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July 25, 2009

The Minimum Wage Law Is Evil.

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The Minimum Wage Law Is Evil.

Random notes on the minimum wage law.

1.    Capitalism is the freedom to make and sell things without government help or interference.
2.    If the government can set a “minimum wage” the government can also set a “maximum wage”. Either way the government is interfering with the free market.
3.    If I have an idea for a business and am short on cash, but my friends agree to work for me for $1 per hour for six months to until things get off the ground, will I go to jail?
4.    The minimum wage law was created in the 1930’s by Northern congressman in order to stop northern manufacturers from moving to the South to take advantage of lower wages. If those manufacturers moved, tax revenue would be loss. They were not truly concerned with the poor laborers. Their concern was for their tax coffers. See here: http://www.fff.org/freedom/0796d.asp
5.    The minimum wage laws have created a black market for labor. Illegals come into our country and work “under the table” and it is far more attractive than hiring a U.S. citizen who not only gets “minimum wage”… but also gets to sue you for age discrimination, sex discrimination, race discrimination, etc. Add in the costs of employee taxes, benefits packages, health care, retirement, etc… and the under-the-table employee looks mighty good.
6.    If a $7.25 good… why not $72.50? Wouldn’t that be better?  Both are arbitrary numbers. The only number that makes sense is between the employer and the employee. If they agree on a price, of what concerned it is to the government?
7.    If I hire a 19-year old kid to sweep the leaves off my driveway for $5 bucks, and it takes him 2 hours, will I go to jail? If the kid has no other skills, and he agrees, am I not doing him a favor? If I don’t hire him, will not his idleness be a detriment? Won’t he soon be looting legally or illegally? (Legal looting is applying for government welfare… which also comes out of my pocket.) So either way I am paying this kid. In one way I am getting a benefit… a clean driveway. In the other way I have become a slave to him. I work so that he may remain idle. Plus, if I don’t sweep my driveway, the city government comes along and fines me for not keeping up my property. And thus the damage multiplies.
8.    If you make the minimum wages laws burdensome enough, someone will invent a driveway-sweeper which can do the job for a cost of say… $2… and the kid is idled permanently.
9.    If I want to work for $1 per hour… who is the government to day I cannot sell my time for what I want? It’s MY time. It’s MY life.
10.    The only one who benefits from raising a “minimum wage” is the politician. He/she looks like an angel who cares about the poor worker… but the truth is, the minimum wage is a sham since the US dollar is a bogus measure of money. Dollars are printed up with nothing to back it up. If you measure the minimum wage compared to gold (which is a stable/true measure of wealth/money) the true purchasing power of the minimum wage has been falling and falling and falling. (see this chart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8kke1S7fwo&feature=channel_page)
11.    What if we could pay employees in gold? Wouldn’t that change the game altogether? Instead we are forced to pay in bogus US dollars with minimum and maximum rates set by politicians who have never run a legit business much less had to balance their own budget.
12.    Who pays for the new, higher minimum wage? YOU DO. The cost is passed on in higher prices for products and services you want and need. The minimum wage is a hidden tax on YOU. Don’t be fooled by the politician who tries to sound altruistic.


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