Diary of an Ad Man

September 23, 2013

Clyde Bedell Was One Of The Greatest Advertising Minds In The History of Advertising.

Can Bedell’s Brain End Your Money Worries For Good?

“In 1935 Ford Motor Company had been Getting Their Butt Kicked by GM Every Year… For Nearly 10 Years.

Then they hired this man…”

Clyde Bedell Can Teach You How To Create Your Ads To Make Money

Clyde Bedell The World’s Greatest Advertising Teacher

Clyde Bedell


Mr. Bedell was famous for his advertising genius. His campaigns had generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales and profits for a great variety of marketers in all kinds of industries.

When Ford hired him in 1935, he used a simple, but powerful “overlooked” marketing technique to SKYROCKET Ford’s sales and profits FAST.

Then…For the first time in ten years Ford outsold General Motors. And it was all due to this simple marketing “trick” that anyone can use—in any industry… any kind of business… in any economy.

But most business owners and ad creators overlook it time and time again.  I’ll tell you what that secret was, if you want to know—just call me. (801-895-9598)

It’ll take about 7 minutes to explain it—But first, read this entire letter to discover how to master ALLLLL of Bedell’s amazing marketing secrets for yourself.)

Listen. Clyde Bedell’s amazing marketing techniques have been used over the years to sell countless billions of dollars worth of automobiles, household goods, professional services, and scores of other products and services since the 1930’s.

I’ve been called “Bedell’s most famous advertising student.” In the 1980’s I studied all of his books, notes, theories and even studied advertising under his son (Barrie Bedell) who took over his Dad’s business when Clyde retired.

PLEASE NOTE: Nearly 45 years ago, the “Newspaper Advertising Executives Association” commissioned Clyde Bedell to create a SYSTEMATIC APPROACH to his advertising creativity.

They wanted… an advertising “system” that would be EASY TO USE, THOROUGH AND REVEALING.  Most of all, they wanted a system that would show any business owner or advertising creator THE EXACT WAY TO CREATE ADVERTISING that would bring in HUGE response. MAXIMUM PROFITS IN MINIMUM TIME.

Of course they would choose Clyde Bedell to create this “systematic approach”. He had a clear track record for turning wasted advertising dollars into massive profits. His credentials could fill a small book— His knowledge had already filled several books.

He commanded perhaps the highest fee for his services of any marketing consultant of his day — He was worth every penny of it. As I recall, Ford paid him $40,000 (in 1935) for his marketing services.

In today’s dollars, that would be a cool million. Imagine that. Imagine getting paid $1 Million Dollars for “one marketing idea or technique”.

Mr. Bedell understood the consumer’s mind as no other. He also understood the advertiser’s need for profits. (Some stupid people thinks that “profits” are sin. But the truth is—LOSSES are sinful. Not profits.)

Over the course of 40 to 50 years Mr. Bedell carved out a systematic approach to advertising… by which any business owner could rake in big profits, no matter what size advertising-budget he had. And no matter what the economy looked like.

That systematic advertising approach was finally organized and published at the request of the Newspaper Association. That “system” is now a rare, hard-to-find advertising training course. And I am offering this training course to you right now.

This advertising training course is called:

How To Convert White Space Into Advertising That Sells

This advertising training course consists of 14 oversize manuals (11″ X 14″) which contain 15 parts. They reveal the most profitable advertising strategies and marketing techniques that any business could ever hope to find.

If you want to increase the power of your advertising and marketing… and make sure you get maximum profits, stop what you’re doing and get your hands on these manuals right now.  Remember, they were originally published in 1963. And they were gobbled up by the Newspaper industry to encourage business owners to advertise. But I have access to the few remaining copies that are still available. And I can get you a set of them for FREE, if you respond NOW. See Below.

Here is a teaser of what you are about to discover in Mr. Bedell’s Advertising Course.  How To Convert White Space Into Advertising That Sells

PART 1—–


• The key truth to all advertising • The 3 minimum requirements every ad you run should meet • The true definition of “selling” • The only 3 ways on earth to sell things! • A Marshall Field ad created to discourage reading—DO NOT IMITATE IT • A POWERHOUSE FRIGIDAIRE ad most merchants think is bad until they learn the fact of how profitable this kind of advertising really is. More LAZY ads, and ads that REALLY WORK • Learn “HOW MUCH SHOULD I SPEND ON ADVERTISING?” • What is the TRUE definition for a “store”?

