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July 12, 2016

How To Quickly Build A Network Marketing Downline Of 100 People In Your MLM Business Using a Powerful “Sales Letter”.

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LinkedIn Friend,

I don’t know if you’re into MLM’s or not… but check this out…


Good News For Network Marketers

How To Quickly Build A Network Marketing Downline Of 100 People In Your MLM Business Using a Powerful “Sales Letter”.

Note: 100 People Turns into $10,000 A Month In Almost Any Network Marketing Opportunity.

Surprising New Way You Can Make A Decent Income In Almost Any Network Marketing Company.



Dear Friend and Network Marketer,


A few years ago, Mark Yarnell wrote a book called …

“How to Become Filthy Stinking Rich In Network Marketing …
Without Alienating Your Family And Friends

If you read the book, you’ll learn a lot about marketing, period. Not just network marketing.


Here is how the numbers work with Network Marketing (also called Multi-Level-Marketing):


If you were to open up a book store, a restaurant, a shoe store, a plumbing company… etc… you could spend perhaps $100,000.00 (one-hundred thousand dollars) or more just to open your doors.

And… you know in your heart that you could NEVER survive by selling your products or services to just your family and friends.

No. With those kinds of businesses… you need hundreds of customers each week… or hundreds each month… thousands of customers each year just to make a go of it.

But with a typical network marketing opportunity (MLM)… generally speaking… you only need 100 people in your down-line—as customers or distributors… and you’ll make about $10,000 per month.

How it is possible? Because … generally speaking… if you get just 100 customers in your down-line… in a typical network marketing company… 80 people will do little or nothing for you.

But… and get this… 20 of those customers-distributors will be so excited about the opportunity… that they will go out and hustle and generate a down-line under you and them of some 10,000 names… and you’ll make about $1 per name per month… no matter what the company “compensation plan” is.

All network marketing companies give you some bonuses along the way for recruiting people personally… but the real kicker is – you’ll make some $10,000 per month by just bringing in some 100 people into the network.

For example, when you personally recruit 5 people, the MLM company might give you a bonus of $100 per person as you begin to grow your business. But that is not the point here.

My point is about the money you’ll make on the whole downline. And it generally works out that recruiting 100 people will turn into a downline of 100,000 names… and you’ll make $1 per name, per month.

Listen, I know one lady who recruited only 3 people into her MLM and ended up making $5,000 a month off the efforts of those 3 recruits. How did that work? It’s because the 3 people she recruited were her 3 adult sons, who were very excited about the opportunity. And her adult sons created a downline so big that this lady never recruited anyone else… yet she made some $5,000 bucks a month from her sons’ efforts.

Again, Generally speaking, get one hundred customers/distributors and you’re almost guaranteed a $10,000 per month income. 80 people will be lazy and do nothing for you. But 20 will make it all happen.

NOTE:… These are much better numbers than trying to open up a book store, hair salon, coffee shop, etc.


The main problem with network marketing is that… most folks who jump in don’t know much about MARKETING.

Marketing is the missing element for most folks who join a “network marketing” company.

It does not cost much to jump into a typical network marketing company. You can get into almost any of them for $300 bucks… sometimes $1,495… depending on the level you want with the commission package and positioning.

So, the cost to join any MLM is way cheaper than opening up a regular brick and mortar store or restaurant, etc.

But after you join one, then comes the question of HOW DO YOU MARKET IT?

AND that’s where most folks lose it. They try to sell it to family and friends… and when family and friends are done laughing at you, you’re stuck. You might even think of quitting.

What you need is a customer or prospect universe that is bigger than your family and friends. Way bigger.

And I’m here to give it to you.

And I have the perfect SYSTEM to market your product or service to… if you’re into network marketing.

It’s a very special collection mailing lists I have, of people who are looking for a new income opportunity. AND… All you need is the RIGHT NETWORK MARKETING SALES LETTER.

I personally hate cold calling people on the phone. But I love direct mail. I have made a lot of money by mail over the last 30 years.

Since the late 1980’s I have created more, high-profit, sales-busting “direct marketing” sales letters than anyone you’ve likely ever met.

I’ve written sales letters that were mailed out to millions of folks selling everything from financial information to cars and furniture… and everything in between.

I know direct mail works. Even in this age of internet this and web site that… direct mail sales letters are still the overlooked darling of the marketing universe.


Even the high and mighty Google uses direct mail to build their business.

Yes, it’s amazing but true. Google has a big direct mail campaign going on year after year to build their business.

But I want you to know that, even YOU can use a sales letter to build your network marketing business down-line and never have to make a cold-call again.

And live a happy, prosperous life.

The secret is in the mailing list… and the sales letter itself.

You see… you can’t use just any list… and you can’t use just any letter.

The mailing list has to be warmed up to the idea of buying from you.


And the network marketing sales letter has to be charming, helpful, informative and have elements of story appeal in it.

If the people on the mailing list are right… and the letter is strong…. I’ve seen as much as a 12% response to the mailing.

There are many thousands of people right now… all across the country who are desperately looking for an income opportunity. And many who will say YES to your offer– if it’s presented in the right kind of way.

Here is how a network marketing sales letter would work for you.

I’ve told you that with most MLM opportunities, you only need 100 people in your down-line to make some $10,000 or more each month.

Most mailing campaigns of this type are done to a mailing list of 5,000 names of hot or warm prospects. And if we just get a 2% response – signed up with you… there’s your 100 customers… and you’re on your way to making your $10,000 a month.

Don’t think that direct mail “don’t work”. It does work. If done right.


You don’t have to mail out all 5,000 names to see if it works for you. You can mail out 25 or 250 or all 5,000.

The right kind of letter to the right list is magic when it come to sales, profits, income and a better life.

The wrong letter to the wrong list is a waste of time and money.

I talked to a network marketer the other day who snidely said “Direct mail doesn’t work… I used to own a restaurant and I used direct mail and it just don’t work.”

He couldn’t hear what I was saying.

I’m saying YES the right letter works to the right list. His mailing effort for his old restaurant did not work… why?… I don’t know, we didn’t go over it.

But even a restaurant can find direct mail profitable if they use the right letter to the right list.

(HINT: I can get the mailing list of everyone who’s going to have a birthday coming up soon… and the people on that list would really respond to a special offer from a restaurant to come have the party there.)

(SECOND HINT: I had a client, years ago, who would “mail like hell” to his own customers’ mailing list to get them to come back and he had tons of REPEAT BUSINESS. Wildly successful.)


Do you get my meaning? … If you don’t have a “marketing plan” for your network marketing business– You’re going to be stuck trying to sell your network opportunity to your family and friends… or stuck making endless cold calls on the telephone. Don’t do that. You’ll get burn out. No good.


Grab your phone… call me.

“I Will Create Your Network Marketing Sales Letter.”

And You Can Use This Sales Letter In Your Network Marketing Business to Become “Filthy Stinking Rich”

Without Alienating Your Family And Friends.”


Here is my number: 801-895-9598

I’ll create a “killer” network marketing sales letter for you. And give you a “killer” mailing list of thousands of names.

When you call… Let’s talk about what network opportunity you’re involved with. Let’s talk about what kind of letter might work for you. Let’s talk about what kind of mailing list would be best for you.

