jot down his technique and release it to a limited number of smart business operators… who… want to explode sales and profits with a proven system.

Jim’s system is perfect. It’s irresistible. It makes prospects call YOU!!!… almost demanding a sales presentation. It totally eliminates the dreaded “COLD CALL”!

So… If you sell high-ticket items… in a vertical market… in a business-to-business situation… sit up and pay attention. I’m about to change your life forever. Jim’s technique is so simple… yet powerful… you’ll shake your head in amazement… and run to the bank with the money you’ll make from sales you would have surely missed.

Here’s the deal:

Jim’s technique has been tested in every “B-to-B” scenario and situation. If you sell printing, big ticket machinery, packaging equipment… if you sell high-end professional services, if you supply inventory, advice, advertising, legal services, affinity memberships… If you sell to retailers, wholesalers, mass distributors of any kind and every kind… Then, this is for you.

If you need to get an audience beyond the gatekeeper and direct to the decision maker… and if you need to soften them up to be magically receptive to your presentation… stop what you doing and get this system in your hands.

But, before we go on, I have to be perfectly honest with you. This is the real deal. There is not a drop of filler in this special report. In fact it is only two pages long. But I swear on Oprah Winfrey’s every changing pants size that this will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your annual sales.

Measured Cash!!!

My name is Linwood Austin. I’ve been in the marketing business for 25 years. I’ve studied marketing systems and techniques dating back to the 1890’s. I have a library full of reports of split-run, real, live marketing tests, with the results measured in CASH, not in popularity or opinion. Most of those tested, proven marketing ideas are based in the consumer market. Not the B-to-B market. Why? Because if you can make something work in the consumer market, there are millions of buyers to be had, so it was worth the time and expense to codify proven techniques. Once the test results are known on a small scale, roll out could cover entire regions of the country.

Business-To-Business Is Different!!!

But business-to-business marketing is different. Your market is limited to a few buyers who give you HUGE ORDERS all at once. For example: if you make a special lubricant to keep molded metal machine parts from sticking together during manufacturing… your target audience might be the only six manufactures of motorcycles in the world. So, most of what has been discovered marketing to consumers, might be useless to you.

I know both worlds. Consumer marketing and B-to-B marketing. Nothing can match the two-pages of condensed information you are about to receive from Jim Herst’s years in this industry.

Over the course of my two decades selling B-to-B I’ve accidentally used Jim’s techniques several times. But I was too busy to see that this method could be codified and duplicated with very little effort. In fact, when Jim recently shared this info with me, I picked up the idea again and WHAMMO… I spent 41¢ on a postage stamp and got more business than I can actually handle at the moment.

The good news is, Jim lays out this amazing technique step-by-step and line-by-line.

Just follow the program revealed on Jim’s two sheets of paper and magic happens, if you’re selling big-ticket items.

Who should do this?

You should… if you’re the business owner.

You should… if you’re the sales manager.

You should… if you have a sales team that needs hot prospects calling them for an appointment.

You should… even if you’re just starting a business selling “B-to-B”

When Jim showed me this system recently, I instantly saw that it would give any business an almost unfair advantage over the competition. Not matter who the competition is. This technique leans heavy on Nuero-Linguistic Programming. It leans heavy on a subtle, but powerful “bond-building” technique. It engenders trust, rapport, and a stealth “likeability” between you and your prospective buyer.

This technique works on old clients who haven’t bought from you in a while… and it works on new clients who are about to make a purchasing decision.

If you’re into consumer sales… selling low-ticket items like chewing gum or lemonade… diet pills or how-to books… one item at a time… this method will not work for you.

You must be selling big-ticket items with enough profit margin that it makes sense to use this method. Why? Because this method requires two… or three steps to complete. The whole process takes anywhere from 6 days to three weeks to show a result. This technique will get you an audience with prospective buyers, guaranteed. If fact, I’m so sure you’ll be thrilled with this technique I guarantee you’ll be addicted to this method until the day you retire. (Which might be sooner than you imagined, if what I’m saying is true.) This is “relationship selling” in its purest form.

What you are about to receive is copyrighted material. You may use it for yourself and your company. But you may not share this technique with anyone outside your organization by any means, electronic or printed. Jim is serious about this. He’s got some mean, nasty legal boys on his team. And they have nothing better to do than generate those annoying lawsuits on those who don’t play by the rules.

Easy Money!!!