PART 2—–


WHAT ARE ADVERTISING BARBARIANS? • How to know when you are about to “waste” your advertising dollar • TRUTH #1: The truth about SELLING-and SERVING • TRUTH #2: The true reason people BUY— if you don’t know the answer you will lose before your begin • Why people are suspicious about advertising and what you can do about it— TRUTH #3: How do you get prospects to believe you. TRUTH #4: • Exactly how much you should say about your product or service— how much will they read—when do you stop • When should you advertise—the exact time is revealed in TRUTH #5  • How to use the 6 foundational truths to skyrocket your sales and profits. Plus, 51 ads analyzed for their wisdom and profitability.

PART 3—–


How to dig these essential (raw) materials out of your product/service and put them to work for you.  Two Cadillac ads that were starving for these RAW MATERIALS. Two competitors who stole market share by including them • The shocking case history of 3 advertised chairs and what it means to your company • See the real estate classified ad that brought in over 200 responses by exploiting the weaknesses of its own “RAW MATERIALS” •

PART 4—–


The headline is the 2nd most important part of your ad • Does your headline have a concealed message? This part will help you write headlines that jump off the page and grab your prospects before they have a chance to get distracted. Whether you PAY for ads or CREATE them you should know these 5 headline ingredients • Plus the 12 rules for strengthening your headlines. More example ads used to show you how to create strong headlines.

PART 5—–


Once you have captured attention, this is the beginning of how to convert prospects to your offer • How to sharpen and whet desire for your product or service • The AIDCA formula and it’s impact on your message • Four major selling rules you don’t want to forget • Ads for watches, furs, lipstick, auto repairs, TV’s and crabgrass killer. What were the results? How to improve them!

PART 6—–


How to carry maximum conviction and have your message believed. The 7-fold-Problem your ad faces and how to conquer it. Four more selling rules that you must abide by or suffer financial loss. More ads analyzed for their effectiveness, plus case histories.

PART 7—–


Do your ads help your competitors as much as they help you? Here’s how to make them sell for you alone. Another four selling rules to profit by • Methods by which you can double the selling power of your ads • 20 reasons why a weak ad might succeed. • 25 factors why a strong ad might fail and what you can do about it. • Analysis continued…more case histories reviewed.

PART 8—–


This can make the difference between the life or death of your ad. 7-vital-rules for ad-writing • How many syllables per 100 words should your ad contain? •What approach can you take to sell something everyone is tired of hearing about? • Don’t create or pay for ads that do not follow the directives of this section.

PART 9—–


No matter what you say in your ad, if you don’t create an ad for maximum readership you will not get maximum readership! The wrong layout will kill readership and thus your response. This section tells you how to layout your ad for maximum readership. • The vital truth about how people read ads can now be used to boost your profits. • More ads analyzed for effectiveness and case histories.

PART 10—–


The secrets of using plotting paper to capture maximum attention • The 10-steps to take to achieve a good layout. • More ads analyzed for visual appeal and profitability. • Interest, persuasion and especially communication should be the top priority in understanding for anyone who pays for or creates ads. You will learn this in this section.

PART 11—–


How to make your own adverting rates using these layout secrets • Secrets of eliminating guesswork for your advertising • Actual “bad layouts” of ads and how to improve them • 26 concise hard-hitting guidelines for the way you must design your ads- follow them and you almost can’t lose • Why a sudden change in your advertising can be dangerous • The 4 creative-weaknesses that will blight your advertising and how to master them.

PART 12——


In-store and in-house sales support can add volumes of profits to the strength of your advertising. This section shows in great detail how to plan it, orchestrate it, and profit from it • Step-by-step case history of one business that followed Bedell’s methods and watched the cash-flow skyrocket.



Here is a gold mine for the smart entrepreneur and business owner who wants maximum profit from his/her advertising. A summary of all the PARTS of a great ad. This section will help you eliminate the waste that is so common among advertisers • Contains every checklist by which you should measure every marketing communication. This part alone is worth the cost of the complete advertising course.

PARTS 14-15


The 3 principal functions of language. How to get the “BEST OF ALL” selling ideas into your headline. Involving the reader. Secrets of making CLASSIFIED advertising pay you big results • Plus a complete A-to-Z index to help you retrieve vital information quickly.  More than 90 additional ads reviewed in this issue.