The secret to making this work is the story, the appeal, the benefits, the “reason why”… and mailing out to the right list.

For years and years I lived and breathed direct mail sales letters. Selling everything from water heaters to weekend seminars to high-paid investment advice for various customers and clients… all by direct mail.

I used to look over the fence that “those MLM guys” and wonder what the heck they were doing. I couldn’t figure the whole industry out. Not until I read Yarnell’s book “HOW TO BECOME FILTHY STINKING RICH”…

And not until I discovered that, generally speaking, you only need one-hundred customers or distributors in your down-line… to make some $10,000 a month… then it all made sense to me.

Mark Yarnell was a network marketing man. He knew you MUST reach out beyond family and friends to make any real money in this business.

I am a direct mail marketing man. I write sales letters for network marketers. I have taken the time to discover what works in network marketing… and how best to BLEND the network marketing message with direct mail marketing.


I’m here to tell you… To get one-hundred people signed up under you… the quickest way is with a direct mail campaign… written in the right kind of way… and mailed to the right kind of mailing list.

Mail 5,000 letters… and you get the action you need to have the 100 customers you need to make this magic happen for you… with an income of some $10,000 per month.

Once you start getting $10,000.00 per month… your cash flow will go on and on for quite some time.

One network marketer I spoke with stopped marketing after he got enough downline customers to make some $2,000 per month. And he got $2,000 per month for about 15 years before his income started falling off because his downline fell apart. Maybe some of them died. Maybe they just moved on. Attrition happens. It’s ok. Just call me and let’s rebuild your downline.

Are you game to talk?

Here is my number: 801-895-9598

I know that direct mail sales letters work. It even works for network marketers. IF you do it in the right kind of way.

One guy using my method was told by his CPA that he would have to quit the network marketing business until his divorce was over. His wife wanted a divorce. And he was making good money using direct mail to build his network marketing downline. He quit network marketing and went through the divorce totally broke. After it was over, he hit the mail again… and GUESS WHAT… he quickly build his income again and he loves direct mail.


This is a special offer to serious MLMer’s who want a real solution to their marketing challenges.

Over the years I have used my direct mail marketing skills to help clients sell millions of dollars worth of products and services in every kind industry you can think of.

I’ve even made a nice chunk of change for myself testing my ideas in various MLM’s. I’m offering to help you solve a real problem. To help you build a downline no matter what MLM you’re involved with.

I know direct mail will work for MLM’s as well as it does for many other kinds of businesses out there. (Remember, I said that even Google uses direct mail.)

I’ve written sales letters for some of the biggest publishers in the country. I’ve written sales letters for some people you may have seen on Donald Trump’s Apprentice TV show. I’ve written mailing packages that helped build a customer buyer’s lists of some 10 million names or more.

I can help you market your network marketing opportunity.

It will cost you a small investment of $995 to have me write your package and help you get it in the mail.

The costs to have me create a sales letter for your network marketing business is small compared to floundering around trying to sell your opportunity to friends and family.

The goal of getting $10,000 every month for a long, long time… by recruiting about 100 people into your down-line… makes this a reasonable offer.

I’ve been called one of the top ten advertising copywriters in America.

And I didn’t arrived at that level of skill overnight.

I’ve spent many a year studying the science and art of what works and what does not work in direct mail marketing. I’ve spent millions of dollars of my own and client’s money in testing and proving selling ideas … measured only by sales and profits… in real world situations. My ads and sales letters were never created to win awards or look fancy with over-the-top graphics. No. My ads and sales letters are created to win sales.

I’m telling you… you don’t have to wish and hope… for success… in network marketing. You don’t have to do three-way-calls with your upline guy. You don’t have suffer the scorn of your family and friends who are sure you’re into some “pyramid” scheme. Every company, every business is a “pyramid” with the CEO at the top and the workers down below.

You can be smart and let me help you put together a direct mail campaign that you can send out in small batches… until you get a large enough down-line to more or less retire.

You’d be smart to pick up the phone right now… and put my skills to work for you.

The right letter to the right list is magic. I can make that magic happen for you.

I’ve helped others… now it could be your turn.

My services are not expensive.

But I’ll tell you what really is expensive…

  • It’s expensive to do nothing.
  • It’s expensive to run an ad or mailing campaign based on hunch or intuition. Not on time-tested, scientific, proven marketing principals.
  • It’s expensive to run a “little ad” for say $100 that brings you no calls and no sales.
  • It’s expensive to spend hours and hours on the phone chasing after people who resent telemarketers.

My services are cheap by comparison.

Depending on your MLM… I’ll craft a unique, powerful, charming and friendly sales message. A letter that asks the reader to say YES and join with you in the adventure of a lifetime.

And I’ll help you get it in the mail… and get your phone to ring… with buyers, customers and opportunity seekers ready and willing to sign up with you.

Are you game to talk?

I am yours,

Linwood Austin

Linwood Austin– Advertising Writer

Direct Response Advertising Man For The Network Marketer

And THANK YOU, in advance… for giving me the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing success.

Here is my number: 801-895-9598

Email: yourlinwood@gmail.com


Marketing is everything. Even if you own a hot dog stand. You don’t own a hot dog stand, you are in the marketing business. And marketing is NOT about having a better hot dog. Marketing is all about finding a HUNGRY CROWD. If you find a HUNGRY CROWD… you can sell so-so hot dogs. Marketing is about markets. If you mail out your sales letters to people who are already looking for an income opportunity, THEY will be more likely to buy your income opportunity, your network marketing products and service, your MLM.


April 14, 2016


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When you write letters to get new customers, new sales, and increased profits… well, that’s one thing.

Why? Because markets change. Products change. Vendors change. Times change. And broadly speaking, a good sales letter, web site or print ad will have a shelf life of maybe one year.

NOTE: I’ve create some marketing sales letters that were used by clients for 7 years or more. That’s pretty good. But uncommon.

But there is one letter YOU MUST WRITE… that can be used for some 20 years or more. What is it? Just this….


This is a letter you send to each and every buyer, which tells them how smart they are to buy your product or service. It’s especially important if you sell a high-ticket item.

Why do you want to send out this letter?

Because it cuts down on refund requests. It also makes folks feel good about buying from you.

And quite often, once someone buys your product, they finally want more REASONS WHY they bought it. They bought it for the benefits your product offers… of course… but once they buy it, often the wife or the neighbor or the boss… will ask them –“Why did you buy that?”

And once someone asks that question, they want ammo… they want to be able to rattle off all the reasons WHY they bought it… so they look smart… instead of stuttering and begin doubting why they bought it.

Another reason you need a POST PURCHASE REASSURANCE LETTER is this… you can use the letter to up-sell, cross sell, or resell them.

Face it, marketing is more than just getting a customer. It’s often about KEEPING a customer. And getting customers to REFER your business to others.

You can write this letter for yourself. Or you can get me to write it for you.

The cost? Hmmmmm… How about I create a POST PURCHASE REASSURANCE letter for you for the low, low price of $995.

In order to do a good job on this letter, I’ll have to ask you a few questions about yourself, your product, your service, your goals, etc.