Jim has used this very technique for over four decades to generate tons of cash for his company. His company is called Performance Source Inc. He was a pioneer in debt management for companies who had tons of unpaid invoices. His service was a “big-ticket” item. One client could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to him. He had to find the quickest and easiest way to get in front of “Mr. Decision Maker”. This is the method he used. He used the same method over and over again with the same expected results. Year in and year out, it worked. And it’s easy to do. And I want to put Jim’s method into your hot little hands.

Listen. If you’re running any kind of sales operation… selling anything beyond an “impulse” purchase… you’re likely going to spend many, many, many thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing costs PLUS many, many thousands of dollars “training” your sales staff. This could cut your advertising and marketing costs to perhaps $10 or $20 bucks a year… to get the same results.

Since Jim is now retired, I’ve asked him to let me offer his technique to a wider audience in the B-to-B community. Jim is not a cheap date. These two-pages of densely packed, profit-boosting information will cost you a cool, clean, $1,000. Is it worth it? You bet it is.

Get Customers PRE-Warmed Up!!!

Jim cuts though years of hunch or guess work as to how to get in front of Mr. or Mrs. GotBucks. If you want to make a presentation to the business owner or the purchasing agent, this is the method. If you want to have them PRE-WARMED UP… so that they are more likely to say YES, and buy from you… this is the method. Using Jim’s method will only cost you at most one or two postage stamps. Sometimes, you just need to leave a very specific voice mail. Jim reveals all. He leaves nothing up to chance. He even reveals the EXACT TIME to send this piece of mail, or leave this voice mail. And what EXACTLY TO SAY to put the technique to work.

Cleverly Jim calls his system The Perceptive Selling Initiative. (PSI). Remember, it’s only 2-sheets of paper. But these two sheets of paper will land you thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of contracts, purchases, and sales and profits… for anything you are selling… as long as you’re in a vertical market with a high end product or service.

I’ve been running a direct-response advertising agency for 20 years. I’ve seen far too many business throw money down one rat hole after another on half-baked schemes… based on nothing more than hunch or intuition. But using Jim’s method… I’m telling you… most companies could cut their advertising budget to almost ZERO…. and still make more sales than a competitor who may have a superior product or service. It’s that powerful.

You may be wondering…

Why does his method work so well? Because Jim’s system takes the focus OFF OF YOU. Instead it focuses entirely on your prospective buyer’s universe, your prospective buyer’s needs and your’ prospective buyer’s immediate desires. You’ll see.

Some folks may think it’s crazy for me to sell 2-sheets of paper for $1,000. If you think it’s crazy, think about this… inside these two sheets of paper, Jim gives you 7 sales letter templates or voice mail scripts you can use to put this method into immediate action. If you were to hire ME to write seven letters for you, and seven voice mail scripts, you’d be looking at a cost of $20,000 at least.

So… this, my dear friend, is one heck-of-a-deal. Seven letters/voice mail message templates… plus the logic and theory behind them and why they work in this situation!!!

Crazy or not… allow me to add another element to this offer IN YOUR FAVOR. YOU RISK NOTHING TO CHECK IT OUT.

Just post-date your check for 30 days. I’ll rush Jim’s Perceptive Selling Initiative system to you and I won’t cash your check until you have the system in your hands and see for yourself that this really is the selling system you knew in your heart had to exist somewhere. This is it.

If you’re still reading, you know you want this system. There are no added bonuses to entice you further to take action. I don’t think you’ll need them. If you’re a wise business operator, you’ll see the wisdom of this small investment and the big rewards it could give you. Plus, there is no commitment to buy anything more. Just these two sheets of densely typed paper revealing what I consider the ultimate B-to-B marketing breakthrough technique ever discovered.

No Risk To You

If you’ don’t agree, send the system back and I’ll return your un-cashed check. No questions asked. If you’ve been looking for a way to boost sales in your company, for yourself or your sales crew… I’m sure you’ll see this as the perfect system to turn a few stamps… or a few voice mails… into hundreds of thousands of dollars in orders… in no time flat.

Don’t delay. This is a limited offer. This letter is a marketing test and we must hear from you within 5 days from this coming Friday or the deal is off.

Jim has graciously agreed to let me offer his selling system to you. And the least you can do is make up your mind quickly about the health and financial well being of your company.

No one can force you to change the way you do business. But if you’re are tired of struggling to make things happen… and you are tired of the frustrating results of your current selling “system” or worse yet… you don’t have a “system”…. You owe it to yourself and your company to take a peek at this tried and true profit boosting method to get prospective buyers calling you for a “belly-button to belly-button” presentation.

