Diary of an Ad Man

November 18, 2013

VOLVO TRUCK ad– Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits


What an ad.
What a demonstration.
What a feat of daring and strength.
But the ad falls short of classical “direct response” techniques that we know and have proven to work for one hundred years or more in split-run tests.
There are five parts to every GOOD AD.
If you don’t include all five parts… you are wasting a good “selling opportunity.”
This VOLVO TRUCK ad… with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits while the trucks are moving backwards… is a good “visual” demo… and it will have people talking. But let’s think about the 5-part outline of a good ad.
PART ONE: The problem.
PART TWO: The solution.
PART THREE: The benefits of the solution.
PART FOUR: The PROOF of the benefits.
PART FIVE: The call to action.
Here is the ad with JCVD.

Now the questions are… WHAT PROBLEM does Volvo solve? Stable driving? What benefit will the buyer of a Volvo truck get? The ability to do circus tricks on the road? But more importantly… where is the CALL TO ACTION? What is the prospect for a new truck supposed to do… upon seeing this ad? As an ad man… I would say… don’t leave it up to the view to jump to the right conclusion. Tell them. Then, you will have a better ad.

IF YOU GUYS OVER AT VOLVO… WANT TO DISCOVER HOW TO MAKE GOOD ADS THAT BRING YOU MORE SALES AND MORE PROFITS… GO HERE.  It’s a link to Mr. Bedell’s advertising secrets. Bedell created the ad technique that helped Ford outsell GM for the first time in 10 years… in 1935. Enjoy.
Linwood Austin.


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