Diary of an Ad Man

February 23, 2008

Advertising POP QUIZ.

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Take this Advertising POP QUIZ.

There are some 31 selling stratagems you can use in a given advertising or marketing campaign. Go to this page…
It’s an ad I wrote for a client. Then go over the list below and see if you can spot which stratagems I actually used in the ad. Email me your answers… and whoever gives me the best reply will get a FREE assay bottle of Gold. (Only one winner per month until I run out. I have about 15 bottles left from a former business endeavor.) Send me your answer with your mailing address.


Good luck on your pop quiz.

—————————-BEGIN HERE—————————–

Use a HEADLINE: Get the prospect’s attention FAST.
1. Mention the prospect and his interests. (Use the words YOU or YOUR in your headline.)
2. Promise big benefits. (Sizzle?)
3. Use NEWS to the point.
4. Provoke curiosity. (If you can do it pertinently.)
5. Mention your product(s) in a favorable light.

6. Immediately enlarge on the promise of the headline.
7. Tell your story in the first paragraph.
8. Emphasize one basic idea.
9. Clearly tell the BENEFITS (Sizzle?) the prospect will gain.
10. Present the selling points to deliver those benefits. (Present the steak that makes the sizzle believable.)
11. Show that your product(s) is easy, economical, and agreeable to use.
12. Use sex and prestige appeals if you can.
13. Use negative inferences. (That is, to show ills avoided by purchasing your product.)

14. Favorable comparison with others.
15. Make points of contrast and superiority.
16. Use “Only” and exclusive features.
17. Make exceptional claims you can support.
18. Compliment the prospect if you can.

19. Present the main idea of your selling message three times.
20. Tell of your product’s popularity… who uses and likes it.
21. Give bona fide testimonials… and authority’s approval.
22. Give assurances and proof of your offer… build confidence.
23. Guarantee if you can.
24. Make your offer vitally valid… be congruous.
25. Convey the value of your product or service… definitely, positively.

26. Give the reader good reasons and excuses for buying NOW.
27. Make choosing easy… stress ONE item above others you may sell.
28. Tell how, when, and where to get it.
29. Name prices and terms… make it easy to buy or order.
30. Consider a coupon… or direct offer.
31. Sell NOW as the time… make a bid for business and action.

End: 8:52 AM Sunday morning.


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