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November 13, 2014

FOOD goes M*L*M – ZERO Competition…….

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FOOD goes M*L*M – ZERO Competition…….

Trillion Dollar FOOD Industry goes MLM!


You are one of the 1st in the world to hear this!

Opening in USA, then…Mexico, Japan and Korea!

This is the most significant business to ever cross my desk in 30-years of being a fulltime professional networker. Those of you who start reaching out to key leaders now will reap the residual rewards of a true “First Mover Advantage”. There have been a few companies in years past who have tried to penetrate this market, but no one has EVER done it RIGHT…until NOW!

FYI: I have already spoken on the phone with two of the corporate team, and I’m SUPER impressed at what they are bringing to the table! I’m flying in to tour the 95,000 square foot manufacturing facility they purchased, and meet the owners face to face, on October 25th.

As an entrepreneur, I always keep my eyes open for something extraordinary. When opportunity knocks it does not ask if you are ready! I have found a FOOD company with a revolutionary new unique patented dehydration process, that is launching with 100+ prepackaged healthy, tasty meals, each with all 43 Essential Nutrients, that is destined to be a billion dollar mega giant. I’m very excited about building a long term legacy in the FOOD industry! This is a WIDE OPEN UNTAPPED MARKET!

The Supplement industry is a 38-Billion per year industry, the FOOD industry is a 4.3-Trillion per year industry. The name of this new company will be strategically revealed when we pre-launch on November 1st, as part of their global branding campaign.

Who will be interested? Every mother (and father) on the planet who has a busy hectic lifestyle (most do) who want to be able to quickly choose from any of our 100+ prepackaged healthy, nutritious, tasty, affordable meals, to be able to quickly deliver their family a quality meal, without the nightmare of slaving in the kitchen for hours on end every day! Who else will be interested? The 10’s of millions of outdoors people, campers, hikers, hunters… How about the 10’s of millions of survivalists who are preparing for the unknown? How about the millions of college students who are eating pure junk food every day? What about all the millions of kids that are home alone at times, and looking for something to eat?

I’ve always believed that a company is no better than the management running it, and the money they have to launch it properly. The management team assembled with this new FOOD company is second to none, and they have already invested well over 5-Million in start-up capital in just the last few months!

Peter Castleman, Chairman of the Board: Our Founder, Peter Castleman, is 58, graduated Duke University top of his class Economics, became a Professor at Harvard, then worked on Wall Street, JP Morgan, then Managing Partner at Whitney Capital Equity Group with merger and acquisitions. Extremely successful: bought North Face outerwear company when it was going bankrupt, and turned it into a 3 billion per year company and then sold, did the same with Igloo, and many others. Started importing Chinese herbs and grew a company to 50M/year and sold it to NuSkin…this became Pharmanex, which NuSkin grew to almost 1 Billion/year. Peter was quite impressed with the power of network marketing. Four years after Marc Hughes of Herbalife passed away, Peter encouraged his partners at Whitney to purchase Herbalife. They bought Herbalife when it was at 700+ Million per year, and within 5 years with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to over 3 Billion per year. Peter then tried to personally purchase Herbalife with his own funds, but could not come to a meeting of minds with the pricing, so he passed. His dream for many years has been to start his own network marketing company with its own culture and mission, and with a passion for health, thus our New Company was born! Peter will make sure that there is never a shortage of funds to grow our new business. (estimate of Peter’s net is about 850M)

David Brown, CEO:  David has over 20 years experience as a corporate lawyer, and President and CEO in the nutritional industry. Speaks fluent Japanese, 1-million equity investor in our new company. David was the CEO of Life Vantage, and maintained a 300% per year growth rate there. 11M 1st year, 38.9M 2nd year, and 126M 3rd year.

Gene Tipps, COO: (Tahitian Noni, Agel, Zrii, LifeVantage) Gene’s experience in building operations backbones for multi-million dollar direct selling companies, both domestically and abroad, has made him a sought after expert across the industry. He has lived in and developed markets in many corners of the globe including Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Additionally, his extensive familiarity with nutritional products makes him the perfect operations general to quarterback the operations team. His industry experience has given Gene the insight to understand that distributors need quality products, on time, and in large supply. Gene will ensure that this is always the case with our company – whether domestic or international.


Today, collectively we are in a health crisis with a lot of confusion and people trying to address their health by taking many different roads; the Organic Road, the Non-GMO Road, the Antioxidant Road, the Gluten Free Road, etc…..  These roads, although very important, are not addressing the foundation… the bottom line is that our FOOD is meant to nourish our bodies.  What our bodies need from the foods that we eat everyday are 43 Essential Nutrients.  These essential nutrients are nutrients that your body can not make…you must consume them every day in your diet to properly nourish your body.  Many are overeating unhealthy foods and starving inside because they are not getting these 43 Essential Nutrients, and they are the nutrients that when absorbed cause your body to signal your brain that you are full. These 43 Nutrients ensure that your cells are nourished and they sustain health and promote growth.  The mass population is probably not even getting half of their daily nutritional requirements and this foundational weakness is at the root of many of the diseases so common today.

Our company will not be in the Billion Dollar industry of the Supplement world, but in the Trillion Dollar industry of something we all need and buy every week… FOOD! We have multiple Breakfast foods, Lunch foods and Dinner foods…..as well as snacks and drinks.


