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February 23, 2008

Breakthrough Envelope Secrets

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enevelop.gifdscf0353jpg.jpgAnnouncing An Envelope That Could Double Or Triple Your Sales And Profits. 

In direct mail marketing, the envelope could be your best friend… or it could be your worst enemy. 
All I have here are questions… but if you ask the right questions… sometimes you can get to the right answer. 

1. What do you want your mailing package to accomplish?

If you want to make a big splash… to show that you are successful and can be a little wasteful… perhaps a big 9 X 12 inch envelope is just the thing. Now, the question is… what color—Brown? White? Lots of art? Lots of copy? 

If you want to stand out in the daily mail, perhaps you need a 6X9 envelope. It’s bigger than a common #10 envelope. So, it gets noticed. And you can stuff more information inside. Typically, the more pieces of paper that fall out of a mailing envelope the bigger response you get. Why? Because you’re supplying more information… it’s confusing… the recipient opens it up… all this stuff falls out… and he says “What the heck is all this?” And thus… he has to touch every piece of paper to satisfy his curiosity. 

If your letter is “short and sweet”… you will likely not make as much money… your response rates will be smaller. This is not my “opinion”… it comes from 100 years of tested marketing results. 

If you’ve got a good sales message that can fit on 4 or 8 sheets of paper… fine. Mail it in a #10 envelope. 

Now the question is… what do you put on the outside of the envelope to make them open it. Here, in no particular are random thoughts on what can and should go on the outer envelope. 

1. FIVE HEADLINES. The great copywriter, Gene Schwartz, would sometimes use 5 headlines on his mailing package. He said he did so because he couldn’t decide which one was the best. So, he used them all. 
2. Hand Addressed. When you get mail, that is hand addressed, curiosity takes over. Who sent me this? Is it someone I know? I better not toss this until I find out what’s inside. 
3. NLP. (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) There is a part of our psychology that feels comfortable with the familiar. So, if you meet someone from the South who speaks with a slow, southern drawl, and you’re from New York, it would do you well to slow down your speech and magically they feel, more comfortable with you. You’re mirroring their speech. They feel right at home. Let’s say you’re mailing something to an industry group… like dentists. If most dentists get a popular industry newsletter delivered inside a 6X9 green envelope… It might do you well to mail your sales letter inside a 6X9 green envelope. In this case you’ll likely fly under their resistance radar. 
4. ODD Envelopes. I’ve been involved in mailing out messages in a wine bottle. Bags of Starbucks coffee. Signed baseballs. Etc. These were BIG things that could not be ignored. But the message has to be somewhat related. The thing that redeemed the cost of an expensive mailing was that it was a business-to-business situation and the contracts or sales to be made were high-ticket items. 
5. First Class colorful stamp? For a small mailing test, 1,000 names to 5,000 names testing with a live, colorful first class stamp makes sense. If the test proves profitable, in most cases, I’ve found bulk rate postage gets the same response as does 1st class. 
6. Fancy Color Graphics? By all means the graphics should be fancy if you’re selling something like a fancy colorful magazine. But the graphics should never hide the sales message. It should compliment the effort and not distract from the effort. 

First of all, the purpose of the envelope is to get your message into the hands of your target audience. In some cases, you need to make or use an envelope that the letter carrier will respect. If it looks too cheap… too much like junk mail, will it be trashed even before your target gets it? 

Secondly, do you want your envelope to reveal some or all of your OFFER? Do you want to TEASE them about “more information inside?” Do you want to treat your envelope as an AD all in itself? 

Is your message so strong that you can afford to say nothing on your envelope and thereby cut some of the cost of mailing and production? 

Speaking of “all things envelope”… I have about 20,000 XPEDITE window envelopes left over from a prior mailing campaign. As I recall, they cost 25¢ each. I can let you have them for ½ that price, if you take them all. Or, I can give them too you FREE. Here’s how… 

You can have all 20,000 of these envelopes FREE if you hire me to write a direct mail package for you… as part of the deal. These are fine envelopes that have the look and feel of something important. Just mention up front that you want these envelopes… as part of the deal, I’ll give you a creative fee for developing your next marketing campaign and PRESTO… you get 20,000 envelopes to begin your effort. I think it’s a good deal. 

What do you think? 

Let’s talk. 

Linwood Austin
2274 South 1300 East, #G-15
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Phone: 801-201-9026


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