Plus…If, after you get Jim’s system in your hands, you still want to talk about your marketing needs, call me. I’m not hidden behind a wall of secretaries. Here is my cell number: 801-201-9026.

I’ll be glad to think aloud about your situation and contribute to your ongoing success. I love marketing. I love advertising. I love consumer marketing and B-to-B marketing. I’ve seen it all and this is the best B-to-B marketing technique anyone could discover.

And it’s yours if you’ll just stop what you’re doing and send me the reply form below. I wish you all the best in the coming days.

Yours for greater success,

Linwood Austin, Copywriter

P.S. Once in a blue moon, something so important comes along that it requires your immediate attention. If you are selling in a competitive B-to-B situation, this is one of those “moons”. Get your hands on Jim Herst’s system. You won’t regret it. I promise.

Clip And Mail—— INSIDER ACCESS FORM—————-

_____YES! I want Jim’s complete system of selling my product/service in a “business-to-business” environment. Enclosed is my check for $1,000… post-dated for 30-days to make sure I’m thrilled with this insider information. If I’m not thrilled, I’ll return the system within 30 days and get my check back.
Name: _________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________
Email: _______________________

Make check payable to Linwood Austin.
Send your “Insider Access Form” to
Linwood Austin, 2274 S. 1300 E. #G15, SLC, UT 84106
Phone: 801-201-9026
(c) 2007 Linwood Austin Office Code: 072507

December 4, 2008

How To Become Your Own "Marketing Genius"

Finally Revealed…

How To Become A “Marketing Genius” Even If You’re “Clueless” About Marketing. You Can Use These Ideas And Techniques For Any Kind Of Business, Although They Were Written For “MLM” Marketers. Let Me Explain…

Dear Marketing Buddy,

Linwood Austin here
From: Salt Lake City on a Sunny Afternoon.

If you’re confused about marketing your business in today’s world of “internet marketing”… “direct mail marketing”… “viral marketing”… “TV marketing”… etc…. I have good news for you.

Below you’ll find a link to what I feel is the best “All Around” marketing system you can find today. I’ve had my nose in marketing books for 25 years now.

I’m one of the top advertising copywriters in the country. I’ve created ads, sales letters and internet marketing that have generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales and profits… bringing in hundreds of thousands of new customers and repeat business for everything from furniture to cars to books to subscriptions to high-price seminars. You name it… I’ve created marketing to sell it.

The book I’m recommending to you below…  covers all kinds of sales and marketing tactics and strategies. If you want to WIN in the marketing universe with your product or service… I’m betting you’ll love this unique discovery….  no matter what kind of business you’re in.

You could be selling wine… shoes… professional advice…dating services… computer software… almost anything. You’ll find this 145-page downloadable book full of hidden marketing gems and insights.

Don’t be fooled by appearances… the book was written with “Network” marketers in mind. Yeah—that’s right. It looks like a marketing book for MLMer’s. (Multi-Level Marketing) But it’s really a book about marketing ANY PRODUCT or SERVICE. Let me explain.

The author of this book (Ann Seig) realized that most network marketers are totally clueless about classical direct marketing techniques. Most people who sign up for some MLM try to get their family and friends involved. After they run out of family and friends… THEY QUIT. They don’t know jack about attracting targeted buyers and a loyal following. They don’t know jack about MARKETING period. This book is like an advanced course in everything they DON’T teach you in the typical MLM… or in a typical business school for that matter.

Ann Seig discovered that classical “direct” marketing techniques are the only kind of marketing worth doing. Why? Because when you use “direct marketing” techniques you can instantly measure your R.O.I. (Return on Investment).

Using these kinds of marketing and advertising techniques on the web… in newspapers… in direct mail… etc., you can tell right away what your “cost per lead” and “cost per sale” will be. And when you compare that with your known “customer net worth”… you can make smart business decisions about ANY kind of marketing you want to do.

Let me give you an example of this: Stay with me on this thought… Let’s say you sell a product for $100. And your profit on the product is $50 bucks. If your customer only buys ONCE… then your customer’s net worth to you is only $50 bucks. If he buys TWICE, he’s worth $100 bucks to you. So… now you know you can spend up to $49 in marketing costs to get him to be a ONE TIME paying customer and you’re still $1 ahead in the game.

If you can make him a two-time buyer… your profits go from $1 on his first purchase to $51 in pure profits when you factor in the second sale— if your marketing costs were only $49 “cost-per-sale”.