  • Peter Castleman has brought a Scientific Advisory Board together which includes Top Harvard, Yale and UC Davis Nutritional Professors, Top Chefs and renowned  Formulators, including Chip Marsden, who formulated for Barry Sears of the Zone Diet. Together these amazingly talented individuals have developed our product line creating over 100 common foods we all enjoy often… with the added foundational quality of providing 100% of the 43 Essential Nutrients our bodies need every day….including our Macro and Micro nutrients. Our food product line will continue to grow and will always be made from whole food ingredients.
  • Our corporate offices will be located in beautiful Utah.
  • All food product ingredients will be grown in the USA.
  • Our company has already purchased (for 5-Million) its own 95,000 square foot Manufacturing facility in Reno, NV. They are currently investing an additional 3-Million into the retrofitting of this facility.
  • Our company has spent a lot of money and hired top thought/influence people to generate content for top quality Branding and Images and Systems and Tools so we can really promote and go viral fast. We will have movie like videos and a plethora of developed Social Media marketing tools that will cross all mediums: IPad, Cellphones, Computer, etc.  This is where a lot of companies are failing and it is where marketing is headed. All of this will be available when we Pre-launch on November 1st.
  • All of our foods come in a dehydrated form, and only need water to be added.
  • The dehydration process which we have, is actually unique in our industry and has several patents, so the term used to describe it will be very new to the market!  We are going beyond just dehydrated packaged foods which are a huge industry, and far beyond the supplement industry, because we are bringing a whole food nutrient dense packaged product line to the market to replace many of the common and mostly nutrient empty foods. We will be hitting mainstream not just as a packaged food, but also in the Wellness Category. We are delivering real food that is tasty and nutritious, not some gimmick. Our products are convenient, easy to prepare, better than stores and affordable.
  • Our products are consumable, creating repeat buyers and long term stability.
  • All of our foods have a shelf life of over 3 years. (great for survivalists)
  • Each meal serving is approximately $4.00 and each serving provides 50% of the 43 Essential Nutrients/Serving. Two servings a day will provide 100% of your daily Essential Nutritional needs.
  • This is not a diet. What we are providing is a healthier, quality food choice.  Each serving is 400 calories or less. With multiple Breakfast foods, Lunch foods and Dinner foods…..as well as snacks and drinks.
  • We have 100+ foods like: Marconi and Cheese, Chili, Mashed Potatoes and Sausage, Fettuccine Alfredo, Oatmeal, Top Raman, Soups… also Puddings, Vitamin Coffee and Vitamin Tea
  • Our servings/meals are all filling and nutritionally sound! Example: A bowl of our Oatmeal has 26 grams of protein (equivalent to a 16 ounce Rib-eye) 1½ grams of Omega 3s (equivalent to 4 cod liver oil capsules), 11 grams of fiber (equivalent to 2 cups of Broccoli) and provides 50% of the 43 Essential Nutrients our bodies require.
  • Our Asian Development Executive Management Team has over 160 years of experience opening and developing these markets. The goal is to open Korea and Japan the same way NuSkin did in Japan, with over 60,000 joining day one.
  • We will be pre-launching on November 1st with Free-Sign-Ups, which will include beautiful personalized self-replicating websites, with Hollywood production videos outlining the Company, Products and Opportunity. Also included will be Sizzle Calls, Corporate Conference Calls, and a comprehensive Back Office to monitor your teams growth. Note: No charges will hit our CC till our Jan 1st launch!!
  • We will be launching Jan 1st 2015. All the orders that were placed during our pre-launch between November 1st and December 31st will be processed on January 1st 2015. In addition to the smaller qualifying purchases that will be available for purchase, there will also be “2” Business Builder Packages available for $300.00 or $600.00 for those who wish to get on the fast track to success.
  • Mexico will likely open in February… and Japan will be the third country, followed by Korea. There will be NO NFRs in Mexico, Japan or Korea, everything will be 100% OTG (on the ground). IE: These countries will be opened with a full staff on the ground, with an office. We are doing all business correctly as we are establishing our company to do real and long term business in each country.
  • Every International Market will be treated the same. We do not want our documents and websites to look like American translations. We will be investing in local marketing companies to create localized and culturally correct material.
  • Our compensation plan is very lucrative. It is a powerful Uni-Level Highbred…7-Generation Uni-Level, plus Infinity Bonuses, 3 (or more) Generations of Weekly Fast Start Bonuses, Leadership Pools, and Matching Bonuses!
  • No BV assigned to products. All values are Dollar of Dollar! You sell $100.00 worth of products, it puts a full $100.00 into the comp plan. Not the typical 70% to 80% BV assigned by most networking companies.
  • Option to maintain sponsorship and place members strategically is in place.

There will be many documents to learn more about all of the ingredients and the process of digestion and how when you eat whole foods with all 43 of the Essential Nutrients naturally occurring, that your GI track and biochemical/hormonal system is activated and ‘satiety’ signals your body, and you maintain more even healthy energy.

Our Nutrient Dense Food has water soluble nutrients, fat soluble nutrients, full chain amino acids, essential fatty acids, full mineral complex, macro and micro nutrients.

It is very important that you understand there is nothing typical about this business venture. Most companies have to try to get investors to put up start-up capital if they expect to have a fighting chance of launching their business to its fullest potential. However, very few investors are interested in investing in any start-up company! The good news is our company has hundreds of millions at their fingertips, without having to seek any outside funding!

As you can clearly see I’m already starting to reach out now to get a “First Mover Advantage” with some key leaders and friends. This way when we pre-launch on November 1st, I’m going to have a strong team ready to hit the ground running. When we officially open for business on January 1st, my personal goal is to earn $30K for my first 30-days. By reaching out to a few folks now, we have the potential to create a long term walk away residual income for the rest of our lives!

ARE YOU INTERESTED:  If you are interested in potentially working with me in this great company, and staying in the information loop, then hit your EMAIL button and type INTERESTED in the Subject Line and I will keep you apprised of everything!


To All Our Successes

Linwood Austin
Email me here: yourlinwood@gmail.com

Call me here: 801-895-9598


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