Then, I will weave together a letter that compliments your customer and reassures them that they made the right decision to buy from you.

Are you game to do this… ?

Let’s talk.

Linwood Austin




PS this price is good for 10 days only. Hurry. Call me.

April 13, 2016


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Last week I got a sales letter from some outfit that had a “shiny new toy” for driving traffic to your website. The sales letter was pretty good. So, I forwarded the email sales letter to my personal SEARCH ENGINE ROCKET SCIENTIST Wesley The Man Walden.

“Hey Wes,” I said.. “What do you think of this? Should we buy… or forget it.

Here is Wes’ reply to me:

WES SAID: “I liked it years ago and paid for it.  Have not used it much.  It works, just busy with making money and having ONE more thing to pitch in the fire (that I do NOT control) is just not something I like to roll with.

“With the comings and goings of vendors on-line, I wait a year or so to see if they are going to grow or fold.

“I hate spending hours of time learning something, integrating it – to see it fold.

“Sometimes going back through and reworking things = takes a lot of time…time I do not get paid to take….but have to – if I integrate it into my structure deep enough.



“But for playing around with and doing crazy things with – it’s totally worth it –  I would think.  The only other thing is, I am a long-term guy.  I build authority in sites and have good trust flow with Google.

“When you use SAAS tools, you are effectively giving a link to their tool.  Your site will suffer a loss of link power for every link to post.  Therefore, the tools you use will take a little juice from your site.

“If you are using this type of tool to place links in an article (just anywhere) and like the trick of the SAAS tool…then you are embedding the SAAS tool deep into your structure.  So, you MUST make sure the tool and your links keep working – or else your entire plan becomes worthless.  But still – your tool will never rank – so the staying power is nil to non-existent.



“What do you think?  In the world of direct marketing – you send a letter or postcard, and that’s done.  In the on-line world – your post, article and links will stay around forever as long as everyone is paying their bills – or they don’t sell out to a competitor or nincompoop and get shuttered. That’s all for today.  Back to work!”.

– – –

(LINWOOD’S CONCLUSION: If you want more customers and more sales you must market in the right kind of way. And the right kind of website marketing requires more thinking and planning than some other kinds of marketing. But if done right IT REALLY PAYS OFF. We’ve created websites that rank high, high, high… for even the most boring kinds of products and services. Shoes, heating and air conditioning, furniture, etc.   – You don’t need an exciting product or service to beat the competition online. But you do need to build “deep structure” and have all the pieces working in the right kind of way. Links, back-links, videos, comments, url-pages, updates, keyword analysis, blog posts, email capture forms, follow-up email messages and offers… it takes BRAIN MUSCLE. And I don’t recommend anyone attempt to go it alone. And I don’t recommend you just rely on some young punk with a graphic arts background to make you a “pretty site”. NO. You need help from someone with DIRECT RESPONSE experience and tons and tons of online marketing saavy. I confess… I’m just a copywriting hack… even though copy is important… even vital… you must, must, must… put that copy online in the right kind of way to SKYROCKET YOUR RANKINGS, GET FOUND AND CONVERTS WEB SITE VISITORS TO CASH.


IF YOU have a web site… and it’s not doing the trick for ya… right now… you’re not getting traffic and sales… you should at least hire us to do an complete analysis.. and give you a written report on what’s going on with your site.

What you see and what Google sees are often two different things.

Google will hammer you for a great variety of reasons. We’ll not only look at your site – front and back… but we’ll look at links related to you coming at cha and leaving your site… for whatever we can find.

We recently looked at a contractors’ site and discovered he had some cheesy “good testimonials” that were obviously kinda fake. We found he had some bad reviews that could have easily been removed. We found he had not updated his social media page in years. WE ALSO FOUND his URL was being FORWARDED TO someone else’s domain… It “looked” good but Google will never give him any ranking power with that redirected-forwarded structure.

Every day you sit around with a web site that is not sound structurally… you’re losing money.

We’ll give you a complete analysis for the low, low price of $1,495.

You may get a sick feeling in your stomach with what we discover. But after we find out what’s good and what’s bad about your site.. you’ll be able to really move forward with the whole “online marketing thing”. And cash-flow will improve.

Also… we discovered that this contractor was paying DEX a big chunk of change each month for traffic… which the contractor DID NOT CONTROL. Dex was totally in control of his links and traffic, etc. He did not like that idea.

Control… and cash-flow… the two key elements any business owner really wants.

Pick up the phone and call me RIGHT NOW… let’s find out what’s going on with your web site and why it’s not bringing you more leads and more customers and create a dynamic plan to get it fixed.

Here is my number: 801-895-9598

My name is Linwood Austin


April 12, 2016

How To Whip The Email Marketing Thing.

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Allow me to give you some ideas regarding email marketing…

Every media has it’s tips and tricks.

If you going to advertise in the newspaper… here are some rules…

  1. When measured by “cost per sale” and “cost per lead”… a full page ad is often cheaper than a small classified ad.
  2. The front page or back page gets more response than being buried on page 14 or page 40.
  3. If you can’t be on the front or back page, go for page 3, 5, or 7.
  4. Make your ad look like an editorial comment. It’s get more readership, and thus greater response.

If you’re going to advertise by direct mail, here are the rules you’ll need to keep in mind:

  1. You’ve got to go for “response” lists long before you try a “compiled” list. A compiled list is just the folks who live in this neighborhood or that town. BUT –A “response” list is those folks who actually bought something from the mail. Like buyers from catalogs or buyers of business opportunities.
  2. If you send out mail, mail it look like a personal letter. It’s likely to get opened and read.
  3. Long letters work better than short letters for the most part.
  4. Mailing to wealthier zip codes is smart. They have the money to buy your product.

If you’re going to market by SEARCH ENGNINE OPTIMAZATION… here are some rules:

  1. Update often.
  2. Use video.
  3. Don’t host of cheap servers… the search engines will hurt you if you’re shoved onto a server that has thousands of others.
  4. Get good linkbacks.

If you’re going to market using TV… here are some rules:

  1. Late night ads are cheaper but the audience is more responsive.
  2. 60-second ads bring more response than 30 seconds.
  3. Infomercials are often more profitable than one-minute ads.

I’m telling you these things to show you that I love all media. I’m an Adman. I love any media as long as it makes you money. But I’m writing to tell you there are rules to make your email work. And I will put the power of these email rules to work for you. Email marketing is twicky. Very twicky. It’s so easy to get lost in the fray. If your prospect gets dozens or hundreds of emails each day… you’ve got to stand out with the right kind of subject lines. Once they open your letter you’ve got to do at least six things…

  1. You’ve got to attract
  2. And hold
  3. the maximum amount.
  4. Of the right kind of people
  5. You’ve got to tell them a SELLING STORY
  6. And getting the desired reaction.


But one secret that I’ve discovered is that FOR each “selling offer” – in email – you’re going to need to create your offer in a 5-step process. And thus each OFFER is really wrapped in 5 emails… sent out one a day… until they get the complete series.

Not only do you need to be a good copywriter… but knowing this structure just might blow your socks off. Depending on your offer, you just might see results from your email marketing that will make you a believer in marketing once again.

