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April 11, 2016


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There is a lot of talk among marketers about… “GOTTA BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA”… facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, and so on… and so on.

And I’ve been accused of being “old school”.

Often by advertising clients who are themselves “old school”.

I’m here to tell you the truth. You don’t “need” so-called “social media”.

Why? Because all media is “social”.

Yes, facebook, twitter, etc… is social.

But so is the telephone, direct mail, newspaper advertising, and belly-button-to-belly-button sales.

It’s all “social”.

You don’t necessarily “NEED” facebook “Likes”.

Matt Drudge has the biggest, largest, political news site in the world. (Drudgereport.com) And Drudge does NOT do facebook LIKES. He barely does some twitter. Yet, he owns the news world.

Listen, You’re trying to reach out and influence buying behavior. You’re trying to capture the DESIRES of buyers and steer them into buying YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

So the question is… how to do influence prospects to buy? HOW do YOU influence them using ANY media; facebook, twitter, the whole gambit.

If you want to conquer “social media”… you need to know more about BUYING BEHAVIOR than you need to know about the tricks, limitations, advantages and disadvantages of any given media.


Let’s face it… if someone buys your product or service, they buy for one of three reasons.

  1. They buy because they LIKE YOU.
  2. They buy because they are CONVINCED that the BENEFITS are worth the price.
  3. They buy because THEY WERE GOING TO BUY YOUR KINDA STUFF ANYWAY… and you just happened to show up at the right time.

I don’t care what kind of media you use. I love them all.

I love twitter, facebook, billboards, post cards, magazine ads, direct mail, trade shows, email, video… you name it and I’ve made money from it for myself and my clients.

So… if you want to get more buyers to your door… you need to know more about your buyers than about any given media.

Do they have the money to buy? Do they NEED to buy it now? Do they pay attention to twitter? Email? Newspapers? What BENEFITS do they want to “buy” for their lives?

What dreams do they have? What has the competition been telling them lately?

I had one client years ago, who generated millions of leads and millions of dollars in sales from credit card bill stuffers.

Who wooda thunk… that little “buck slips” could make him so much money. (A “buck slip” is a sales message on a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill.) He sold a $4,000 product.

Every business owner often needs to market his product in several media sources.

You need may need direct mail, AND facebook, twitter, SEO, blogging, etc.

The thing to keep in mind is: you need to MEASURE YOUR COST PER LEAD and COST PER SALE. Why? Because…

You see, one media source may give you leads and sales at a HIGH COST, another media source may give you leads at a LOW COST.

One media source or technique might make your phone ring at $400 per phone call. Yet another media source or technique makes the phone ring all day long at $10 per phone call. Ya gotta test, test, test.

Some time ago, we were giving away a “free report” to generate leads from the newspaper. We tested two different ads.

One ad was small and just offered the “free report”.

The other ad was larger and had MORE COPY “selling” how great the free report was.

We actually got the same response from both ads. But the leads generated from the larger ad (the one with more selling copy) actually converted to cash faster, and easier than the leads generated from the smaller ad.

I’m writing to tell you, it almost does not matter what media you use… the question is… are you SELLING economically from your efforts… and are you “selling costs” within reason?

Getting “LIKES” on facebook does not mean you get sales. You’re job is not to entertain. But to move product at a profit.

Profits are not sin… losses are.

If you remember my old adage that PEOPLE BUY ONLY TO GET BENEFITS… then your media must be your means of preaching the BENEFITS your prospects will get from your product or service.

In 1990 when the internet was new, you could make a lot of money by having a web site that solved folks problems… because there was not much competition.

But now there are millions upon millions of web sites.

Yes, now you have tons of competitors on the web.

Direct competitors and indirect competitors. Anyone seeking the same discretionary dollar you seek, IS your competitor.

(In the 1950’s Cadillac cars discovered that their toughest competitor was not another car company. No. It was diamonds. Rich folks at that time would buy an expensive car or an expensive diamond. Don’t think you have no competition.)

If you were the first on Facebook or twitter, no problem. But now there are lots of competitors on those two media.

Now… if you want to make it on these so-called “social media”… you must have a message that folks actually want to hear. At the time they want to hear it.

Your success on social media has a lot to with loyalty.

NOTE: You can have a million followers, and still no one is buying. The message is everything. Timing is everything.

Your message on these media MUST follow a 5-part outline. I will reveal this outline to you in a moment… but first let me say this…

Using online media… it’s so easy to get deleted or booted out for so-called “spamming”.

If you are worried about getting deleted, don’t be. If someone does not want to hear your message… good for them. You DON’T WANT them anyway. You’re not advertising to PEOPLE… NO… you’re only advertising to PROSPECTS.

And when a “people” turns into a “prospect,” they are magically HUNGRY FOR INFORMATION. And will read any amount of advertising copy you write as long as it’s interesting and helpful.

Imagine you are a prospect for a safari trip to Africa. Aren’t you “hungry for information” about what it costs, what you should pack in your bags, do you need mosquito bug spray? Will you see lions? Etc.

Your social media effort should be to generate leads… and then sell them on the many benefits of owning your product or service.

Social media is a lot of work. Are the rewards there? Only if you know how to sell in the right context of the social media.

You don’t want a teenager in charge of your social media. No. You want someone who understands SELLING.

Why do people buy?
When do people buy?
How do people buy?

Social media needs constant maintenance. It needs to be interesting and helpful. It needs to factor in HOW people search, view and interact with each media. And with you.

Updating. Updating. Updating.

Facebook, twitter, snapchat, Search Engine Optimization, All are important. But you don’t want to launch out there alone. You want someone who knows selling PLUS the tricks and glitches of each media. Which is why I am here.

Call me.  Phone: 801-895-9598

Generally speaking, I can handle all your social media for the bargain price of $1,499 per month. That means I’ll handing updating and SELLING through your facebook page, your twitter account, your email blast, your blog, SEO Your website updates, etc.

I’ll do it all with a defined goal of increasing your sales and boosting your profits.

I will use some time-saving software devices, but in general I have found that updating things by hand gets you more mileage and better results than automating everything. Google sees and knows if you’re updating things robotically. And they tend to punish you for doing what they do.

I will update with photos, videos, stories, sales copy, helpful information, and maybe even recipes for chocolate chip cookies.

It all depends on what exactly you need and your customers want to hear.

We need to talk.

Again, Call me.  Phone: 801-895-9598

And THANK YOU, in advance, for giving me the opportunity to serve you


Linwood Austin

Call me.  Phone: 801-895-9598

ONE MORE THING: Here is the 5-part SELLING outline I promised to share with you:

  1. Their problem
    2.   Your solution
    3.   The benefits that come from your solution
    4.   The proof they will get the benefits
    5.   The call to action.

You need all five parts to do a good selling job.

Let’s talk.
Linwood Austin


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