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September 19, 2013

Video Email Marketing For Beginners.

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Video Email Marketing Is HOT. Here is what you need to know about how to make it work for you.


Stop what you’re doing and jump into this.

You will increase your sales.

You will win friends and influence people.

You will speed your sales cycle along.

You will save time and money and lower your “selling costs”.

Video selling is perfect for mostly any business owner… entrepreneur… get-a-head leader… etc.

Way back… way back… in the 1980’s I was learning about copywriting, marketing and sales. I was an early subscriber to Gary Halbert’s marketing letter.

He sent out a letter every month to teach us how to create advertising that sells.

Halbert admitted there were lots of “salesmen” out there… but not many folks who could write a good sales letter.

One solution to that problem… was to have you (if you’re a salesman) turn on the tape recorder and record your selling message… and then transcribe it… and PRESTO… you’d have a good sales letter… more or less… with some tweaking.

Imagine how Halbert would be THRILLED with today’s easy-breezy tools to make video sales messages.

OK… are you ready to hit the record button?

You’re almost there.

Here’s what you need to do if you’re a “scaredicat” (sp?)

First… make a list of ALL THE BENEFITS your buyers will get from buying your product or service.

Second… make a list of all the FEATURES of your product or service. (Benefits are WHY they will buy, FEATURES make the benefits believable.)

Next… make a list of the typical reasons they will OBJECT to buying from you.

Now with these three lists… you’ll have enough materials to make 15 to 20 videos. This is HOT, HOT, HOT.

Now hit that record button and just imagine you’re sitting down next to the fireplace with a good friend and just rattle off what you have to say about these things.

Now you’re going to have to do something with those videos.

You’re going to have to post them.. email them… refer back to them… and get them in front of eyeballs everywhere.

How do you do that?

One of the best tools out there is a service called Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion allows you to send out thousands of video emails with just a click.

Talk Fusion allows you to post your video to over 300 social media sites with a click. (sites like youtube, facebook, stumbleupon, digg, tumbler, and more and more and more.)

This tool… of placing your sales video on hundreds of social media sites… is just like advertising in hundreds of newspapers for free.

Before you start making your video sales messages—have this 5-part outline posted in front of your camera.

Part One:
Present The Problem. –this is not “your” problem… but THEIR problem. The problem they want to solve in their lives. Your problem might be you have a warehouse full of gadgets you need to move. But they don’t care about your problem. To be a good marketing, you need to solve their problem.

Part Two:
Present The Solution: Now you can start moving your product/service out the door. Your solution to their problem is to buy your stuff. Right?

Part Three:
Present The Benefits of The Solution: Always remember, people buy only to get benefits. What exactly are “benefits”? They are the emotional elements people get from this or that product. Benefits are longer life, more comfort, greater cash-flow, smoother ride in a car, more free time, better view of the ocean (real estate), become more popular, etc. Benefits are the key to greater marketing profits.

Part Four:
Present the Proof They Will Get The Benefits: Proof… is testimonials… endorsements from authorities… a column of numbers adding up the savings they will get… demonstrations… etc. In fact VIDEO just begs for demonstrations. Just imagine you’re a junior version of Anthony Sullivan or Billy Mays (both of those guys are/were late-nite informercial advertisers). “But wait there’s more”. Give proof of the benefits.

Part Five:
Present the Call To Action: Don’t leave off this part. Lots of beginning marketers fail because they don’t ask for action NOW. “Order now and get this FREE blah, blah, blah.” – “Call me by Wednesday as this offer is limited”—“We only have 17 units left”. Etc.


I do some video marketing. But mostly I’m an old copywriting hack. But if you’re not a “writer”… then take this shortcut… make videos of the reason why they should buy from you.

If you want help… by all means let’s talk. Not only am I a copywriting hack… I’m a copywriting whore. I’ll write advertising copy for most anyone who pays me at least a peanut butter sandwich.

But this little essay is pretty much all you need to create many, many, many sales messages.

And once you’ve made them… blast them everywhere. Why not? There must be millions of people who want THE BENEFITS you’re selling. Keep that in mind… you’re not selling products—you’re selling benefits.

It doesn’t cost much to pick up the phone and call me.

Here’s the number: 801-895-9598

Tell me about your business… your successes… your goals… your hurdles. I’ll think aloud and give you what may be some real good advice.

Get on this Video Email Marketing thing. You’ve got good sales messages inside you… let’s get it out and BLAST IT EVERYWHERE.






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