With this thought in mind, I propose to create a series of 20 emails for you, selling 4 different offers… for the killer price of $2,995.

That means I’ll create a month’s worth of emails for you… to go out to your list… to sell your product or service… with 4 different offers.

And let me tell you… the “offer” is everything.

Example: You can have a 50% off sale. Or you can have a “buy one get one free” offer. (Note: a “buy-one-get-one-free” offer will get more response than a 50% off sale.)

If you want to do this… we need to talk. I have a specific set of questions that help me get up to speed about your market, your product, your service, your competition, etc.

I guarantee you I’ll create your email campaign based on the latest RESPONSE DRIVEN triggers and build your message so that your customers and prospects almost lust after your product or service.

I’ve created ads and marketing messages that have brought in millions of dollars worth of sales in everything from cars to real estate to books to seminars to membership clubs to income opportunities etc.

Creating 20 emails… (4 offers with 5 letters each) is a lot of work. It’s going to take some brain power and I’ll likely wake up in the middle of the night with some “breakthrough” idea about your product or service. But, I’m offering this discounted price in the hopes that you can I can work together for the long term. A “let’s get acquainted” type of thing. And… If I can contribute to your ongoing success we’ll both be thrilled.

Creating response-driven marketing is what I do. And you should take advantage of this low price and put me to work for you.

NOTE: I can only commit to taking on 2 or 3 clients with this offer. I won’t have the time to devote more creative work than that. Don’t pass this opportunity up.

Who should take me up on this offer?

You should if you’re serious about increasing sales and profits.

You should if you’re facing stiff competition and sales have been in a slump.

You should if you’re selling high-ticket items and you want the sales process and the sales cycle to be smoother.

You should if you’re selling a small-ticket item and you want quicker response and larger volume.

Listen, Selling is part art and part science. Selling face to face is one thing. But selling by email is it’s own little universe. You’ve got to be charming, helpful, persuasive, appealing, and results oriented.

Don’t leave your marketing up to chance, hunch or opinion.

Pick up the phone and let’s explore the possibilities now.

Every medium has it’s quarks. And email can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I’ll do it for… if you can act promptly.

Yours for success.

Linwood Austin


Phone: 801-895-9598

Email me here: yourlinwood@gmail.com



April 11, 2016


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There is a lot of talk among marketers about… “GOTTA BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA”… facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, and so on… and so on.

And I’ve been accused of being “old school”.

Often by advertising clients who are themselves “old school”.

I’m here to tell you the truth. You don’t “need” so-called “social media”.

Why? Because all media is “social”.

Yes, facebook, twitter, etc… is social.

But so is the telephone, direct mail, newspaper advertising, and belly-button-to-belly-button sales.

It’s all “social”.

You don’t necessarily “NEED” facebook “Likes”.

Matt Drudge has the biggest, largest, political news site in the world. (Drudgereport.com) And Drudge does NOT do facebook LIKES. He barely does some twitter. Yet, he owns the news world.

Listen, You’re trying to reach out and influence buying behavior. You’re trying to capture the DESIRES of buyers and steer them into buying YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

So the question is… how to do influence prospects to buy? HOW do YOU influence them using ANY media; facebook, twitter, the whole gambit.

If you want to conquer “social media”… you need to know more about BUYING BEHAVIOR than you need to know about the tricks, limitations, advantages and disadvantages of any given media.


Let’s face it… if someone buys your product or service, they buy for one of three reasons.

  1. They buy because they LIKE YOU.
  2. They buy because they are CONVINCED that the BENEFITS are worth the price.
  3. They buy because THEY WERE GOING TO BUY YOUR KINDA STUFF ANYWAY… and you just happened to show up at the right time.

I don’t care what kind of media you use. I love them all.

I love twitter, facebook, billboards, post cards, magazine ads, direct mail, trade shows, email, video… you name it and I’ve made money from it for myself and my clients.

So… if you want to get more buyers to your door… you need to know more about your buyers than about any given media.

Do they have the money to buy? Do they NEED to buy it now? Do they pay attention to twitter? Email? Newspapers? What BENEFITS do they want to “buy” for their lives?

What dreams do they have? What has the competition been telling them lately?

I had one client years ago, who generated millions of leads and millions of dollars in sales from credit card bill stuffers.

Who wooda thunk… that little “buck slips” could make him so much money. (A “buck slip” is a sales message on a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill.) He sold a $4,000 product.

Every business owner often needs to market his product in several media sources.

You need may need direct mail, AND facebook, twitter, SEO, blogging, etc.

The thing to keep in mind is: you need to MEASURE YOUR COST PER LEAD and COST PER SALE. Why? Because…

You see, one media source may give you leads and sales at a HIGH COST, another media source may give you leads at a LOW COST.

One media source or technique might make your phone ring at $400 per phone call. Yet another media source or technique makes the phone ring all day long at $10 per phone call. Ya gotta test, test, test.

Some time ago, we were giving away a “free report” to generate leads from the newspaper. We tested two different ads.

One ad was small and just offered the “free report”.

The other ad was larger and had MORE COPY “selling” how great the free report was.

We actually got the same response from both ads. But the leads generated from the larger ad (the one with more selling copy) actually converted to cash faster, and easier than the leads generated from the smaller ad.

I’m writing to tell you, it almost does not matter what media you use… the question is… are you SELLING economically from your efforts… and are you “selling costs” within reason?

Getting “LIKES” on facebook does not mean you get sales. You’re job is not to entertain. But to move product at a profit.

Profits are not sin… losses are.

If you remember my old adage that PEOPLE BUY ONLY TO GET BENEFITS… then your media must be your means of preaching the BENEFITS your prospects will get from your product or service.

In 1990 when the internet was new, you could make a lot of money by having a web site that solved folks problems… because there was not much competition.

But now there are millions upon millions of web sites.

Yes, now you have tons of competitors on the web.

Direct competitors and indirect competitors. Anyone seeking the same discretionary dollar you seek, IS your competitor.

(In the 1950’s Cadillac cars discovered that their toughest competitor was not another car company. No. It was diamonds. Rich folks at that time would buy an expensive car or an expensive diamond. Don’t think you have no competition.)

If you were the first on Facebook or twitter, no problem. But now there are lots of competitors on those two media.

Now… if you want to make it on these so-called “social media”… you must have a message that folks actually want to hear. At the time they want to hear it.

Your success on social media has a lot to with loyalty.

NOTE: You can have a million followers, and still no one is buying. The message is everything. Timing is everything.

Your message on these media MUST follow a 5-part outline. I will reveal this outline to you in a moment… but first let me say this…

Using online media… it’s so easy to get deleted or booted out for so-called “spamming”.

If you are worried about getting deleted, don’t be. If someone does not want to hear your message… good for them. You DON’T WANT them anyway. You’re not advertising to PEOPLE… NO… you’re only advertising to PROSPECTS.

And when a “people” turns into a “prospect,” they are magically HUNGRY FOR INFORMATION. And will read any amount of advertising copy you write as long as it’s interesting and helpful.

Imagine you are a prospect for a safari trip to Africa. Aren’t you “hungry for information” about what it costs, what you should pack in your bags, do you need mosquito bug spray? Will you see lions? Etc.