No matter what kind of business you’re in…

You need to get a copy of these advertising training manuals.

• You will increase your store traffic, web site traffic, response rates, using email, snail mail, space advertising, brochure advertising, and more.

• You will increase your sales and your profits.

• You will lower your costs per item sold.

• You will never again be stumped for an “Advertising Idea”.

• Plus, you will know in advance if an ad is worth running.

• AND, you can use these advertising manuals to make sure your advertising and web site creators creates ads based on a scientific approach— not on hunch, intuition or mere opinion.

 Friday 2 P.M.

Here is my number: 801-895-9598

     Dear Marketer,

This is my personal story about my “Bedell Discovery”. My name is Linwood Austin.  Before I retired (semi) I ran a “hot shot” advertising agency. We were known for getting high response rates to our ad campaigns. My “secret” was this — I considered Clyde Bedell to be perhaps the greatest advertising mind our country has ever seen.  And I was his most famous student.

Bedell’s powerful, high-response techniques have sold billions of dollars worth of cars, furniture, real estate, consumer goods, memberships, professional services, and more… all during the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond to today.

I am writing to offer to you a complete set of his rare, amazing, profit-generating, advertising training manuals. This advertising training course contains the secrets that can literally EXPLODE YOUR PROFITS overnight. They have done so for countless others. And they will do so for you.

If you advertise at all— in any media—internet marketing, print, TV, radio etc., you simply must stop what you are doing and get Bedell’s advertising training course.

All it takes is a phone call, and I will rush your set off to you. Hurry- Only a limited supply remains.

Bedell wrote several books about proper advertising methods in the 1940’s. He measured the success of an ad in SALES not useless “praise” or compliments. However… These advertising training manuals are unique. They are made for action. They are made for FAST results. They are made for the advertiser who wants profits. Now.

When I was a young businessman, I found one thing increasingly frustrating…  — ADVERTISING!

Oh… Sure, I knew “all about” advertising – just clip out a picture of your product – tell a little about it, give the price (or don’t give the price) and the customers will come flooding to your door, right?  Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrated I used to be with my attempts to make advertising work for me.  I dreaded it when media reps would show up at my store-front from the newspaper, radio or TV station. Etc.

I knew I should be advertising. I knew many successful companies had no problems with advertising (or so I thought). I knew that I was not going to achieve the level of success I desperately wanted without advertising, but for the life of me, I just couldn’t get it.

I couldn’t make an ad that would knock anyone’s socks off, much less make my profits roll on a consistent basis.  Sure, my most loyal customers would mention that they saw the ad, but I just couldn’t figure out how to ensure the profitable success of any given ad.


The worse part about it was the sick feeling I got in my stomach as I watched thousands of my hard earned dollars go down the drain with LITTLE OR NO RESULTS.

To make matters worse, after I read every book on advertising from the library and after buying every book on advertising at the bookstore, I was still no more equipped to tackle the job than the man who collects opinions at the barber shop.

Those books were just the mere hunches and opinions and individual experiences of advertising “professionals”. Many of them were completely contradictory.

I suspect, some of the books were no doubt written to promote their own advertising services, more than to really be helpful. In any case, these “professionals” were only telling me more ways to waste my money. Truthfully, their messages were slightly helpful, but none came close to presenting a PROVEN SYSTEMATIC method to produce PROFITABLE results on a consistent basis.


After 5 grueling years of frustration with my business advertising I was even foolish enough to call on a couple of advertising agencies who were supposedly “hot shots” in the industry.  I deduced from them that if I had a big enough budget they would gladly help me spend (waste?) my money.

After 5 years of this tormenting struggle I was lucky enough to stumble onto a set of Bedell’s advertising training manuals.  Believe it or not when I first saw them I almost walked on by. I thought they just looked too “dated” to be of any good.  They also looked very “retail” oriented.

By that time I had sold my “retail” business and bought a publishing business. None-the-less, I stopped, picked up one volume, thumbed through it and little by little shivers of excitement raced up my spine, as if I had found the winning lottery ticket lying in a parking lot.


This was it!  This was the information I had been waiting for!  These were the common-sense, money-making, advertising and marketing techniques and principles, that I had searched in vain for.