This my friend… is just ONE topic covered in this powerful profit-generating, idea book. But that’s not all. There are tons of practical ideas and insights in this volume.

The book is yours for the small investment of $67. I’ve personally spent perhaps $10,000 on marketing books over the last 25 years. Some rare, insightful marketing books I’ve bought have cost me $500 or more. I can tell you this small price is nothing when you consider the fact that… the ideas you’re going to discover in its pages will help you avoid costly marketing mistakes from now on. PLUS—You’ll have the marketing tactics, marketing techniques and marketing strategies that will really help you skyrocket your profits in today’s difficult economy. Many of the techniques you’re about to discover can be implemented for ZERO DOLLARS. That’s right. You can increase your business without increase your advertising budget.

Face it… the companies who cut back on marketing during an economic downturn will suffer sales and profits. This guidebook will make you a “fearless marketer”. You will grow your sales and profits in spite of these uncertain times.

When you click on the link below… you can read the heavy-duty sales letter about this book. The sales letter contains a complete explanation and tons of testimonials. It should convince you that this is worth your time. And worth every penny of the $67 she asks.

After you get it… and read it… I want to talk to you about implementing any of the ideas you discover.

I’m excited to share this with you.

Yours for greater profits.

Click here:


Linwood Austin
Marketing Consultant
Austin Marketing
Here’s my cell phone: 801-201-9026

P.S. One of the things you’ll discover when you download this ebook… are ideas about “viral marketing”. These are cheap but powerful ways to beef up your sales. Let’s talk.

ONE MORE THING. IT’S IMPORTANT: You could…. use this information to become a consultant.

February 28, 2008



The Greatest Advertisement Ever Written.

Over the years, I’ve notice the question of “Who is the greatest advertising writer?” Or… “What was the greatest ad ever written?”

Some of the top names in copywriters are Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace, Brian Keith Voiles and I might include my name among them.

Why? Some twenty years ago, when I started, I wanted to be one of the top copywriters in the world. I feel I finally arrived when Denny Hatch, in writing in “Who’s Mailing What” some 10 years ago… put my name right next to Gene Schwartz and Geoff Hasler as the top three “California Hype” copywriters in America.

Denny meant it as a put-down. But I was thrilled to be cast alongside Gene Schwartz in any mention. (Who hasn’t read Schwartz’s book BREAKTHROUGH ADVERTISING… at least once and thought “Damn, I wish I was that good.” I’ve read that book at least 8 times over the years. And each time I marvel.

As to the greatest ad ever written: Posted nearby is an ad created by John Caples. It is without a doubt the greatest ad ever created. Why? Because it ran profitably for over 40 years. Most ads, sales letters, web sites, etc. have are lucky to have a one season shelf life. If they work at all.


Not only is the ad built to be charming and informative… but the MARKET WAS HUNGRY for this kind of information from the 1920’s through the 1960’s. What changed? The market changed. In the 1960’s the biggest wave of immigrants switched from being European to Mexican. The Europeans wanted to assimilate. They wanted to learn English. By the 60’s the politically correct crowd had taught us all that “multi-cultural” was the way to go. No need to become “American”… when all cultures are equal and beautiful. We changed from being a “melting pot” to “celebrating diversity”.

(Aside: Some of us have learned that you can celebrate diversity or celebrate excellence. But not both.)

There are two lessons to learn from this ad. Anyone who studies it, line by line, will discover “service”. And after all… all good “selling” is “serving”.

The ad SERVES with good information before it asks for the order.

The second lesson is a lesson on demographic shifts.

You can only sell what the crowd wants to buy. When the crowd changes, you have to change with them. Advertising cannot change desires. If the desire is not there, you will waste your money trying to create it.

But if the desire is there, a skillful copywriter can enhance and focus the desire toward a specific solution. But desire must come first.

Here are some basic human desires:

1. Aliveness
2. Autonomy
3. Beauty
4. Caring
5. Challenge
6. Compassion
7. Contribution
8. Courage
9. Creativity
10. Dignity
11. Elegance
12. Excellence
13. Excitement
14. Fairness
15. Freedom
16. Fulfillment
17. Fun
18. Grace
19. Happiness
20. Harmony
21. Helping
22. Honesty
23. Humor
24. Innovation
25. Joy
26. Justice
27. Learning
28. Love
29. Making the world a better place
30. Mastery
31. Order
32. Perseverance
33. Playfulness
34. Revolution
35. Safety
36. Security
37. Self-reliance
38. Service
39. Simplicity
40. Solving problems
41. Stimulating change
42. Synergy
43. Truth
44. Uniqueness
45. Using my abilities
46. Vitality
47. Wisdom
48. Zest
49. Peace

If we were to get down and dirty… raw… we could say the basic desires are for more TIME more SEX and MORE MONEY.