Your social media effort should be to generate leads… and then sell them on the many benefits of owning your product or service.

Social media is a lot of work. Are the rewards there? Only if you know how to sell in the right context of the social media.

You don’t want a teenager in charge of your social media. No. You want someone who understands SELLING.

Why do people buy?
When do people buy?
How do people buy?

Social media needs constant maintenance. It needs to be interesting and helpful. It needs to factor in HOW people search, view and interact with each media. And with you.

Updating. Updating. Updating.

Facebook, twitter, snapchat, Search Engine Optimization, All are important. But you don’t want to launch out there alone. You want someone who knows selling PLUS the tricks and glitches of each media. Which is why I am here.

Call me.  Phone: 801-895-9598

Generally speaking, I can handle all your social media for the bargain price of $1,499 per month. That means I’ll handing updating and SELLING through your facebook page, your twitter account, your email blast, your blog, SEO Your website updates, etc.

I’ll do it all with a defined goal of increasing your sales and boosting your profits.

I will use some time-saving software devices, but in general I have found that updating things by hand gets you more mileage and better results than automating everything. Google sees and knows if you’re updating things robotically. And they tend to punish you for doing what they do.

I will update with photos, videos, stories, sales copy, helpful information, and maybe even recipes for chocolate chip cookies.

It all depends on what exactly you need and your customers want to hear.

We need to talk.

Again, Call me.  Phone: 801-895-9598

And THANK YOU, in advance, for giving me the opportunity to serve you


Linwood Austin

Call me.  Phone: 801-895-9598

ONE MORE THING: Here is the 5-part SELLING outline I promised to share with you:

  1. Their problem
    2.   Your solution
    3.   The benefits that come from your solution
    4.   The proof they will get the benefits
    5.   The call to action.

You need all five parts to do a good selling job.

Let’s talk.
Linwood Austin

April 8, 2016




Here is what I told a big shot Venture Capitalist about why he was getting no results with his online marketing. This message could apply to many, many web site owners and marketers. That’s why you should read this entire message. It may contain the key to a new level of profits for your business in a quick way.

Please pass this special report on to any web site owner you know.

FROM: Marketing Consultant and direct response copywriter Linwood Austin

Dear Friend,

I SAID TO THE GUY– How long have you had your web site up and running? One year? Two years? Five years?

You know in your heart it’s just not doing the trick for you, right?

You know something is wrong… but what?

You know that somewhere… there has to be someone who can figure this stuff out.

FIND THE MAN… is what you’re secretly screaming out every time you have to talk to your “web site developer”… or computer graphics hack.

FIND THE MAN… is what you want to do every time you see some post on LinkedIn or industry trade journal that half-way hints that someone might know something about “SEO”… or “Hi, I’m from Pakistan, I’m here to help you”…

You know you want to scream… WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?

Your web site sucks. It looks good BUT It’s not bringing you the cash you know it should.

Your web site sucks. You’ve got a bazillion competitors jacking around trying to white hat and black hat google for rankings and traffic.

Your web site sucks… you’re tempted to BUY traffic… but you check the PPC bid per click and the prices seem OUTRAGEOUS!!!

(HINT: Some prices for PPC are OUTRAGEOUS. For example: There are some search terms that you must pay north of $20 or more for. $20 for a click is way too much for some marketing situations. Let’s say you have a budget of $1,000. And you pay $20 per click… you’re only going to get 50 peeps—50 sets of eyeballs looking at your site. BUT—BUT—BUT—if you use that $1,000 advertising budget in a direct mail campaign… and it cost you in postage, printing, paper, etc. $1 per piece mailed out… you’re going to get 1,000 people to see your sales message, not a mere 50 from that spicy PPC campaign.)

(DOUBLE HINT: Go back and read that paragraph again. It’s important.)

Do you want to know the truth ABOUT your web site marketing—search engine optimization – and why you’re not making money?

I’m here to tell you.  

If you’re a smart business operator… You should… know EXACTLY why your web site is stuck with no traction… I’m going to tell you and give you the tools you need to fix your web site and to get it ranking HIGHER, HIGHER, HIGHER… THIS will help you get the traffic you want and the sales you want… and live a happier, wealthier life.

Here’s the deal.

I provide a unique and powerful analytical service that breaks down everything you need to know about your site.  See for yourself what is working in your favor and what is hurting your sales. I’ll tell you all the things your ‘web site developer’ cannot or will not tell you.

I tell you what’s broken so you can fix it. I tell you what’s working exceedingly well so you can do more of it.

I provide this service for an amazing low price for all you’re going to get.

In a moment, I’ll tell you some of what you’re going to get and why it’s important. I’m going to use some terms you might not understand… but wade through it all. It’s vitally important that you stop what you’re doing and give me permission to look at your site and give you report after report… telling you what’s going on and why.

Nothing could be more important than getting your site analyzed right now. Profits are at stake. Income is on the line. Competition is not out to “play fair”. Yes, everyone wants what would seem to be like an “unfair advantage”.

I’ll give you that advantage. But first I want a commitment from you that you’re going to put the information to use and actually CHANGE things NOW.

I’m going to analyze your site and give you six reports.

#1. The first report gives you a STRUCTURE Audit of your site.

#2. The second report shows you a BACKLINK Analysis of your web site.

#3. The third report gives you a Keywords Analysis, their rankings, and visibility across the universe of the web.

The next three reports will be all about your keywords… your adwords… what kind of competition you’re facing from your competitors… what kind of prices others are having to pay for them.. and how many monthly searches are being made for each keyword you target. These three reports use the same information…but each one is sorted and ranked so you can quickly and easily see for yourself HOW you need to focus your time “blogging”, updating your site, making videos and using social media for every keyword… PLUS

…You can also see if you want to BID on various keywords… compared to what your competitors are bidding… or compared to how much you might pay in a DIRECT MAIL campaign OR other marketing efforts.

You see… I don’t have any “skin in the game” like your web site developer does. I’m an advertising man. I’m an old school direct response advertising copywriter. That means IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT MEDIUM YOU USE… as long as it pays off with ROI (Return On Investment)— that makes sense to you. If you use Billboards…I don’t care. If you use direct mail… I don’t care. If you use PPC… fine. If you use so-called “word-of-mouth”… that‘s OK by me. As long as you’re getting a decent price on—COST PER LEAD and COST PER SALE. That is the only “cost of advertising” that really means anything. Cost per lead and cost per sale.

OK… This is an unusual service that hardly anyone else will do for you. Mostly because no one knows how. Nor do they know WHY it’s important.

It’s important because we want to help you prevent throwing money down a rat hole and turn our whole marketing budget into a MONEY MAKING MACHINE… a marketing budget that’s an ASSET… not just a EXPENSE.

Before I explain more about what will be in your reports… let me say this…

If you don’t do this… if you don’t hire me to snoop around your web site… you’re silly and foolish. You’re condemning yourself to go on flushing more and more money down that stinky rat hole called “internet marketing”… And “search engine optimization”.

I think we’re all done with the “fad” aspect of internet marketing. It’s time now to make the web pay up or shut up. Give me the opportunity to peek under the skirts of your site and give you a complete sketch of what’s going on under there.