Bedell’s manuals were not mere opinion.  Bedell put these manuals together after a business lifetime of intensive research; after studying many millions of dollars worth of his own and other’s advertising TESTS.

He did this after discovering, and isolating, an exact method for putting together advertising, designed for high readership, with convincing copy, tremendous impact and getting lucrative results.

Now, instead of wasting my money on worthless advertising as I did in times past, my ads almost always performed like magic. In fact, I came to expect a 21 to 45 times return on the cost of the advertising space, or I am disappointed.

Using Bedell’s method’s I became so successful at creating cash-producing ads that many of my friends and business associates started almost begging me to create ads for them.

I sold my publishing company, and I spent most of my time creating advertising, and direct mail packages and web sites, for clients nationwide, including some clients from Canada and Europe.

You see, there is no room in these manuals for groundless opinion, hunch or intuition – Bedell gives you TIMELESS, TESTED, FACTS, and PROVEN PROFIT MAKING PRINCIPLES.  These training manuals (15 parts contained in 14 manuals) will revolutionize the way you think about advertising and marketing. This course can make every marketing dollar you spend count double, triple and sometimes even quadruple, or more, the response you may have been used to.

Now, with these manuals in my hands, I was no longer sick to my stomach when I went to run an ad.  Because of Bedell, I was no longer a “fearful advertiser”. I became a “FEARLESS ADVERTISER”.  And my clients were “fearless advertisers.”


Not only HOT prospects buy from you, (those who already want your product or service), but you get buyers from those who haven’t quite made up their minds too. YOU’LL Even GET responses from those who have the money to spend but haven’t yet considered you or your service/product. That’s three levels of buyers!

His techniques are based on a combination of scientific principles that cover- HUMAN BEHAVIOR, READERSHIP STUDIES, AND PERSUASION SKILLS. These three fields of human study have revealed principles that DO NOT CHANGE. They are the same today as in the 1930’s. 1940’s. 1950’s and beyond to this present day.

This Advertising Training Course contains over 600 actual ads from the 50’s and 60’s.  Although they may look dated, the principals of solid money making advertising are the same today as then. Especially when advertising on the internet.

You will discover how to…

• Put ads together from the beginning to the end

• What to say in your headlines

• How to layout your ad to make it jump off the page (or the computer screen) and into the mind of your prospect

• How to keep your prospect’s interest

• How to carry-through to the right buying emotions

• Exactly how much copy you should use

• And how to get action FAST!

If you were to start looking today for what works in advertising, and why, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars and many, many years of time and you could only come to the same conclusions as you will find already detailed for you in this old, but great, money-making course.


These manuals will help you change this sad fact.  You will learn the methods that have made millions of dollars for a vast assortment of companies great and small. You will know at a glance if an ad is even worth running before you dig into your pocket to pay for it!

(And if you don’t own a business—and you want a lucrative job as the marketing director for a big firm, you simple MUST get a copy of these training manuals. NOTE: Marketing directors often make more money than the CEO of a company. Why? Because they know how to bring in the sales. And without SALES everyone has to go home.)


– The 6 foundation truths of all good advertising.

– The 7-fold problem facing every ad and how to overcome it.

– The 3 minimum requirements every successful advertising message must have.

– How to release the creativity needed to make ads that will bring you bushels of cash.

– How to write headlines that cannot be ignored – EVERY TIME!

– How to make layouts for maximum readership and crystal clear communication.

– How to write interesting believable, convincing, persuasive copy— even if you think you are not a good writer.

– What are scientific facts about selling.

– How to apply them to your business and your advertising.

– How to follow through with in-store displays and service to maximize the return on every marketing dollar.

– How to close each ad so your prospect is very, very motivated to do business with you — NOW!

– How to recognize your true competition and how to successfully out-compete them without out-spending them.(The answer may surprise you)

– How to intensify desire for your product or service.

– How to write for easy reading.

– 17 selling strategies to increase your ad’s selling power.

– 20 reasons why the competition’s weak ads sometimes succeed in spite of themselves and what you can do about it.

– 25 reasons why even a strong ad sometimes fails and what you can do about that.

I could go on but I think you get the point.  These are absolutely the best marketing and advertising materials your company can get hold of. And get this— they’re old… but they’re still completely relevant.

There is nothing else like them in existence.

