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September 27, 2013

Snail Mail vs. Email.

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Which is better? Letters sent by the post office… or digital emails?

I know that emails are cheap… and snail mail is costs money… postage… envelopes… paper… stuffing the letter in the envelope… licking the envelope to seal it…

But here’s the deal… you MUST measure the RESULTS.

If you send out 50 emails at no cost… VS….   send out one snail mail at a dollar… where do you get the best results?

It could be that the expensive snail mail… brings you in hundreds or thousands of dollars in business… where as the many, many, many emails you send out bring you nothing. So.. email could be a waste of time.

You have to test both mediums.

From my years of experience… snail mail MUST BE LONG LETTERS. Why? Because “the more you tell, the more you sell.”

From my years of experience… email… MUST BE INTERESTING.

Email must have interesting SUBJECT LINES. And the letter itself must get to the point and the point is THE OFFER.

The offer and the subject line (or headline) are vital. A lot of thought must be given to each.

I love both email and snail mail.

In fact… I can create a snail mail package for you AND I can create a campaign of emails for you.


The big secret is this: You must regularly mail your old customer list. That is your best source of income. So… if you want me to… I’ll create a bunch of emails that sell your product or service to your old customers. Or I can do the same for your customers using snail mail.

With both email… and snail mail… you MUST get the letter opened.

That’s 90% of the battle. With email subject lines… you must be bold enough to use subject lines like you’d find in Cosmo magazine… or the Reader’s Digest… or The National Enquirer. With snail mail it pays to hand address the envelope with no business logo on the outside… with an extra hand-written message on the envelope like “The survey results are in”… or “PROOF”.

Which is best? Snail Mail… VS Email? I say they are both good. But you must test for results.

Should we talk about this?

Here is my number: 801-895-9598

Linwood Austin



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