Diary of an Ad Man

February 23, 2008

Notes on Headlines For Your Ad

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The headline is the most important element of your ad… Sometimes… I say the OFFER is the most important… but most of the time the OFFER is revealed in the headline… below is a headline I wrote for a sales letter offering a book on investing in gold.


How To Stuff Your Pockets With HUGE Profits From GOLD Every Month! Even If You’ve Never Bought A Dime’s Worth Of Gold In Your Life. But You Must Act NOW!

The US Government Hates Gold. Why? Because if you knew gold’s secrets, you could grow rich quickly. President Nixon declared an unspoken war on gold in 1975. The government knows gold in the right hands has unstoppable power. In This Report I’ll Reveal: How You Can Leverage Gold’s Predictable Power Into A Personal Cash-Flow, Wealth-Building Machine… Starting With Less Than $200—GUARANTEED! Put it to the test without risking a penny. Watch Your Wealth Grow. Get from $11,300 to $21,400 A Month.

FACT: Gold Is About To EXPLODE In A HUGE Display Of Skyrocketing Profits The Likes Of Which Have Not Been Seen Since The Year 1913. Make THIS Your Moment To Take Action!!

Gold has strange and hidden powers.
Gold is predictable.
Gold is set to explode to $5,000 per ounce. Or MORE!!!

Let Gold Make You Rich, Dear Friend,


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