If you are truly serious about making big money in these turbulent times, you simply must get these classic money-making tools for yourself and harness this power to make bigger profits for your business.

As the economy vacillates between boom and bust cycle, it is more crucial than ever to CUT ADVERTISING WASTE and BEEF-UP ADVERTISING RESULTS.

Don’t think for a minute that I am exaggerating the importance of this rare opportunity. Just listen to what some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and marketing geniuses, as well as ordinary business owners and executives, have said of Bedell and his methods,—

“The greatest thing about the BEDELL KIND OF ADVERTISING isn’t that we are making more money than we ever dreamed we could make. The greatest thing is that I am no longer a fearful merchant.

— Ed Horstman, LAGRANGE TV & ORGAN CO.,

       Lagrange, Illinois

“I was very fortunate to get my advertising education from you. After years of helping other people get rich with my advertising knowledge I decided to go into real estate, where, if my knowledge of advertising produced results, I would be the one making the money. The results have been fantastic. In just over a year— with no previous real estate experience — I have sold over 80 condominiums, — I’m just glad I don’t have to compete with advertising that is strong. Wherever there is very weak advertising, there is a great opportunity for the person who knows what he is doing.”


        Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Clyde Bedell started me on the path to writing good advertising copy in 1950 when I was ad director of Rich’s department store in Atlanta. I still have, and use, my original notes. The principles of creating radio advertising that sell have not changed.”

       Harry Spitzer,


“Your message is more vital than ever today with television era creative types who think their job is entertainment, not sales…and who are seemingly incapable of writing more than 20 words for any commercial message.”


       Toronto, Canada

“I say frankly that Clyde Bedell’s course surpasses anything with which I have ever come in contact. A great feast of ideas. An inspiration for advertising men and women— equally valuable in fact to everyone who is engaged in selling.”


       Dallas, Texas.

“I’d like to thank you for contributing to my career, albeit unknowingly. I am now Advertising Director of an international business magazine. Your methods helped me get the job. You do a great job for advertising worldwide.”



“…and of course, advertisers’ healthy reaction to these ‘uncanny’ ads that sell their heads off speak loudest of all for the merits of this course.”


”From this evidence I would say that your advertising training program is highly successful… I have looked the ads over very thoroughly, and I must say these people are doing an outstanding job. These ads are really remarkably good.”


“Before your course I worked blind, hitting the target by mistake since I did not know what I was trying to do. Your lessons opened my eyes. I was an artist. Now I am an advertising artist.”

       —A.R.C. GALAMBAS, Winnipeg, Canada

“I met Clyde through his writings. It was a momentous meeting for me— I got from him the understanding that the most brilliant scintillating work not soundly based would be a terrible waste of creative talent. And that the soundest work in the world boringly presented would never reach its target.”

       —William (Bill) Bernbach,  DOYLE, DANE, BERNBACH.

“I own my own business. When we invest large sums of money for mailings—we must get results. We don’t have a corporate slush fund to bail us out. That is why I am so sold on what we have been able to build with the help of your course.”


        Seaside, CA.

If you have an advertising agency or web developer working for you now, order 2 sets and insist that from now on THIS IS THE STANDARD BY WHICH YOU ARE GOING TO RUN YOUR ADVERTISING.

If they won’t cooperate— FIRE THEM.

This offer is for serious marketers only. For those who want a high return on every marketing dollar they spend. For those who will no longer tolerate wasted dollars and wasted selling opportunities.

Your advertising should not be left up to mere hunch, intuition, opinion or colorful fancy!

Believe me, whoever owns these manuals as part of their arsenal of business warfare, will have AN ALMOST UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over any competition.  They are not just advertising manuals. They are complete foundation for all your marketing.

No matter what kind of selling you do, high-end, low-end, new stuff or used (ebay?) or both, you will find these manuals very, very, very valuable.

In fact, once you experience the true value of the knowledge revealed in this set of classic, rare “HOW TO…” manuals, you would cheerfully pay several thousand dollars for your own collection (if you had to replace them).

How To Get A Set Of These Manuals For FREE

Some 20 years ago, when I was in the advertising business I used to sell this Advertising Training Course to other marketers and ad agencies for $359.95 plus $20 shipping/handling. And I got my price. Why? Because they were worth it—You know a full-page ad would easily cost you $5,000 to $10,000 or more in most average size towns. And— If you got just ONE idea out of the course which gave you 10%… 20%… 40% better response rates… it would easily recoup your money instantly. BUT you will be thrilled to know that Bedell’s manuals will give you a lifetime of HOT, PROVEN, TESTED, PROFITABLE… SELLING IDEAS.