The cost to you is a measly $1,495. I can’t guarantee you’re gonna like what you see. I’m not going to pussy-foot around with you. I’m going to show and tell you what’s hurting your site… warts and all.

The valuable thing about this service is this— you’ll know exactly what to tackle first to fix things to make your site start SKYROCKETING in the search engines… and start making you some FRESH, NEW money.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not going to analyze THE MESSAGE of your site. I’m just going to analyze the way google and the other spiders see your site. If your message converts the visitor to cash… that’s WONDERFUL… but that’s not the purpose of this unique analytical service. We can talk about that later. But for now.


FIRST, I will go look at your web site… and analyze it 52 ways from Sunday. And I’ll give you a complete report showing you what no one else will show you. Not even your web site developer.

(Why won’t he/she show you? Because you might just FIRE THEM… when you are armed with the knowledge of how bad your site really is.)

VITAL POINT: I’ll tell you everything you need to know about YOUR SITE—the good, the bad, the very, very UGLY.

I’ll look at your structure… your PR rank… your Alexa rank… your Compete.com traffic… your DMOZ listings. And more.

I’ll check your domain internet bookmarks…. Your domain social mention popularity.

I’ll look at your CRAWL STATISTICS… and see what google sees, what yahoo sees, what bing sees.

Are your web pages “available to crawl”… or do the search spiders choke on the errors in your site?? I’ll tell you what percentage of pages on your site are good and what is dragging you down.

I’ll tell you if you have missing code… tags that are too long… duplicate pages…duplicate content… or lousy descriptions that push visitors away.
I’ll tell you if you have restricted and broken rules on your server… and more.

I’ll tell you how many errors and how many warnings your site has.

I’ll tell you which pages on your site have good PR or lousy PR rankings.

Do you have “follow” links all over your site… or “no-follow” links? You should know this.

Valid links? Or broken links?

And speaking of links… how many links have FULL SEO value? And how many are useless?

Do some links pointing to your site come from a domain that hurt you by association? It’s possible.

Exactly how many pages show a 404 or 500 server error?

Do you have backlinks from unique domains? If so, how many?

Are backlinks coming to you from sites that are old enough? One year? Two years? Five years old? You’ll want to pay attention to all of this. It’s vital to your present and future cash flow.

What part of the world are your backlinks coming from? China? The USA? Canada? Russia? Turkey? It could be very important to your ranking, your traffic and your cash flow.

Are your backlinks coming from DOT COMs… or some other domain type? You should know. Google knows. And they care. – Better believe they care.

Now what about your IMAGE links? Do they have winning descriptions?

Are the links in your site DOfollow or NOfollow?  If you don’t know – I will show you…and show you why it’s important.

Next—we gotta research all of the ANCHOR TEXTs connected to the links coming to your site. Understanding your ANCHOR TEXTs and the right way to use them holds more keys to your success.

Which leads us to check out the KEYWORDS in your backlink anchors. What are they and what do they prove to Google about you?

Stop… take a deep breath. Because NOW we need to look at your top back links by their LINK VALUE. Are they helping or hurting you? Is there any “link juice” to be squeezed by these links… or do we throw up our hands in disgust?

And what about the top linking domains? Do they have any real link value?

After all that… then we must break down YOUR KEYWORD RANKINGS and understand how much VISIBILITY they provide you…compared to your competition.

SO—We’ll give you a report of your keywords’ VISIBILITY in the search engines.

Total visibility and current visibility.

Next, we’ll show you HOW you’re looking in the Top Search Engines as to ranking in the first 30 results.  You’re as good as dead on page 2 and 3 of the search results.  The competition for web site ranking is furious and there’s a ton of money being left on the table if you simply sit and wonder.

Line by line… we’ll show you the keywords you ARE ranking for… and whether or not you’re even in the top 100 of BING, GOOGLE or YAHOO.

Is that enough? Hang on… there’s more.

We’re going to take the trouble of giving you THREE SPECIAL REPORTS all about your keywords… ranked and sorted by AVERAGE MONTHLY SEARCHES… how much COMPETITION you have for the keyword… AND  what they are BIDDING for each keyword in a PAY PER CLICK environment.

Listen… this is one “hellava” service you’re getting for the small investment on your part of $1,495. You could waste that much money in 75 minutes on $20 pay per clicks… on a limited budget… and still be WASTING, WASTING, WASTING… precious time and money… with a site that is BOUNCING/ANNOYING your visitors as it just wasn’t what they wanted to see. Bounce rates can kill your chances of ranking.

Listen… let’s say we find 100 things wrong and you just fix 50 of them… or maybe even 10 of them… I’m telling you… that could be enough to launch you into a new level of cash, sales and income–FAST.

This service — dear serious marketer — is vital to your online marketing future.

You’ll get all six reports, PLUS… an hour of my time to go over the reports with you… to help you understand what each item means to you and to google and the search engines.

And if… after you get the reports… and you let me explain what it all means… we can discuss how you might fix and improve things. I’m open to helping you in any way I can.

Are you ready to do this?

I don’t offer this to a wide audience. And I don’t have it automated like some “CLICKBANK” affiliate product. No way. There is too much hand-work and real BRAIN POWER needed to give you this type of breakdown. So you’ll have to call me to see if I’m available right now to give you an analysis of your web site. And I’ll have to check to see if one of my clients is your competitor already. First come, first served ya know.

If you have a decent product, not some shady deal… and if I’m free to give you my time in this manner… I’ll block out some time for you. And you can pay by check, Paypal or Credit card. And we’ll get started right away.

Remember, I don’t care if you use internet marketing or old school offline marketing… I just want you to be successful in your marketing efforts. There’s no reason in the world to waste any more time or money screwing around with web site marketing if you’ve got dozens of things wrong that NEED TO BE FIXED NOW.

Listen. Give me the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing success. Let me take a look at your site and show you what’s wrong. I don’t need a password… or anything like that. I just need the name of your site…. And your check… and I’ll snoop around like the search engine spiders… and tell you what Google, Bing and Yahoo plus what the other bots see.

Then… you can make the fixes and changes that could bring in THOUSANDS OF FRESH new customers and visitors… and THOUSANDS OF FRESH new dollars in sales and profits.

After we give you the reports… you’ll have 30 days to get your site fixed.  If you do so… we will rerun the analysis and see if your site is working as it should,  or as you have been promised by your ‘web site developer guy’.  That means we’ll check under the skirts of your site again… to make sure you’re making real progress.


I’m Linwood Austin

Advertising man and direct response copywriter.

And I’m excited about your future.




November 19, 2014


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Hi Everyone,


For those of you who missed the 25 minute conference call this evening with Jason Domingo, which was

awesome……..the playback number is:



Pin # 98765

Recording Number: 111814#


Please share this important recorded call with all your friends, family and prospective customers.


If you have any questions, please call me.

Linwood Austin


November 13, 2014

FOOD goes M*L*M – ZERO Competition…….

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FOOD goes M*L*M – ZERO Competition…….

Trillion Dollar FOOD Industry goes MLM!


You are one of the 1st in the world to hear this!

Opening in USA, then…Mexico, Japan and Korea!

