Diary of an Ad Man

October 24, 2019

Can a highly skilled direct response copywriter, also be your business coach?

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Yes, if that copywriter also had experience as a business owner. In fact, the blend might be the best of all worlds.
Of course I’m talking about myself, right? Why else do we all hang out ’round this internet water cooler called “winkedin”.
If you go over to my profile, you’ll see it’s all about “I can write your advertising copy…” blah, blah, blah.
But you may not know, I got into writing copy BECAUSE I’ve owned my own businesses, and thus I was pressured into figuring out how to make advertising work.
But advertising and marketing are not the only things that make a business hum along smoothly.
There’s management of time, employees, vendor relations, customer loyalty. There’s the creation of systems and procedures so that you can turn your business into a “money-making machine” freeing up your time.
There’s accounting, capital structure, written business and marketing plans.
And let’s not forget the VITAL importance of DAILY checking the numbers to see who’s winning in this game; accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, cost of goods, bank and credit card reconciliations, etc.
Yes, I write copy, but I can be persuaded to sign up with you as your business coach.——————
After all, increasing profits through good advertising is one thing, avoiding losses through proper management is another.
Example: I had a client in LA, a large plumbing business, about 100 trucks on the road every day, he was losing about $7,000 dollars a year on every truck, in lost or stolen or wasted inventory, parts and supplies, and didn’t know it, until truck inventory systems were created, monitored, and put to use.
Now he gives his plumbers a bonus if they follow the system. And they pay a price if they don’t.
100 trucks means this client FOUND $700,000 a year by plugging one leak in his business.
Sometimes, you need a “board of directors” but you’re not big enough to pay for one. Well, maybe I can help.
Let’s talk.

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