I no longer personally sell the course…

But if you want a copy of the course, call me now…

Phone: 801-895-9598

I’ll put you in touch with Clyde Bedell’s son, Barrie.

Barrie is about 80 years old these days. But he has a handful of the courses in his garage.

I’ll send you one for something like $149.


NOTE… What you are getting here is the accumulated wisdom of a brilliant mind. And a lifetime of work. Mr. Bedell knew how to create advertising that made big bucks for all kinds of advertisers. He was without a doubt the premier teacher of how to create advertising that sells in his day.

Now… No longer will you cringe at your advertising budget. Instead you will see your advertising investment as your first class ticket to new and greater profits.

Imagine cutting your true cost of advertising in half— by doubling your response rates.  And—Imagine customers coming to your business PRE-SOLD, making it almost automatic for your sale-force to close the deal.

Plus, Imagine your ads being so powerful that the prospect cuts it out or prints it out… and uses it later to sell a spouse (or other decision-maker) on purchasing your product or service. This course will teach you exactly how to make your ads accomplish all this and a great deal more.

Don’t delay. Get your set right away. The available supply is extremely limited. And they will not be reprinted.

They will forever end any so-called “creative block” you might have when sitting down to create your selling message.

I urge you to stop what you are doing right now and secure your own set of this profit-enhancing advertising course. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

     Sincerely yours,

     Linwood Austin

      Phone: 801-895-9598

Listen: Many an entrepreneur of the past has made a fortune using Bedell’s secrets. You too can reap giant rewards from your advertising using his methods. You owe it to yourself and the increasing success of your business, to get these manuals and make your marketing easier and far more profitable.

“Whoever Has The Power To Persuade (Revealed In Bedell’s Course) Can Make A Ton Of Money In His Business Even In Tough Economic Times ”—

 John King, Publisher, Future Economic Trends


LIMITED QUANTITY! To re-print these classic “How To” manuals would be impractical. The supply is so small that it does not warrant a mass marketing effort. This blog post won’t be read my millions, so I know it’s ok to offer this. It is offered in order to educate and inform serious entrepreneurs and business professionals. Not only does it guide the CREATOR of advertising… it also guides the BUYER of advertising services to get maximum value for dollars spent. Act today to insure that you will not be disappointed. Once they are gone, that’s it.


Clyde Bedell made a lot of money for Ford AND for Mercedes Benz. Mercedes was so thrilled with just an IDEA he gave them that they gave him a brand new car. That single idea made tons of money for them.

Born in 1898, Bedell found himself in the forefront of the advertising industry by the 1930’s and 40’s. While teaching a copywriting class at the Northwestern University School of Commerce, Bedell could not find a book that presented a systematic, integrated approach for the creation of selling copy; not just words for words’ sake. But powerful persuasive copy that would make advertising highly profitable.

He found no book based on the organized siftings of systematic research. Instead he found assorted intuitions and fragments of experience.

So, he wrote his own textbook, HOW TO WRITE ADVERTISING THAT SELLS, which McGraw-Hill published first in 1940. Followed by a second revised edition in 1952. It became a best seller among teachers and practitioners, and entrepreneurs because of its informal style and plentiful examples. Bedell fearlessly challenged anyone in the advertising community who based their practice of advertising mainly on hunch or intuition. He rightly challenged those who claimed to be “professionals” who wasted advertising dollars on methods long proven by research to be ineffective.

Besides writing two other books on advertising, he was former promotions manager for Marshall Field and Co. He also designed the marketing strategy that Ford Motor Co. used, the one year in ten, before world war II, in which they outsold Chevrolet.

Bedell co-founded BASIC/BEDELL SELLING IMPROVEMENT CORP. an international advertising consulting corporation whose clients include the foremost retailers and publishers around the world. He had countless entrepreneurial businesses as clients. He was the very first person elected to the RETAIL ADVERTISING HALL OF FAME. A whole book could be written about his long life and career, his principles and integrity. It was also said of Bedell that he spent his whole career not just pointing the way to more profitable advertising, but making better citizens.

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