This is the most significant business to ever cross my desk in 30-years of being a fulltime professional networker. Those of you who start reaching out to key leaders now will reap the residual rewards of a true “First Mover Advantage”. There have been a few companies in years past who have tried to penetrate this market, but no one has EVER done it RIGHT…until NOW!

FYI: I have already spoken on the phone with two of the corporate team, and I’m SUPER impressed at what they are bringing to the table! I’m flying in to tour the 95,000 square foot manufacturing facility they purchased, and meet the owners face to face, on October 25th.

As an entrepreneur, I always keep my eyes open for something extraordinary. When opportunity knocks it does not ask if you are ready! I have found a FOOD company with a revolutionary new unique patented dehydration process, that is launching with 100+ prepackaged healthy, tasty meals, each with all 43 Essential Nutrients, that is destined to be a billion dollar mega giant. I’m very excited about building a long term legacy in the FOOD industry! This is a WIDE OPEN UNTAPPED MARKET!

The Supplement industry is a 38-Billion per year industry, the FOOD industry is a 4.3-Trillion per year industry. The name of this new company will be strategically revealed when we pre-launch on November 1st, as part of their global branding campaign.

Who will be interested? Every mother (and father) on the planet who has a busy hectic lifestyle (most do) who want to be able to quickly choose from any of our 100+ prepackaged healthy, nutritious, tasty, affordable meals, to be able to quickly deliver their family a quality meal, without the nightmare of slaving in the kitchen for hours on end every day! Who else will be interested? The 10’s of millions of outdoors people, campers, hikers, hunters… How about the 10’s of millions of survivalists who are preparing for the unknown? How about the millions of college students who are eating pure junk food every day? What about all the millions of kids that are home alone at times, and looking for something to eat?

I’ve always believed that a company is no better than the management running it, and the money they have to launch it properly. The management team assembled with this new FOOD company is second to none, and they have already invested well over 5-Million in start-up capital in just the last few months!

Peter Castleman, Chairman of the Board: Our Founder, Peter Castleman, is 58, graduated Duke University top of his class Economics, became a Professor at Harvard, then worked on Wall Street, JP Morgan, then Managing Partner at Whitney Capital Equity Group with merger and acquisitions. Extremely successful: bought North Face outerwear company when it was going bankrupt, and turned it into a 3 billion per year company and then sold, did the same with Igloo, and many others. Started importing Chinese herbs and grew a company to 50M/year and sold it to NuSkin…this became Pharmanex, which NuSkin grew to almost 1 Billion/year. Peter was quite impressed with the power of network marketing. Four years after Marc Hughes of Herbalife passed away, Peter encouraged his partners at Whitney to purchase Herbalife. They bought Herbalife when it was at 700+ Million per year, and within 5 years with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to over 3 Billion per year. Peter then tried to personally purchase Herbalife with his own funds, but could not come to a meeting of minds with the pricing, so he passed. His dream for many years has been to start his own network marketing company with its own culture and mission, and with a passion for health, thus our New Company was born! Peter will make sure that there is never a shortage of funds to grow our new business. (estimate of Peter’s net is about 850M)

David Brown, CEO:  David has over 20 years experience as a corporate lawyer, and President and CEO in the nutritional industry. Speaks fluent Japanese, 1-million equity investor in our new company. David was the CEO of Life Vantage, and maintained a 300% per year growth rate there. 11M 1st year, 38.9M 2nd year, and 126M 3rd year.

Gene Tipps, COO: (Tahitian Noni, Agel, Zrii, LifeVantage) Gene’s experience in building operations backbones for multi-million dollar direct selling companies, both domestically and abroad, has made him a sought after expert across the industry. He has lived in and developed markets in many corners of the globe including Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Additionally, his extensive familiarity with nutritional products makes him the perfect operations general to quarterback the operations team. His industry experience has given Gene the insight to understand that distributors need quality products, on time, and in large supply. Gene will ensure that this is always the case with our company – whether domestic or international.


Today, collectively we are in a health crisis with a lot of confusion and people trying to address their health by taking many different roads; the Organic Road, the Non-GMO Road, the Antioxidant Road, the Gluten Free Road, etc…..  These roads, although very important, are not addressing the foundation… the bottom line is that our FOOD is meant to nourish our bodies.  What our bodies need from the foods that we eat everyday are 43 Essential Nutrients.  These essential nutrients are nutrients that your body can not make…you must consume them every day in your diet to properly nourish your body.  Many are overeating unhealthy foods and starving inside because they are not getting these 43 Essential Nutrients, and they are the nutrients that when absorbed cause your body to signal your brain that you are full. These 43 Nutrients ensure that your cells are nourished and they sustain health and promote growth.  The mass population is probably not even getting half of their daily nutritional requirements and this foundational weakness is at the root of many of the diseases so common today.

Our company will not be in the Billion Dollar industry of the Supplement world, but in the Trillion Dollar industry of something we all need and buy every week… FOOD! We have multiple Breakfast foods, Lunch foods and Dinner foods…..as well as snacks and drinks.