Do you make these mistakes in marketing? Do you ignore these desires? Do you just hang a sign outside your door hoping buyers will throw money at your feet?

Let’s change that.

Linwood Austin

February 23, 2008

The IF – THEN approach to advertising

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Here is an ad I created for investors… from Vector Vest.

139 Marketing Questions Any Serious Marketer MUST Ask.

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If you did not make all the money you wanted last year…

These questions could reveal a new plan for big profits this year. Go over these 139 questions and then call me – on my cell. From Linwood Austin Cell: 801-201-9026,yourlinwood@gmail.com

Name: _____________________________________
Company Name: ______________________________
Address: ___________________________________
City, State, Zip: ______________________________
Telephone: _________________________________
FAX: _____________________________________
Owner/President: ____________________________
Ad manager/marketing director: __________________


1) What kind of business are you in?

Retail? Mail Order?
Wholesale? Service Business?
Manufacturing? Professional?
Distributorship? Other?

2) Products or services offered: _____
3) Years in business: _____
4) Is your business local, regional, or international? _
5) Branch offices: _____
6) What do you ultimately want out of your business, and how do you plan to get it? _____

General Marketing Information

7) What is your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (What makes you distinctively and uniquely different from your competitors)?
8) How did you arrive at it?
9) Price ranges: _____
10) Profit margins: _____
11) What is your annual gross revenue? _____
12) What is your fixed monthly overhead? _____
13) (How much of your overhead depends on volume)? _____
14) Advertising budget for the year: _____
15) Who are your direct competitors? ____
16) What do you offer that they don’t? _____
17) What is their biggest failing? _____
18) What do they offer that you do not? _____
19) How much per year do you spend in:

TV? Radio?
Newspapers? Direct mail?
Telemarketing? Yellow pages?
Trade Shows? Internet Marketing?

20) Briefly describe your marketing program.
Are you using a mix of Direct Marketing, Brand Marketing and Buzz Marketing?
21) How much volume do you do each month (both in dollars and units sold)? _____
22) Do you want more volume or more profit on the same volume? _____
23) How much of your time each month do you devote to marketing? _____
24) Do you test your ads, web sites and other marketing efforts? _____
25) If so, what did your tests tell you that you didn’t know before? ___
26) How do you capture the names, addresses and phone numbers of all your customers and prospects? _
27) What is the current size of your customer list? _____
28) How often do you mail to that list?
29) What is your biggest and best source of new business? _____
30) Does your advertising seek to bring “sales” or “leads”?
31) How big is your prospect universe? (How many potential customers are out there for you right now?)
32) What is your most successful selling effort to date, and why? ___
33) What has been your biggest failure, and why? ___
34) What is your biggest marketing challenge? _____
35) If you had as much money as you wanted, what would you do to improve your product?
36) If you had as much money as you wanted, what would you do to improve your marketing? ___
37) Do you have a marketing plan written out and adhered to? _____
38) Do you have a spreadsheet whereby you can predict the effects of numerous variables on your business?
39) Can you handle a sudden increase in sales
(if that’s what you want)?
(Note: Front-end profits are those profits made from first-time contact with customers or prospects. Back-end profits are those made from the 2nd, 3rd, etc. contact or sale.)
40) What percentages, of your profits, are made on the front-end? ____
41) What percentage on the back-end? ____
42) What rented list(s) have been most successful for you so far? _
43) What is your natural sales curve for the year?
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
44) What is your selling season, if any? _____
45) Are you selling something you love? _____
46) What do your customers really want? _____
47) Why do they buy from you? _____
48) What is your customer attrition rate? _____
49) Is that normal? _____
50) If it’s too high, what do you think it’s due to? _____
51) If it’s lower than average, why? _____
52) Are your customers direct-responsive? _____
53) What problem does your product or service solve for the customer? __
54) Key BENEFITS to your product/service. Please list at least 6:


55) Please list the PRODUCT POINTS or service facts that make those BENEFITS believable.
56) Are you able to target your market with pin-point accuracy?
57) Do you have a testimonial file of satisfied customers? _____
58) Do you have a system in place for soliciting or capturing testimonials? _____
59) Do you have a system for generating customer referrals? _____
60) Briefly describe the niche you fill in the marketplace. ___
61) Briefly describe the niche you fill in the customer’s mind. ___
62) Do you have endorsements from authorities or famous people?
63) What is your business philosophy in relationship to your customers?
64) What guarantee or warranty have you offered in the past?
65) Do you have a sales force to follow up on leads generated?
66) Do you sell your product/service by itself or in combination with other items?
67) If so, what combinations?

