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September 24, 2013

How To Find A “Job” Without A Resume

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You don’t need a resume to come work for me.

But you’ll need three things.

  1. You’ll need an open mind.
  2. You’ll need a big batch of desire.
  3. You’ll need at least “average ability”.

You can prove to me that you have these three things with just a phone call.

If you have an open mind, average ability and a lot of desire… I want to talk to you.

No resume needed.

Are you friendly? Do you have some discipline? Can you follow some instruction?

If so… we’re almost there.

I can give you a “job” that is not a “job”. Instead… I can give you an adventure.

What I have is an opportunity. This could be the most high-paying “job” you’ve ever had.

What I have is an opportunity. You could be so excited about this that we rock and roll and stuff your pockets with tons of cash every month.

I’m putting together a team that reaches out to people all over the world… to gets them happily involved in a number of products that are changing lives.

But this message is not about the products or services… it’s about YOU.

No resume. You’ll need an open mind because I’ll need to train you in a 4-Step Process in which you reach out to others in a very systematic way… and you’ll get amazing results.

No resume. You’ll need a healthy dose of “desire” because money is a great motivator. Don’t be calling me if you don’t want to make money. What I have to offer could stuff $10,000 a month in your pockets.

No resume… but you’ll need at least “average ability” because nothing I need to teach you requires you to be a genius.

You don’t need “sales experience” and you don’t need any prior “business experience”.

You can reach the kind of income level you want… if you can give me about an hour or two a day.

If you have a resume… put it away. Instead… call me. Let’s explore what you have in the realm of ability… desire and an open mind.

You can do all this from home. Eliminate your commute. Just “commute” from your bedroom to your kitchen. You’ll need a phone and/or a computer. That’s all.

Here’s my number: 801-895-9598

Linwood Austin


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