  • Peter Castleman has brought a Scientific Advisory Board together which includes Top Harvard, Yale and UC Davis Nutritional Professors, Top Chefs and renowned  Formulators, including Chip Marsden, who formulated for Barry Sears of the Zone Diet. Together these amazingly talented individuals have developed our product line creating over 100 common foods we all enjoy often… with the added foundational quality of providing 100% of the 43 Essential Nutrients our bodies need every day….including our Macro and Micro nutrients. Our food product line will continue to grow and will always be made from whole food ingredients.
  • Our corporate offices will be located in beautiful Utah.
  • All food product ingredients will be grown in the USA.
  • Our company has already purchased (for 5-Million) its own 95,000 square foot Manufacturing facility in Reno, NV. They are currently investing an additional 3-Million into the retrofitting of this facility.
  • Our company has spent a lot of money and hired top thought/influence people to generate content for top quality Branding and Images and Systems and Tools so we can really promote and go viral fast. We will have movie like videos and a plethora of developed Social Media marketing tools that will cross all mediums: IPad, Cellphones, Computer, etc.  This is where a lot of companies are failing and it is where marketing is headed. All of this will be available when we Pre-launch on November 1st.
  • All of our foods come in a dehydrated form, and only need water to be added.
  • The dehydration process which we have, is actually unique in our industry and has several patents, so the term used to describe it will be very new to the market!  We are going beyond just dehydrated packaged foods which are a huge industry, and far beyond the supplement industry, because we are bringing a whole food nutrient dense packaged product line to the market to replace many of the common and mostly nutrient empty foods. We will be hitting mainstream not just as a packaged food, but also in the Wellness Category. We are delivering real food that is tasty and nutritious, not some gimmick. Our products are convenient, easy to prepare, better than stores and affordable.
  • Our products are consumable, creating repeat buyers and long term stability.
  • All of our foods have a shelf life of over 3 years. (great for survivalists)
  • Each meal serving is approximately $4.00 and each serving provides 50% of the 43 Essential Nutrients/Serving. Two servings a day will provide 100% of your daily Essential Nutritional needs.
  • This is not a diet. What we are providing is a healthier, quality food choice.  Each serving is 400 calories or less. With multiple Breakfast foods, Lunch foods and Dinner foods…..as well as snacks and drinks.
  • We have 100+ foods like: Marconi and Cheese, Chili, Mashed Potatoes and Sausage, Fettuccine Alfredo, Oatmeal, Top Raman, Soups… also Puddings, Vitamin Coffee and Vitamin Tea
  • Our servings/meals are all filling and nutritionally sound! Example: A bowl of our Oatmeal has 26 grams of protein (equivalent to a 16 ounce Rib-eye) 1½ grams of Omega 3s (equivalent to 4 cod liver oil capsules), 11 grams of fiber (equivalent to 2 cups of Broccoli) and provides 50% of the 43 Essential Nutrients our bodies require.
  • Our Asian Development Executive Management Team has over 160 years of experience opening and developing these markets. The goal is to open Korea and Japan the same way NuSkin did in Japan, with over 60,000 joining day one.
  • We will be pre-launching on November 1st with Free-Sign-Ups, which will include beautiful personalized self-replicating websites, with Hollywood production videos outlining the Company, Products and Opportunity. Also included will be Sizzle Calls, Corporate Conference Calls, and a comprehensive Back Office to monitor your teams growth. Note: No charges will hit our CC till our Jan 1st launch!!
  • We will be launching Jan 1st 2015. All the orders that were placed during our pre-launch between November 1st and December 31st will be processed on January 1st 2015. In addition to the smaller qualifying purchases that will be available for purchase, there will also be “2” Business Builder Packages available for $300.00 or $600.00 for those who wish to get on the fast track to success.
  • Mexico will likely open in February… and Japan will be the third country, followed by Korea. There will be NO NFRs in Mexico, Japan or Korea, everything will be 100% OTG (on the ground). IE: These countries will be opened with a full staff on the ground, with an office. We are doing all business correctly as we are establishing our company to do real and long term business in each country.
  • Every International Market will be treated the same. We do not want our documents and websites to look like American translations. We will be investing in local marketing companies to create localized and culturally correct material.
  • Our compensation plan is very lucrative. It is a powerful Uni-Level Highbred…7-Generation Uni-Level, plus Infinity Bonuses, 3 (or more) Generations of Weekly Fast Start Bonuses, Leadership Pools, and Matching Bonuses!
  • No BV assigned to products. All values are Dollar of Dollar! You sell $100.00 worth of products, it puts a full $100.00 into the comp plan. Not the typical 70% to 80% BV assigned by most networking companies.
  • Option to maintain sponsorship and place members strategically is in place.

There will be many documents to learn more about all of the ingredients and the process of digestion and how when you eat whole foods with all 43 of the Essential Nutrients naturally occurring, that your GI track and biochemical/hormonal system is activated and ‘satiety’ signals your body, and you maintain more even healthy energy.

Our Nutrient Dense Food has water soluble nutrients, fat soluble nutrients, full chain amino acids, essential fatty acids, full mineral complex, macro and micro nutrients.

It is very important that you understand there is nothing typical about this business venture. Most companies have to try to get investors to put up start-up capital if they expect to have a fighting chance of launching their business to its fullest potential. However, very few investors are interested in investing in any start-up company! The good news is our company has hundreds of millions at their fingertips, without having to seek any outside funding!

As you can clearly see I’m already starting to reach out now to get a “First Mover Advantage” with some key leaders and friends. This way when we pre-launch on November 1st, I’m going to have a strong team ready to hit the ground running. When we officially open for business on January 1st, my personal goal is to earn $30K for my first 30-days. By reaching out to a few folks now, we have the potential to create a long term walk away residual income for the rest of our lives!

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January 1, 2014


I just stumbled on the most delightful article… over on Wikipedia.


It’s all about John Powers… Born 1837. Died 1919.

Powers was a grump. But he was a pioneer in advertising. It says he was the first to run a full page newspaper ad. The first to offer a FREE TRIAL. And the first to offer an INSTALLMENT purchasing plan.

Hop on over to Wikipedia and check out Powers bio.

Then, let me know what you learn…or if it inspires you.




SWOT Profits

SWOT Profits

In yesterday’s email, I told you that one of the keys to profits, growth and wealth was …


Well… give me a minute here… I’d like to expand on that thought.

I’d like to say that every great business success had a WRITTEN marketing plan. And a WRITTEN budget for the year. I don’t know it that would be universally true… but it should be. Here’s why—

Successful marketing is not an accident.

Most of the time, it is the result of trying and failing, trying and failing… test and retest. And testing again.

One hundred years ago… America’s biggest merchant said…

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don’t know which half.”—John Wanamaker.

Today, we can tell which half is wasted and eliminate it. (See this:


I’m writing to you this morning to encourage you to WRITE OUT YOUR BUSINESS PLAN for 2014. And WRITE OUT your marketing plan.

In fact, make THIS YEAR the year you WRITE out every SYSTEM and PROCEDURE in your business. Why? Because as long as all the systems and procedures are in your head… you cannot grow… without BEING THERE.

If you want to grow your business… you can’t be in two places at once. You’ve got to hire a crew to help you. And the crew MUST know how you’d do it if you were there.

How would you answer the phone?

How would you deal with this angry customer?

How would you make sure inventory was ordered on time?

How would you follow-up with new customers, and old customers?

How would you hire new employees?

How would you???…. And so forth… and so on….

If you have WRITTEN procedures and WRITTEN systems… not only will your business run more smoothly…. But get this… you can actually SELL your business for more money. If you have written procedures and systems… you have more FREE TIME… Why? Because your crew can handle more of the work load because they will know EXACTLY HOW to run your business for you.


Plus… if you have written systems and procedures for your business… you’ll have more buyers possible (if you wanted to sell your business).

Let’s say you have a martial arts school or a plumbing business… and you have written systems and procedures… why, even a CPA could come in and take over your business. The CPA would not have to know much about martial arts, or replacing water heaters… all he’d have to do is follow the system and procedures manuals. Your business would take on a new value. You could demand a higher price.

Listen… Begin THIS YEAR writing down what needs to be done and then getting others to do it. Delegate.

If you need help mapping out the ideas in your head… use the SWOT method.



If you just write those things down, you’ll be far ahead of most entrepreneurs out there who are still winging it. Writing down a SWOT agenda can result in a pretty good business plan for the year.

Proper planning and proper timing are keys to your success.

This could be as simple as advertising heavy during the rainy season, if you sell umbrellas. Or it could be as complicated as advertising heavy in your off season if you must keep your employees busy (if you labor pool is tight… say technicians in a specific industry). Or it could be a change in a law is coming up and it will effect buying behavior… and you want to take advantage of that change. It could be making sure you advertise in harmony with known paydays of your town’s workers. Planning… and timing… planning and timing.

Don’t wing it. I’ve met lots of folks over the years who thought going into business was too risky. That fear always puzzled me. Getting out of bed each morning is “risky”… but we learn to manage that risk. Running a business is much the same as getting out of bed. We learn to manage our risks.

If you need some help in this department… feel free to call. I’ve owned and consulted with hundreds of different businesses… in a wide variety of industries. I’m betting I can help you improve your profits, your sales and your growth.

Let’s talk

Linwood Austin


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