Space Advertising

68) Are your ads working?
69) Do you use direct response advertising?
70) If not, why not?
71) What is your advertising philosophy?
72) Do you create your own advertising or have an agency do it?
73) If you use an agency, are you satisfied with them?
74) Approximately how many ads do you run per month?
75) What is the return on investment for your ads?
76) What is the cost per thousand for your ads?
77) How much do you spend to bring in a new customer?
78) Do you use two-step advertising?
79) How much do you spend to bring in a lead?
80) What’s your conversion ratio?
81) What is your cost per sale?
82) How much does your conversion cost?
83) If you test, what do you test?
Copy ? Media ?
Offer ? List ?
Price? Other ?
Direct Mail
84) How much prospecting mail do you drop each month?
85) Do you use a list broker?
86) What is the cost per thousand for our mailings? _____
87) What is the return on investment for your mailings?
88) Do you create your own direct mail packages or hire an agency or freelance writers?

The Back End

89) What is the “lifetime value” of your typical customer?
90) Do you have your customer list on computer?
91) How often does a typical customer buy from you?
92) Have you ever tried to reactivate your former customers and non-converted prospects?
93) Do you rent you customer and/or prospect lists?
94) In what ways do you try to up-sell and/or cross-sell your customers?
95) Do you make consistent efforts to educate your customers?
96) Do you need to make money on the front end or are you satisfied with only making it on the back end?
97) After the sale, what do you do with the customer?
98) When was the last time you introduced a new product or service to your market (both existing customers and prospects)?
99) Do you do anything at the point of sale to increase the order or add on other products or future products or services?
100) How often do you communicate with your customers?
101) Have you segmented your potential market (as well as your customers) according to the various needs of different groupings of people? __
102) Do you use the “80/20” rule in your marketing (80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers)?
103) Are your salespeople salaried or commissioned or both?
104) Do you use independent sales reps?
105) Do you work through dealers?
106) Is your customer service prompt and courteous?

107) How long does it take you to fill an order after you receive it?
108) Is “buyer’s remorse” a problem for you?
109) If so, how do you overcome it?
Advanced Marketing Techniques
110) Do you do joint ventures?
111) What have you tried?
112) Did it work?, If not, why not?
113) Have you ever created proprietary concepts or ads or mailing pieces that could be sold or licensed to other businesses outside your marketing area?

115) Have you ever tried to sell these ideas?
116) Do your vendors have a direct financial interest in your growth and ultimate success?
118) Have you ever tried “per-inquiry” advertising (paying per inquiry or sale produced by an ad)? If so, how did it do?
119) Do you use a public relations strategy to complement your marketing?
120) Have you ever tried selling your non-converted prospects to your competitors?
121) Do you ever barter your products, services. or assets with other companies in exchange for their products, services or assets?
122) How do you usually get out of a bind?
123) Do you use bonuses in your sales propositions?
124) Do you use risk-reversal in your basic sales propositions?
125) What kind of guarantee or warranty do you give your customers?
126) Do you buy from your competitors to keep track of what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong?
127) Do you provide incentive bonuses to your employees for creating new and better marketing methods for your company?
128) Do you actively pick the brains of experts in your field and other fields related to yours?
129) What restrictions are there on your marketing effort? In other words, what can’t you do even if you wanted to?
130) Have you asked your customers what they want?
131) Have you done a customer survey?
How many sent? __ How many returned?_____
132) Have you done a customer list analysis?
133) Are you charging the right price? (How did you determine your products price)?
134) Does your product move a customer away from a pain emotion or toward a greed emotion?
135) Is your market place growing, shrinking, or staying static?
136) How many employees do you have?
137) Is your product a “brand name”?
138) Is your product technically easy to use?

139) What do you most want to get out of your involvement with Linwood Austin?

Please return this form with 3 or more of your current mailing pieces or other printed sales material. Please note: This information will be kept in strict confidence. I will call for additional information I may need. This is enough to at least begin a strategy.
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