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February 26, 2008

Million Dollar Marketing Secrets Revealed

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As Seen in DM NEWS:

I am so confident about my skill in marketing and advertising that…

I Guarantee to Outpull Your Best Ad…

Your Best Web Site

or Mailing Package by 10% better in a split-run test.

If I don’t pull at least 10% more responses than your control you won’t owe me one red cent for the work I have done — creative or production.
If I do beat your best ad or direct mail package or internet marketing campaign… you simply pay the agreed upon fee. Should the test results be impressive and we both wish to enter into a full-service advertising agency agreement — this creative fee will be rebated to you. In effect this offer is risk-free. You pay nothing — if I can’t beat your ad by 10% or more.

Are You Intrigued?

Please Read On…
Imagine how much a minimum of 10% increase in advertising results would mean to you in net year-end profit. Too many businesses spend more in advertising than they see in profit each year. Too many have no idea if their ads are working at all. My methods can change all that.
Are There Any Strings?
Only 2 —

1. There must be only one chef in the kitchen — Me! I will create the advertising package that I think will sell. You can correct the legal and factual items. But I must have full creative freedom. Good advertising is not created by committee. If your bookkeeper or cousin insists on rewriting the copy or changing the layout, I will not guarantee the results. Nor its success.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take as much input as I can get from you or your staff about your business, your product, your successes and failures. But after that, when I finally sit down to put your ad together, I do it alone.
2. I play to win! I know a good ad when I see one. And if I honestly think your ad is excellent and I won’t have a chance of beating it, I will say so. But this is not likely. I’d say that 19 out of 20 ads, web sites or direct mail packages are so bad that I could get double, maybe triple the response. Easily! Most products and services are much more exciting than their advertising lets on.

Who is Linwood Austin?

For years I have been quietly honing my skill at creating “killer” advertising. Believe me it is not an easy thing to do. There have been long hours of research into the principles of “scientific advertising.” There have been many thousands of dollars of my own and clients’ money laid down in TESTS for advertising appeal, content, offers, impact and ultimate CASH response. The results are surprising. Advertising that gets the best results is best not left up to mere opinion.

How Can I Guarantee Results?

My approach to advertising is different. I don’t set out to win advertising awards. I want to see the sales chart explode through the roof. The only ad I was ever tempted to enter into an awards contest was one with the headline…


Warning: Do Not Call Any Ad Agency Until You Read This!

This was a yellow page ad that didn’t make me popular with the local ad agencies. But it made me a ton of money. I don’t make advertising for advertising’s sake. I make advertising from within the mind and emotions of the prospective buyer. What do they really want to hear? What would make them lay aside their indifference and write you a check? What message would make them almost “lust” after your product?

Here Are 2 “Tricks” I Use To Guarantee Profitability.

1. Advertising is salesmanship. In the ads I create every little thing has to justify itself in sales. The headline, the picture, the concept, every word. No ad or direct mail package or on-line campaign is run on the hope that it will have a “cumulative” effect. Advertising is not just keeping your name out there. I demand the highest MEASURED return possible.
2. Find the hot buttons. To some degree my techniques rely on people’s psychological needs. Their need to emotionally embrace the product. Their need to logically justify the purchase to themselves and others. Their longing for the three timeless human cravings:

1.) More Time 2.) More Sex
3.) More Money

I am very careful to translate these benefits into something easily grasped by any prospect regarding your product. Please keep in mind that I am not making this offer just to be cute. I really can boost the advertising response to almost any ad. I created one ad for a professional service that did 47 times better than what the client was using previously. A seminar industry client came to me literally with holes in his shoes. I developed a marketing package for him that brought him $103,000 in 90 days.
A high-end stereo client said, “This Christmas your advertising brought us all the buyers and left our competitors with all the ‘lookers.’” A computer mail-order firm said, “Your ad beat ours 3 to 1.”
An ex-publisher said, “Because of your advertising techniques I sold my business for 4 times what I paid for it.”
A discount travel organization said, “How did you do it? Your TV spot brings so many responses it makes our old one look like the dark ages.”
Although they may not admit it, some heads of the nation’s top marketing firms call me for brainstorming and problem solving when they have a tough marketing situation.

Has My Advertising Ever Failed?

Most of the ads I create produce far greater results than anything the client ever dreamed of. The biggest problem I have is when someone wants to change what I have created. Or worse yet, the ad is never run or the direct mail package is never sent out.
I created one ad for a very dull product that was a miserable failure. But even though no one wanted that product, the client told me he got more spin-off business from that ad than from anything run previously.

Can I Create A Winner For You?

One thing’s for sure, it won’t cost you much to find out. All you have to do is send me a copy of your best ad. Or a sample of your top-producing direct mail package. I’ll let you know lickety-split whether I think I can beat it by 10% or more. If you are serious about making more money in the years ahead, you’d be foolish not to take me up on this offer. My methods work like crazy. And this is a risk-free offer. Call or write now.

Linwood Austin
Direct Marketing
2274 S. 1300 E. Suite G15
Salt Lake City, UT 84016
Phone: (801) 201-9026

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  1. OK, Linwood, how’s this one? We build beautiful home additions and 2nd stories with very experienced and qualified crews and management in a market that has been
    a) killed by the media (whose house value hasn’t been annihilated with the media focusing on declines?),
    b) croaked by the lenders (even good borrowers are being denied financing in this environment),
    c) twisted into submission by competing dopes who advertise only price (as if dog food and chopped sirloin are both “meats” worthy of the same consideration).

    Our direct mail pulls little to nothing when it used to do extremely well. Our product has done nothing but get better, yet sales are flat to declining. I hear what you’re saying, but how do you execute a plan to get the phone to ring and business reply cards coming back in?

    Comment by Tom Frangos — July 5, 2008 @ 8:49 pm

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