Diary of an Ad Man

January 23, 2008

49 Values! Use These And They Will Buy From You

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I hope this list helps…
Generally speaking customers buy from you for only 3 reasons…

One… they LIKE you.
Two… they are CONVINCED you’ve got a good deal.
Three… you showed up at the RIGHT time… they were going to buy anyway.

If you’re a good marketer… you’ll learn to do all three things. Be convincing… Be like-able… and show up at the right time.

Here are 49 benefits… values… that people buy. Make sure your marketing materials clearly show that your product or service delivers these values.

Chart of values and principlesvalues.gif

1. Aliveness
2. Autonomy
3. Beauty
4. Caring
5. Challenge
6. Compassion
7. Contribution
8. Courage
9. Creativity
10. Dignity
11. Elegance
12. Excellence
13. Excitement
14. Fairness
15. Freedom
16. Fulfillment
17. Fun
18. Grace
19. Happiness
20. Harmony
21. Helping
22. Honesty
23. Humor
24. Innovation
25. Joy
26. Justice
27. Learning
28. Love
29. Making the world a better place
30. Mastery
31. Order
32. Perseverance
33. Playfulness
34. Revolution
35. Safety
36. Security
37. Self-reliance
38. Service
39. Simplicity
40. Solving problems
41. Stimulating change
42. Synergy
43. Truth
44. Uniqueness
45. Using my abilities
46. Vitality
47. Wisdom
48. Zest
49. Peace

God Bless You.


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